Greek Government Survives No Confidence Vote in Parliament


via AFP

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras managed to overcome a no-confidence vote in parliament on Saturday, creating conditions for the signing of an accord with Macedonia to settle a long-term name dispute.

The vote was initiated by the opposition New Democracy party, which blamed him for making too many concessions over the agreement, but repelled by Tsipras supporters.

During the vote, thousands of Greeks gathered outside the parliament building, urging the Prime Minister to resign. Police used tear gas in the center of Athens against the group of protesters who tried to break into the parliament, the Athens news agency AMNA reported Saturday.

Several dozen people protesting against the agreement on the new constitutional name with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia tried to climb up the stairs to the parliament building in Syntagma Square, and the police used gas to stop them, the agency reported.

The no-confidence vote initiative failed to reach its goals as Tsipras government has 154 out of 300 in the parliament.

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