Thousands protest against UK state broadcaster political bias in #BBCswitchoff

This site has been going after the allegedly impartial taxpayer funded British Broadcasting Corporation for it’s leftwing bias and unquestioning sychophancy towards the establishment on issues like Brexit, Climate change, The Syrian War and other middle east conflicts; its broadcasting of anti – Russian propaganda that makes outrageous accusations without producing any evidence to back them, and it’s silence on London’s crime wave, immigrant sex crimes, the authoritarianism and undemocratic nature of the EU,  the ludicrously inaccurate reporting on Donald Trump’s presidency in the US, and the real causes of the NHS crisis.

It’s good to know others are trying to catch up at last.

A viral campaign calling out the BBC for alleged media bias and a lack of impartiality whipped up a huge Twitterstorm as citizens recounted examples of the state broadcaster’s prejudice under the hashtag #BBCswitchoff.

The campaign, organised to highlight the publicly funded broadcaster’s perceived bias against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, began at 6pm yesterda (Aug 9) evening to coincide with the TV station’s news program.

Thousands joined in on the protest, catapulting #BBCswitchoff to the top trending hashtag across the UK Thursday evening.

British citizens used the opportunity to voice their frustration with BBC editorial decisions, laying down accusations of bias against the broadcaster on a number of topics, including its coverage of Corbyn, the NHS, the Yemen civil war, and the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory according to organisers.

While Jeremy Corbyn’s far left supporters in the Labour Party have been paraded by the BBC to castigate Boris Johnson for supoposedly Islamophobic comments  about the Burqa made by former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, little is said about the accusations of anti-Semitism engulfing the Labour party. The protestors pointed out how the BBC’s kid glove treatment of Corbyn differed greatly from its coverage of Johnson’s obviously jocular comment.


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