Swedish children attacked daily and don’t dare go outside in ‘no-go area’ near Stockholm

Non Muslim children in Stockholm suburb of Björkhagen, about 10 minutes by train from the Swedish capital dare not go out or report extortion, offences, assaults, robberies and threats to the police in fear of retaliation. Gangs of young immigrants are terrorising the area.

According to official crime statistics however, police actions have decreased, because neither children nor parents dare report immigrants’ crimes, even though knives are often involved. People who have contacted police find that not only are their complaints dismissed as racally motivated, but they also face further harassment in retaliation for their contacting police and social services.

One parent describes a daily routine in which they drive their children everywhere, fearing the young ones will be attacked should they venture into the streets alone. Parents live in constant anxiety when their children are not at home, and an existence where the only solution to the problem seems to be to move elsewhere. White flight from Sweden’s cities is a known consequence of the government’s ‘open doors’ immigration policy and has been reported previously in this anthology.
No action has been taken to curb the activities of these lawbreakers, the usual excuse given by authorities is that Sweden is a multicultural society and the values and traditions of barbaric people must be respected. Swedish children and young people are being abandoned by officialdom, despite reports to the social authorities. Young victims are filmed to be blackmailed later. A parent whose child was robbed says:

“These youths frighten the other children who feel uncomfortable because they can’t walk freely without ‘paying’. They are oppressed, and ashamed because they can’t defend themselves. It’s not about boyish pranks. In five years, this will be a criminal network.”

The adults state that they have received no response from the social service centre. They are “clueless”, they say, and nothing will happen until somebody is stabbed or clubbed to death. The district administration has initiated sports activities in Björkhagen, but the parents say it’s too late.

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