An Ex – Pat’s View Of Britain

I had hoped normal service would be resumed by now but unfortunately I’m still running up and down to the hospital, looking after myself as my carer lies ill, and doing the things that need to be done in preparation for her return. So as far as blogging goes my six cylinder engine id only firing on one cylinder which means I’m having to borrow a loft of posts. Here’s a long answer from Quora I felt was worth sharing:

Samantha Williams
Samantha Williams, Selling on Ebay for Years (2004-present)

I was back in the UK in October for a week….& Holy Mother of God what a change in a country, & before I am attacked, I was born & raised in rather a nice part of South Wales, what was once a small village called Marshfield, I moved to Spain 20 odd years back.

A sadder, more miserable place I have never seen, nothing anywhere looked like it was being maintained, no fresh licks of paint, no trees cut, an air of decay everywhere I looked, my once fabulous City, where I could walk alone safely at 2am in the morning 30 years ago, reduced to nothing more than designer cafe after designer cafe, all patiently waiting for the next BIG rugby/football/sports/concert. NO ONE in any of the shops, the only people I saw spending any money were having their nails done, hugging a cup of coffee which they could make last an hour, or milling around a pub. I popped into a branch of my bank where the lovely staff bent over backwards to help, the terrific young guy who served me thanking ME for being so friendly & polite, I looked around & all I could see were the banks clients berating the staff.

The cherry on the cake in Cardiff was watching a few drunks wobbling down the pedestrianized center of the City in broad daylight & to watch another as he unzipped himself & proceed to pee against the wall of Howells of Cardiff, one of the loveliest & oldest buildings in the center of the City. He was chortling away into his mobile phone & clearly thrilled he was peeing in broad daylight, my daughter stood there in astonishment, & could not believe that no-one passing seemed in any way phased, this was at around 5.30pm after having spent the day showing my daughter the sights. Ho bloody Ho.

My ex hubby, luckily we are good friends, has just taken the huge step of moving back to Spain for racism has become endemic & makes him feel sick to his stomach, the sight of the homeless sleeping in the streets or queuing up at food banks disgusts him, that vanity projects kick started by the likes of the gruesome & soulless Boris Johnson cost millions, & earn nothing whilst banishing desperately needed housing projects.

No-one seems to care for anyone, he broke his leg a while back, had to cross London via a multitude of trains & tubes, & even when people saw him on crutches they showed him little if any courtesy.

My Mother & Brother voted for Brexit after having been fed a raw diet of undiluted malice by the popular press, even the nations BBC News Chanel played a subtle roll in bending the public to this end, yet even my Mother, brainwashed by the wondrous Brexiteers, now realizes they were all lied to.

Over the last year or so the once friendly small village in which my Mother lives, (has lived in for over 50 years) lost its terrific local Doctor & its local bus service, AFTER it was deemed a non essential luxury having a bus service to & from the village. They now have no doctor & no bus, yet the glorious old cottages & farmhouses are being bulldozed to make way for huge faux Regency follies, where the new owners drive their shiny SUVs back & forth to the local junior school, who probably would not know one end of a cow from the other & would no doubt try to sue the farmer if they ever trod in something that was not plastic wrapped.

My Mother now has to wait sometimes weeks to be seen by a Doctor whos surgery is miles away. A few years ago she had to have a short stay in Hospital, post op, & there were no available beds in any ward, so she spent a day in a Hospital hallway, packed in like a sardine, on the one side of her was an old man who appeared dead, no-one looked at him for hours, on the other a woman who would not stop rolling around & moaning, desperate for someone to tend her.

3 weeks ago my Brother had a stroke, he was promised a place in a rehabilitation ward, they then decided he could go home for they wanted his bed, it did not matter that he could only just stand upright, let alone walk, & had no use of his right arm, the ambulance pulled up, & he was hauled out. The ambulance drove away leaving him outside the house at the end of the 10 meter garden path, & he could not walk. I repeat, a stroke victim left to find his own way into his home!

I am mortified & sickened that this once beautiful country has (is) turning its back on the poor whilst catering only to the more fortunate. Who in their right mind would want to live in the UK?


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