Emmanuel Macron’s desperate push for further integration reminds Brexit supporters why we voted to Leave

Daily Telegraph, 6 March

Anyone who though in 2016 that staying in the European Union wass the status quo option will have been disabused by the intervention of Emmanuel Macron and his blueprint for the future of the \europe.
The French president is increasingly derided in his homeland for his folie de grandeur; but even his compatriots must be taken aback by his Napoleonic pretensions to create a pan-European state.

Mr Macron, facing insurrection, economic crisis and a pandemic of immigrant crime at home from the gilets jaunes movement, Muslim migrants refugees and angry workers has concluded that the solution to the rise of populism on the continent is “more Europe”. You know he has the wrong answer just by looking at those who are cheering him on, the Eurocrats and western europhiliac politicians for whom the “project,” i.e. the creation of a federal European superstate, is everything. READ ALL >>>

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