Stupid Remainer Snobs

In the comment thread on a crisis in the Conservative Party because of Theresa May’s inept handling of the Brexit process I came across this exchange of comments, which I think illustrates perfectly why supporters of Britain’s annexation by The Fourth Reich have behaved so obnoxiously towards those of us who informed ourselves of how the EU works , its long and short term policies and its contempt for democracy shown in responses to previous referendums in member states that have not gone te way the EU demanded. Read the original article HERE
Then look at the articulate and well thought out comment by Sally Bettis and the nasty, mean spirited response from a Remain supporter. 
Sally Bettis

Most of the remainer posts on here are positively dripping with the superior, high minded condescension the referendum winners have largely come to expect from hugely embittered referendum losers unable to stomach democracy unless it agrees with their point of view.

They perfectly exemplify the arrogance of the liberal left establishment and EU Bureaucrat elite – the EU has been failing it’s citizens for decades, all the way back to the hugely misconceived project of monetary union. It’s citizens have legitimate reasons to think the EU has been failing, not just on immigration and monetary union, but on its security policy and its policy towards radical islam to.

Look at the situation in Germany today where Merkel tells us that multiculturalism is going well and we just need to change our attitudes – but look at what the consequences have already been of throwing open the gates and embarking on a process of integration which seems to have almost no chance of success. Look at how unsuccessful Northern Europe was in admitting asylum seekers in the 1990’s on a much smaller scale. The unemployment differential between the native born and foreign born in Northern Europe was enormous even before the latest wave of migrations.

Monetary union has been a disaster for all the reasons most US economists and many of us said it would be (but not most UK economists/’experts’, who said it would be a disaster if we did’t join!).

European Security policy with respect to North Africa and the Middle East has been disaster too.

On the migration issue and radical islam issues the EU leadership has got it fundamentally wrong.

The EU elite’s performance over the last two decades has entirely justified the revolt of provincial UK – that was what we saw with Brexit and if the liberal establishment had spent a little time in provincial communities they would have heard this. Provincial UK said you’re arguing that this is all about GDP – it is not, it is about who governs us being democratically elected and being able to make our own laws and control our own borders.

In the midst of all this there has been an endless post mortem on what Cameron got wrong. What he got wrong was not to call the referendum, but when the EU leadership made a totally pathetic, risible offer to him which essentially meant nothing in terms of immigration control; he should have said “sorry that’s not good enough, I’m going to back Brexit” that was the great mistake of his political career and cost him another 10 years in Downing Street.

Helen Smith

Well cut and pasted. Skills x

Sally Bettis

@Helen Smith All my own work !  Like Brexit you’re going to have to grow a backbone and suck it up !

Ian R Thorpe

@Sally Bettis @Helen Smith Have a little generosity of sprit Sally, you should thank Helen for proving the absolute truth of you opening paragraph. I often get the same kind of responses from Remainers to my reasoned arguments in favour of leaving the EU because … well sombody who supported ‘Leave’ could not possibly be capable of stringing a few words together could they? 🙂
All of which serves to harden my conviction that leaving the EU is the only sane course of action. BTW great comment.

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