May Will Offer Her Brexit Dire Deal For A 4th Vote because She Has No Plan B

After the Easter recess, the UK Parliament is back at work today and Brexit-related news is back in the headlines. Nothing has changed since May struck an agreement with the EU for a six-month extension of Article 50, which the EU made conditional on The Prime Minister getting her Brexit-In-Name-Only treaty accepted by British lawmakers before elections to the European Parliament in May.

Talks with tho opposition Labour Party, aimed at finding an alternative to Mrs May’s Brexit deal remain deadlocked with Labour’s insistence on a second referendum the biggest obstacle. Though the Tory and Labour representatives resumed talks on Tuesday, widely cirulated rumours suggest the talks could fall apart in the coming days.

Whatever happens with the talks is of little irrelevance because the EU has been clear that the withdrawal agreement (suspected to have ben drafted by Angela Merkel because of its one sidedness,) is the only deal it will accept. That deal has already been thrown out three times by The British House of Commons. Though the margin of defeat has shrunk in each successive vote it is still substantial. So long as the Irish Backstop, the section which would keep Norther Ireland tied to the EU while mainland Britain left, remains the immovable object blocking the deal’s progress it’s unlikely that May will be able to win over enough Brexiteers to push the deal through.

MayTheresa May looks as if she is about to throw up after hearing the latest Brexit – Picture: Zero Hedge

With few viable alternatives apart from another extension and another and another, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday, surprising absolutely no one, that May, now if not recognised as the most stupid, arrogant, stupid politician ever, surely a contender, is preparing to bring the virtually unaltered withdrawal agreement back for a fourth vote.

Just like the third vote, May will need to embrace some procedural maneuvers to satisfy Speaker Bercow’s condition that the deal must be “substantially different” than prior votes if May wants to bring it back. This time, the withdrawal agreement will come packaged in a more far-reaching withdrawal agreement bill.

And a vote could come as soon as next week.

Downing Street sources suggest a fourth vote on May’s bill could be the last chance to avoid Britain’s participating in the upcoming elections to the EU Parliament, something May had desperately sought to avoid and which would result in the anihilation of the Conservative Party bloc in the European Parliament.

If , as is probable,the bill is defeated again May would be prohibited from bringing it back for another vote until a new session of parliament begins in November.  We guess May, ever a fanatical supporter of the EU and globalism, would stubbornly try to find some kind of procedural loophole to keep bringing her deal back and keep Britain in the EU until opposition evaporates from sher fatigue.

Even if it should eventually manage to pass the Commons, there are still procedural hurdles to negotiate before Brexit could be officially delivered. The Daily Telegraph reports:

The treaty the bill is intended to implement includes provisions such as the UK’s £39bn exit payment to the EU, protection of citizens’ rights, a transition period and the so-called backstop to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland. If the legislation is rejected, as currently seems likely, the government could not reintroduce it again in this session of parliament.

“It would be quite a big thing,” admitted one ally of Mrs May. In those circumstances the bill could only be brought back if the current parliamentary session was ended.

Approval for the legislation would kick off a tortuous passage through parliament during which the bill could be amended. Attempts to add a customs union or a second referendum would be expected. Even if the bill did eventually become law, Downing Street said there would still have to be a separate “meaningful vote” on Mrs May’s deal under the terms of 2018 Brexit legislation. However, that would be expected to be a formality if MPs have already approved the bill to put the draft treaty into effect.

Whatever happens, May’s deal, along with May herself, may soon become a footnote in history. That’s because, as the Telegraph reported,  Sir Graham Brady, the leader of the influential 1922 Committee of Conservative members with no official government position, is planning to confront the boss on Tuesday and demand that she sets a date for her resignation or the party’s members will change the leadership rules to allow her to be ousted (after surviving a no confidence vote late last year, May is immune from further challenges for a year under the current rules).

Other prominent Conservatives, including Nigel Evans,  member for Ribble Valley (where I live though I didn’t vote for him,) have called on May to resign immediately.

Greenteeth Digital Publishing
Daily Stirrer

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