Bullingdon Buggery

by fatsally

While Ian watches Game of Thrones and complains that the election is too boring to report on, I’ve been exercising some lateral thinking. If, as many people think, this election heralds a fundamental change in British politics maybe we need a fundamental change in the way we observe politicians. For eaxmple, while watching the Corbyn Johnson debate last Thursday my mind was drawn back to the 2015 craptangle and that (alleged) Bullingdon club incident with David Cameron, Boris Johnson and Gideon george Osborne (remember him?)in which the then future Prime Minister David Cameron got a BJ of a dead pig and knowing that those poshboys liked to consume far more Champagne than would have been necessary to blur their vision I wondered if BoJo stood in for the pigs head in the alleged Cameron necrophiliac porcine fellation affair.

Comedy & Humour from Greenteeth Digital Publishing

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