Obama Says Women Are Better Than Men, And Should Lead Every Country

We always knew there was something not right about former US President Barack Obama, the vagueness surrounding his personal history, his conflicting statements about where he was born and what religion he followed gave us some clues. Then the fact that the only legislation successfully enacted under his presidency (apart from declarations of war on third world nations,) was related to Gay BLT or Transgender rights was a big pointer.

Although it is customary for former US presidents to keep their stupid gobs shut after leaving office Obama craves attention sh much he just can’t help intervening on all his favourite topics, minority rights, minority rights and minority rights.

Speaking at a private event in Singapore on Monday, President Obama said that if women ran every country, we would all live with significantly improved living standards and there would be less war and strife. When it comes to leadership, women are “indisputably better” than men, Obama said, according to the BBC, which was apparently invited to the event.

Most of the world’s problems, Obama said, stem from too many old men in positions of power, an obvious slight directed at President Donald Trump, though he wasn’t explicitly named.

Although they’re not perfect, women are so much more advanced and even-headed than men, that Obama believes if women were given two years running every country on earth, all of our problems would be fixed. It’s enough to make us wonder when he will announce he has undergone gender reassignment surgery.

Or maybe he already did, because everybody who has seen the famous picture (below) of the gargantuan Michelle (nee Michael LeVaughan Robinson according to well informed sources n Chicago,) knows he married a man.

“Is that a pistol in your garter belt Michelle, or are you just pleased to see me
(picture source : apocryphal )

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