Is Greta Thunberg Great? Umm, Maybe Not

Don’t you get sick of hearing people blethering about how great Greta Thunberg is, how she has raised awareness off the climate emergency and what wonderful speeches she makes and what wonderful articles she writes.

Such scaremongering might convince gullible millennials, power seeking politicians politicians ready to jump on any bandwagon, and virtue signalling media luvvies, but ordinary punters have realised they’ve heard all this shite before – several times. And yet snow is not a thing of the past, polar bears are not extinct, global temperatures are not soaring and the 50 million refugees who were displaced from their homes in low lying lands by 2015 must be huddled under Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility because nobody has seen them.

Nothing is great about Greta, she is very obviously a puppet being used by a group of people whose political aganda has nothing to do with saving the planet and a lot to do with enslaving the planet. The popular names for these people include globalists, international socialists and cultural Marxists, and their aim is to cause the collapse of the global economy so it can be replaced with their vision of a socialist utopia, a world run by a hierarchy of bureaucratic committees, a world where there is no such thing as democracy or individual freedom.

They though the doomsday scenario predicted by the Anthropogenic Global Warming hoax would be enough to scare people into submission to the extent that we would surrender individual and national sovereignty to technocrats. Unfortunately the predictions of catastrophe failed to be realised, snow is not a thing of the past, low lying nations have not been inundated by rising sea levels, temperature are not soaring globally and the predicted 50 million refugees displaced by climate change before 2015 are obviously hiding under Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility, because nobody has seen any of them. On top of that the “climate science” we had been told was unquestionable, when subjected to scrutiny failed at the level of basic arithmetic. These supposedly infallible “experts” did not know how to calculate a simple average.

Naturally the credibility of the environment lobby collapsed, and seeing their bid for global power evaporating faster than a raindrop in the Sahara, the cultural Marxists resorted to emotional blackmail, using a physically immature – Greta (17) looks several years younger than my 13 year old granddaughter and reportedly has problems relating to emotional development as well.

Using Greta to front the latest push in the climate catastrophe scam is very like the scam employed by left wing media in a bid to bully Europeans into demanding the borders be opened to let in hundreds of thousands of economic migrants incorrectly described as refugees. They carefully posed the corpse of a small child on a Mediterranean beach and claimed this was a fate shared by many “refugee” children trying to get to Europe “to seek a better life.”

It turned out the kid was the child of a criminal who had taken his son along for a joyride on one of his people trafficking runs.

The Greta Thunberg hoax will be similarly exposed, in fact the process has already begun. The girl’s father (an actor) and other far left activists involved with her campaign have been revealed as being responsible for the highly articulate posts this otherwise taciturn and anti – social child is alleged to have written and posted online.

Sorry Greta fans, but you will have to prepare for disappointment. Carbon Dioxide is not causing environmental problems, burgeoning human population and an economic model base on infinite growth of consumption are.


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