Is Criticizing Islam Extremist?

The allegedly conservative UK think tank, The Henry Jackson Society,  named American  anti-Sharia campaigners Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer in a list of people promoting “extremism”, placing the pair alongside radical pro-Sharia Islamic fundamentalists like Zakir Naik.

The think tank, long noted for it’s wavering commitment to true conservatism in the face of attacks on free speech by the extreme left, denounces Geller and Spencer as Islamophobes in a new report, titled “Free to be Extreme.” According to a disclosure  the report, it was commissioned and funded by left wing extremists and anti – free-speech social media company Facebook.

The report calls for closer collaboration between the British government, which has passed draconian laws against “hate speech” in the past two decades, and social media companies such as Facebook which has demonstated that its corporate policy decrees only with Europeans are capable of uttering ‘Hate Speech.’.

The report is clear that its aim is to provide a framework for “restricting expression.”

It states: “restricting expression may be required to fulfil the aim of governments and institutions to balance toleration, protection, and freedom in liberal democratic societies.” But what has toleration to do with Islam or far – left ‘progressivism” which are the most intolerant religion amf political philosophies on the planet.

In addition to naming a number of Islamic extremists, the report also identifies Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, who are both critics of Islamism, as potential “extremists.” The report’s evidence for this includes Geller “displaying an offensive of Prophet Mohammed online” and Spencer’s argument  “that all schools of Islam teach warfare against non-Muslims, and that Islam is inherently violent.”

What a slimy, weaselly word ‘potential’ is especially when it is used to prevent crime by incarcerating ‘potential’ criminals before they have committed a crime. A state that uses such techniques in its legal system can only be described as fascist.  Throughout the civilised world, one of the founding principles of justice is the presumption of innocence. Facebook, however, is already on record as having declared its ambition to suppress any opinion or idea its far left extremist founder Mark Zuckerberg does not like.

It may seem to some that in the Henry Jackson Society’s opinion, flouting Islamic blasphemy laws about depicting Mohammed and criticizing Islamic doctrines about war could be enough to make you an “extremist.” It seems to us that conservative intellectuals can be bought as cheaply as left wing pontificators, climate scientists and politicians.

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