Author of Bioweapons Act Dr. Francis Boyle confirms coronavirus is an “offensive biological warfare weapon”

Biologist Dr. Francis Boyle, best known as author of the Biological Weapons Act has given an exclusive interview with online news channel Geopolitics and Empire, in which Dr. Boyle reveals that the new strain of coronavirus now epidemic in China and spreading throughout South East Asia is, as has been rumoured, an “offensive biological warfare weapon.”

In the interview Dr. Boyle drops a bombshell when he confirms exactly what this website and many others have suspected from the available evidence for several days: that the coronavirus is a genetically miodified biological weapon system which was somehow released from the Wuhan BSL-4 laboratory and became established in the local population. It is now spreading uncontrollably although due to the nature of China’s authoritarian regime is is difficult to estimate with reasonable accuracy how many people are infected and how many people have died due to the virus..

Dr Boyle’s exact words (see for yourself if YouTube have not banned the video by following the link below,) were: “the coronavirus that we’re dealing with here is an offensive biological warfare weapon that leaked out of that Wuhan BSL-4 [lab].”

This confirms that the coronavirus was genetically engineered using the pShuttle vector tool commonly used by virology researchers. It also ties into the fact that independent genomics researchers claim the coronavirus has been subjected to SARS and HIV gene insertions as part of the weaponization program.

The evidence of an artificial origin is now irrefutable, yet the World Health Organisation (WHO) is trying to lie to the world about the human – made origins of the virus, falsely claiming it came about from random permutations in the wild. It is not clear who or what the WHO is protecting, some rumours claim the virus is the product of a Chinese government biological weapons programme, others that it was introduced to the Wuhan lab. by CIA infiltrators. And we whould not point fingers at particular nations, there are many governments around the world operating biological weapons projects, including some who carry on their illegal quest for a doomsday virus outside their own borders, often in inpoverished African failed states.

Below is an extract from the transcript of Dr. Boyle’s interview, which was originally posted on the Geopolitics & Empire channel on YouTube.

or WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW (32 munutes) on YouTube

Extract from the Geopolitics and Empire interview (If the video is removed by YouTube a keyword search should find the video, is is being widely shared on streaming sites):
Dr. Francis Boyle:

It does seem to me that the Wuhan BSL-4 is the source of the coronavirus, yes. My guess is that they were researching SARS, and they weaponized it further by giving it gain-of-function properties, which means it could be more lethal, and indeed the latest report now is it’s 15% fatality rate which is more than SARS, and 83% infection rate. So a typical gain-of-function is it travels in the air, so it could reach out maybe six feet or more from someone emitting a sneeze or a cough. Likewise, this is a specially designated WHO research lab, so the WHO is in on it, and they knew full well what was going on there.

Yes, it’s also reported the Chinese stole coronavirus materials from the Canadian lab at Winnipeg; Winnipeg is Canada’s foremost center for research developing and testing biological warfare weapons. It’s along the lines of Ft. Detrick in the USA, and yeah, I have three degrees from Harvard, it would not surprise me if something was being stolen out of Harvard to turn over to China… the bottom line is, …and I drafted the U.S. domestic implementing legislation for the biological weapons convention, that was approved unanimously by both houses of the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Bush, Senior, that it appears the coronavirus that we’re dealing with here is an offensive biological warfare weapon that leaked out of that Wuhan BSL-4 [lab]. I’m not saying it was done deliberately, but there have been previous reports of problems with that lab and things leaking out of it, and I’m afraid that is what we are dealing with today. (emphasis added)


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  1. […] developed as a biological weapon. This story was leaked by a scientists who had been involved in biological weapons research and supported by claims from biologists that the new strain contained inserts from HIV DNA […]


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