Black Man Kicked Out Of Labour Party For Telling The Truth About Islam


Trevor Phillips, a life long campaigner for equality and former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, has been suspended by The Labour Party and faces an investigation and could be expelled from the party over comments made some years ago amout the unwillingness of many Muslim immigrants to integrate into British society and particularly about the treatment of women in Islam.

Phillips was one of 24 Labour supporting public figures who last year declared their refusal to vote for the Jew – hating Labour Party because of its association with anti-Semitism.

The Times reported that Phillips is under investigation over past comments including remarks about Pakistani Muslim men sexually abusing children in northern British towns. Many Labour supporting far – left lons still claim stories of these grooming and abuse gangs are nothing but right wing conspiracy theories depite proof of the crimes of immigrant men convicted being incontrovertible.

It has even been proved that the order to police forces from The Crown Prosecution Service to avoid prosecuting grooming and abuse crimes by gang members emanated directly from The Director Of Public Prosecutions himself. At the time the order was issued The Director Of Public Prosections was none other than current Labour leadership contender “Sir” Kier Starmer.

A statement from paper said many of his statements dated back years but that Jennie Formby, the Labour general secretary, had suspended him as a matter of urgency to “protect the party’s reputation”.

Talk of protecting the party’s reputation seems rather spurious to me after the party’s wild adventures in Anti – Semitism over the past few years and how it’s university educated elitist leadership w ent out of their way in the 2016 EU referendum, throughout the efforts to get Brexit through parliament, and the 2017  and 2019 General Elections to show their contempt for democracy and for  straight, white, working class voters.


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