If Coronavirus Is So Bad Why No Big Jump In Hospital Admissions or Deaths?

News video shows chaotic scenes of crowded hospitals and desperate people seeking treatman. Noewspaper show pictures of exhibition halls turned into temporary morgues, the floors of these vast buildings covered in body bags.

So WTF is going on? I don’t know, you don’t know, if anyone does know it’s more than their life is worth to leak that information into the public domain. The more I learn the more this whole situation looks like an assault on democracy by the dark forces of globalism.

We need to start asking the difficult questions right now. Because the longer this goes on the more likely we are to end up inhabiting a planet of slave states.

Take a look at these official figures for actual hospital admissions and deaths and no how the picture they offer differs from the fear and panic propagating figures being mentioned on TV news and by print media.

Infographic: UK Government ONS (Office of National Statistics

China caught lying about coronavirus again

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