Pandemic Computer Modelling Fraud Is Exposed By Real Data

An article published in  Technocracy last month,  The Common Roots Of Climate Change And COVID-19 Hysteria  exposed the dishonest – scaremongering tactics of global warming alarmists as they seized the opportunity provided by COVID-19 to trigger the largest global economic crisis in history.

Warmageddonists have always dreamed of killing the “brown economy” and replacing it with a green economy, a system they call Sustainable Development, which would return us to low tech industry and peasant farming methods hardly likely to sustain the 7.7 billion humans that populate the planet now. It is less than 30 days since  Imperial College London released a data model created by a “scientist” with a 100% record of being totally wrong in his predictions of catastrophe during outbreaks of disease. And yet, even though his “scientific conclusions” aka guesses and assumptions have steered governments towards hugely damaging policy decisions.  Professor Ferguson’s model predicted 500,000 deaths in the UK and 1.2 million in the U.S.A if those nations were not put into lockdown, a move that was certain to cause immeasurable economic damage and social disorder in those countries. The whole narrative spun by government propagandists based on the predictions of those flawed models is now falling apart, but the damage has been done and cannot be reversed.

The World Health Organization is a full-fledged agency of the United Nations, which has driven the above mentioned climate change scare, the objective of which was to pave the way for a world government and which has recently lost credibility to the extent that the propagandists had to deploy a weird looking, retarded child to broadcast their lies and scaremongering in the hope that nobody would attack such a pitiable figure. The ploy failed, so when the government of China reported an outbreak of a news strain of the SARS – coronavirus it was seized on as an opportunity to scare the people and nations of the world into compliance with an agenda that would result in the abolition of democracy and individual freedom. The WHO’s estimated mortality rate for COVID – 19, as gleefully reported by mainstream media is 20-30 times higher than the actual death rate being reported by Stanford University of between 0.1 and 0.2 percent.

The number of actual deaths of COVID-19, as opposed to people who died of something else while carrying the infection having contracted it in hospital when already terminally ill, and more recently what is vaguely reported as “coronaviris – related deaths,would not likely be changed if no panic was ever triggered by means of false news and over – dramatic actions to “stop the virus” in the first place. If governments had behaved rationally instead of listening to “scientists” who rely on mathematical models rather that looking at the real world, perhaps it would only have been a nastier-than-usual flu season. However, the Great Panic of 2020 has caused innumerable non coronavirus-related deaths and plunged the global economic system into a downward spiral from which it will take years to recover. Millions are now out of work. Tens of thousands of businesses closed by order of “scientists” will never reopen. People in need of health care are reluctant to present themselves to a hospital for fear of picking up the virus – hospitals are the best place to catch it actually

The reality of this crisis is that a few self – interested Technocrats who knew exactly what the consequenses of metaphorically yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded theater would be and, although to an unbiased observer give every appearance of playing out a scripted scene in a far bigger production will never be held accountable for their despicable and fraudulent decieving of society. Concerned citizens should stop obsessing over who made COVID-19 and the street-corner where it first appeared, and instead focus on the real instigators and their real motivations, the people who have been planning for and working towards an authoritarian world government for years.


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