No Case For Continuing Lockdown

Former UKIP MP Douglas Carswell has written in an article published today:

“The argument for a lockdown was overwhelming.

When Boris Johnson addressed the nation eight weeks ago, it appeared as if a killer virus was about to engulf the population at astonishing speed. You had to be mad or bad, it seemed, not to back the Prime Minister as he urged us all to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. The moral justification for collective action was crystal clear. “Squashing the sombrero,” as Johnson colourfully put it, was needed to buy time for the NHS to fight this thing. And we did it. Britain achieved that aim.

Critical care capacity was rapidly ramped up thanks to the heroic efforts of those who built the new Nightingale hospitals, as well as the decision to cancel treatments for non-Covid cases. At the same time, the numbers being struck down by the disease began to fall – perhaps due to social distancing, or maybe just because pandemics have a habit of dissipating almost as fast as they appear. Whatever the reasons, we avoided the nightmare scenario of not being able to treat thousands of critically ill people, as happened in parts of Italy.

Eight weeks on, it is also clear that some of the initial restrictions were unnecessary.” (full article >>>)

The sad thing is it took people like Douglas eight weeks to realise there never was any moral case for the lockdown. Take this phrase

“Critical care capacity was rapidly ramped up thanks to the heroic efforts of those who built the new Nightingale hospitals,”

But Douglas fails to acknowledge that NHS whistleblowers have revealed they have never known hospitals so empty, while of the Nightingale Hospitals, the businest have only dealt with a few dozen patients, while some have admitted no patients at all. And as the chief medical officer admiitted again yesterday COVID – 19 poses no serious threat to most of us

There was never a moral case for lockdown, it was based entirely on the fake data generated from a mathematical model of the pandemic by a pseudo – scientist who only interests were in lining his pockets with taxpayers money, covering himself in glory, and (allegedly,) clearing the roads so his married loved would not be delayed by traffic when driving to his house for a bit of rumpy – pumpy.

pandemic of pandemics
Fear and panic

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