Support BLM? This Is What You Are Supporting

So you support BLM, you want the world to know what a good, caring person you are and how ashamed you feel about something that happened two or three hundred years ago. Well good for you, but do you know what you are really supporting, do you know what those spineless cops who knelt in front of a mob of thugs whose sole aim is to destroy civilised societies were supporting?  

This atrocity, in which a gang of eight BLM supporters, Africans I’d guess by their accents, gang up on an inoffensive 16 year old girl simply becaused she is white. The incident occurred in Melbourne last weekend as part of the BLM hysteria sweeping Western democracies. Not how nobody stepped in to help the girl because people are so afraid of being called racists that they tolerate this kind of treatment of a defenceless girl by a gang of lowlife black scum. It is truly horrifying, the more so because it has been totally blanked out by mainstream media. Yet Australian police have said they will take no action as that might inflkame inter – racial tensions. Please do not watch the video if you are easily upset by graphic violence.

Race and racism issues

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