The Scam Continues

posted by Arthur Quinnell, 1 August 2020

As Boris backpeddles on lifting lockdown restrictions, giving wholly fictional reasons for putting some of us back under full house arrest while all of us must remain under partial house arrest  because of some minor and highly localised spikes in the infection rate, one again we are hearing from the vaccine fandom that restrictions cannot be lifted until a vaccine is ready. “On one is safe until we are all safe,” is one of the slogans being used to sell the idea of voluntary slavery to us.

Which only convinces us sceptics that the who thing is a fabrication, a scam aimed at forcing vaccines on an unwilling world.

Cast you minds back to early 2009 when a strain of H1N1 flu, known as Swine ‘flu or Mexican ‘flu, the same kind that caused the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, emerged in Mexico, governments across the world immediately launched a campaign designed to spread fear and panic, claiming this was the big pandemic that was going to wipe out humanity unless we surrendered all our rights and liberties and accepted that only an authoritarian world government could save us.

The initial outbreak of Mexican Flu spread rapidly but proved only slightly fatal among those infected, killing mostly the ones who were at death’s door anyway. Scientists, in a wholly predictable and easily manageable pandemic of research grant phishing warned a repeat of 1918 and a second, far deadlier wave come the winter was almost inevitable. Scientists are wankers of course by many people are gullible enough to believe them.

A scramble to develop and distribute a vaccine began but, despite experience from the 2004 bird flu scare, another pandemic that was forecast to wipe us all out but in reality proved statistically insignificant on a global scale. A coordinated global effort in 2009 to ensure the whole world gained equal access to a vaccine failed to materialise when none of the vaccines proved effective. Any of this sounding familiar yet?

In 2009 as in the 2020 pandemic, wealthy countries were already well-served by “pre-production contracts” which gave them claims to the limited production that would be available, but poorer countries found themselves on the outside looking in.

The developing world eventually got access to vaccines in late 2009, but not before the rich world had taken care of itself and was busy trying to gt its money back after ordering vast quantities of a vaccine that didn’t work that was supposed to save us from a disease that didn’t make people ill.

That pandemic turned out to be a non event and resulted in the World Heath Organisation changing the definition of ‘pandemic’ from hundreds of millions were infected world – wide and millions died to a few people here and there felt a little but poorly but still the fear of a global pandemic scenario repeating itself once again grips the scientific community who seem to have been wishing for a pandemic for the past ten years.

Obviously no lesssons were learned from that experience because many wealthy nations including the UK have signed bilateral pre-production contracts with pharmaceutical companies.

The UK has signed four such deals, including one for the Oxford-AstraZeneca candidate vaccine, with the orders totalling 250 million doses. The European Union has its own scheme that is yet to announce any deals, but an alliance of Germany, France, the Netherlands and Italy has signed one with AstraZeneca for 400 million doses. The United States, meanwhile, is pushing ahead with its own “Operation Warp Speed” strategy.

The conspiracy theory that we are in a manufactured crisis, being run by people who are using it as the cover story to destroy the UK and all other Western economies thus paving the way for a world government looks more credible every day. Nothing else makes sense. Whether part of the plan is to inject everyone with their genetically engineered ‘vaccine’ – which if you refuse, you will find your life made increasingly impossible until you submit to having, the minutiae of your life controlled by bureaucrats is another possibility.

A vaccine against a disease that does not exist would be an ideal way of rooting out the non conformists, free thinkers and naturally awkward bastards, all the people likely to lead resistance to an authoritarian bureaucratic dictatorship.

Unless people wake up very soon, and start realizing what this ‘pandemic’ is actually about – the destruction of your lives as you have known them, your civil rights and liberties, your personal sovereignty, and the destruction of this liberal, democratic world as you have known it, in this ‘Big Reset’ operation, it will be too late.

The elites intend to get the entire world injected with this supposed ‘vaccine’ – at unimaginably vast cost, with all of the money going into the pockets of he Big Pharma cartel and wannabe galactic evil emperor Bill Gates via his corrupt and crooked ‘philanthropic’ foundation and the ‘elite’ running this Corona scam.

So, for them, this Coronavirus pandemic is the biggest con job of all time: investors in vaccine developers and Big Pharma will all become fabulously rich, the project will transfer, according to their own estimates, hundreds of billions from tax payers into their pockets – while simultaneously re-engineering the political and social structures of the world.In this Brave New World nobody will be allowed to question authority or challenge the status quo, there will be no freedom of speech, no chance to exchange ideas or discuss issues.

You may think that is fiction – but that is the Orwellian world that their ‘new normal’ will be. George Orwell’s most famous work, “1984” is fiction but Orwell, an avid socialist in his youth, based it on the ideas for a socialist world being discussed by the elitist Fabian Society as long ago as the 1930s. The Fabians in turn were inspired by The Frankfurt School (The Institute for Social Research as Frankfurt University) and their philosophy of Cultural Marxism.

Perhaps when you are told – very soon – that you will all have to have a ‘Covid passport’ (provided ONLY after you are injected with their ‘vaccine’) to be able to travel, go to the theatre or a restaurant, visit a theme park or natural feature, do anything in fact, you will start to realize that this is not fiction: this is the plan. Think it is a conspiracy theory? It is already being discussed and preparations made to implement the plan once a vaccine that doesn’t kill too many people can be launched.

Initially, you will have to have this ‘Covid passport’ to travel internationally. But then the will tighten the screw just as it is being tightened now to restrict normal social activity: you will have to have it to use public transport; and then, to enter a supermarket… and eventually, to do virtually anything – until you submit to being injected with an armful of toxic shite. (there is a rumour that the vaccine will contain an RFID chip to facilitate tracking us at all times – though such technology is being experimented with and has been introduced by some corporate businesses (including the one formerly run by a certain Mr. Gates,) I’m not sure the technology to extend it beyond designated buildings exists yet. But don’t worry, the moment plas are announced to roll out such a scheme I’ll show you how easy it is to disable a subcutaneous RFFID chip.)

The idea behind forcing everyone to be injected with the ‘vaccine’ – which if compulsory across most of the world, will make an estimated US$7 trillion of revenue for Gates vaccine manufacturers.

What you are witnessing, with this manufactured ‘Corona crisis’ – a virus with the same mortality rate as seasonal flu – is the UK and almost all other Western governments deliberately destroying their own economies, to provide the economic collapse that will allow for ‘the Big Reset’ that will install their New World Order across the Western world.

We are witnessing the beginning of the end of the world as we have known it – deliberately engineered, using the fake ‘Corona crisis’ as the tool to usher everyone into their Orwellian ‘new normal’ world.

“‘Nobody is safe until we are all safe” is one of the lines being used to push the vaccine and keep the fear and panic levels turned up ti eleven.

But why is nobody safe until we are all safe?

A serious look at the statistics shows the vast majority of us are at little risk fron the COVID 19 coronavirus. Thus most of us are safe and will remain so. Let’s fovcus on the minority who are at serious risk rather than on projects designed only to swell the profits of the Big Pharma cartel.

Remember: “We have nothing to fear but fear irself.”

Say no to social distancing, lockdown regulations and all the of the bollocks we have been told by mainstream media and government propaganda. Get out,ignore this Government’s rules. Reclaim your lives. You were not born to be afraid of living., our earliest human ancestors did not get to the top of the food chain by cowering in caves. There is no new killer virus. The media is lying. The swine flu ‘epidemic’ (sic) was as fraudulent as this current covid hoax. I know no one person out of about 1000 I am acquainted with who has become ill from this virus over the last 4 months, the hospitals are half empty medical practices are not seeing patients and people with cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc. are dying because treatments have been cancelled or delayed.

And there is not and never will be a vaccine against stupidity.

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Greenteeth Digital Publishing
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Greenteeth and Daily Stirrer posts on Coronavirus. Is it a real, existential threat to humanity, is it an exercise in generating fear and panic in response to the nationalist pushback against globalism, or is it a deep state power grab. We don’t know, but we will report and examine aspects of the story mainstream media will not inform you of.

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The scientist whose mathematical models of how the coronavirus would spread in the UK and the wildly exaggerated estimates of how many deaths might result from the epidemic reportedly led to the decision to implement a countrywide lockdown and trash the economy has been criticised in the past for flawed research.

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