Is Europe Into The Second COVID Wave? No, it’s just more media hysteria.

One must feel some sympathy for people who switched their holiday bookings to Greece when Spain was put back on the quarantine list. The Greek government has just officially declared a “second wave” of coronavirus. Once holidaymakers have explored the islands of the Aegean they are likely to spend an equivalent amount of time contemplating the interiors of their own homes upon arriving back in Britain, as Greece now looks likely to be added to the ever-growing list of countries whose air bridges with  The UK have been burned.

But is this “second wave” reportedly sweeping across Europe real or has the World Health Organisation merely revved up the fear and panic generators again? Look at figures for confirmed new infections in Greece and there is a definitem if small, uptick. Recorded cases began to inch upwards from mid-June onwards. The figure for Sunday – 202 – was markedly higher than the peak in new recorded infections in Greece’s first wave, which reached 156 on April 21. But then look at the figures for Covid deaths in Greece for the corresponding period and there is not the slightest trace of a second wave.

Deaths have been ticking up at around one a day – fewer than the average of five a day recorded at the peak in April. It is the same story in most countries where second waves have been reported: you can trace it in the number of cases being reported since mid to late June. But there has not been the remotest sign of a corresponding uplift in deaths – which you might expect to leap during the second wave of a deadly pandemic but which have fallen to negligible levels in most European countries. Even in the US, which has seen a distinct though modest second peak in deaths, it has not even nearly matched the amplitude of the second wave in cases.

There are plenty of us out here in the real world who still doubt there was a first wave of coronavirus. A pandemic of fear and panic has gripped the world to be sure, but a new killer virus seems less certain. After all this deadly plague meet none of the four criteria known as The Koch Postulate for identifying a pathogen as the cause of a specific disease, and its overall infection rate has still not reached the level that until a few years ago was the red line above which an epidemic would be declared.

Add to that the revelation that the test being used to confirm COVID 19 infection was not designed for such a purpose and is therefore not reliable.

So it looks like “The Second Wave” in another bid to keep the fear button turned up to eleven. We should continue to protect the vulnerable but for the rest end lockdown now. ONS estimates published earlier this week suggest there have already been two lockdown related deaths for every three COVID 19 deaths, and that figure will soar if we continue to trash the economy.

What the reports from Europe indicate does NOT mean we are currently IN a second wave, and nor are further widespread lockdowns likely to help, as it now appears they did not prevent the spread of the virus first time round. The most promising results point to a more tailored approach, involving keeping the most vulnerable (immuno-compromised and chronically ill,) safe by implementing safeguarding measures, providing better treatment (i.e.HCQ therapy, which we and the USA are denied because an outbreak of left wing hysteria following President Trump’s endorsment of it led to its being banned, though results from nations where policy is not led by Trump Derangement Syndrome show it works well in alleviating symptoms.

These localised and targeted safeguarding policies are proving the best approach for minimising the impact of the virus. Besides, most of those who were critically at risk, and who SHOULD have been shielded but WERE NOT first time around have now died and cannot die a second time. Which explains why in Europe, infections are up but deaths are down.

This statistic is obviously borne out by the huge drop in hospital admissions and the number of deaths. Added to that, the scandal of health authorities over-reporting deaths WITH COVID rather than OF COVID many who weren’t even tested but assumed to have been carrying the infection when they received fatal bullet or knife wounds or were involved in road traffic accidents or died of other ailments.  Official figures for the UK show 95% of the dead had co-morbidities and would’ve died anyway this year from those pre – existing conditions rather than FROM COVID (as in specifically or a significant contributor to their death) means that the actual numbers are likely to be quite a bit lower – especially when all those people who were stuck at home and denied any medical treatment (operations, chemo or other ongoing treatments) for potentially life-threatening illness or many that aren’t, but that which cause depression (especially in the elderly) and where they ‘just give up’.

The irresponsible misrepresentation of raw data by bureaucrats, politicians and all the mainstream news organisations is probably the most frightening thing about this whole pandemic.

Few reports, articles or opinion pieces mention the almost total absence currently of hospitalisations or moves to ICU beds, which surely must be one of the main indicators as to the current extent of the problem. As we have carried out more testing, the numbers of deaths and incidence of serious illness have steadily diminished, which shows that a positive test result is of little consequence.

This virus causes a nasty disease for a few of the people eposed to it ,and sadly it has been a contributory cause of death for a number (not a very large number!) of sick and elderly people. But in the overwhelming numbers of people who test positive, the symptoms are very mild or non existent.

We now know so much more than we knew back in February/March when the World was panicked into an over-reaction.

We know:

It passes around like most flu-like viruses.

It does not even emit symptoms in large numbers of people who get it.

Only a few people are more seriously ill than they would have been with a common cold.

We can treat some of the symptoms and lessen the severity of the illness but the most effective drug is banned in UK and USA and we are told we must wait for a vaccine.

Kids (thankfully) are hardly touched by it.

Teens suffer very mild illness

Most healthy adults make a full recovery within days.

Sick, old and obese people need to be especially careful.

Nobody can prove that masks do or do not make any difference to any of the above.

If a sepyugenarian like me can extrapolate that lot from a mere few minutes looking at 5 or 6 vaguely reputable web sites of statistics, why cannot the over-paid, university brainwashed, health, science and stats reporters?

Given what we now know why are most of us not just getting back to living normal and fulfilling lives?

It’s not this virus the vast majority need to fear but governments who initially overreacted out of fear and ignorance and now in the face of mounting evidence that their intervention has caused more damage than good respond with further disproportionate measures.

How come flu deaths are virtually zero – that “fact” makes no sense whatsoever, unless coronavirus has replaced flu as cause of death in all the cases.

Why has coronavirus apparently replaced Covid in most reports?

Is it because as WHO says there is no test that identifies Covid, all types of coronavirus produce the same antibodies, so is it just another form of flu?

Whatever; with every day that passes it becomes more clear we have been lied to throughout this manufactured crisis.

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