Back To The 1930s? Germany Bans Coronavirus Protest


Demonstrators near the Reichstag protest against coronavirus containment measures  in Berlin, August 1, 2020. REUTERS/Christian Mang/File Photo

The German Federal Government has in the past few hours announced that a planned protest against measures put in place to (allegedly) contain the coronavirus “pandemic” is now banned.

The event, scheduled for the 29th of August and coinciding with protests in other countries, including the UK, France and Canada, has been shut down by the Berlin Senate over fears the crowd would “violate the current infection protection laws”.

If you’re concerned about this being an attack on political freedoms, don’t worry Andreas Geisel (Berlin’s Interior Senator), is here to reassure us all that the decision to suspend the constitutional right of Germans to peaceful protest is in no way an attempt to suppress criticism of German government policy but has been taken in the interests of preventing foolish people who question ‘The Science” from their own folly:

This is not a decision against freedom of assembly, but a decision in favour of infection protection.”

Although his claims this was not a political decision were somewhat undermined, when he added:

[Berlin will not be] misused as a stage for corona deniers…and right-wing extremists.” (Now show me your papers, raus, raus – OK I made up  this bit.)

The protest at the beginning of this month (pictured above) drew tens of thousands of people. and was orderly with well behaved protestors observing sensible distancing. In spite of the protest being peaceful and lawful tt was described in prin and broadcast news reports as “right wing” and “antisemitic” although no sign of the protestors expressing extremist or racist views can be sen in any news video or press photographs. Such propaganda has become par as the narrative that has driven this completely manufactured crisis shows increasing signs of collapsing in the face of empirical evidence. The protest scheduled for Saturday was expected to be much bigger.

The coronavirus has a patchy, if not outright selective, record when it comes to protest movements. The anti-government protests in Belarus, for example, are like the Black Lives Matter protests in USA and Europe, exempt from being “dangerous” although in both casesrioting and   violence has erupted and in the USA arson and looting have been a feature of the protests.

Around the world, Black Lives Matter protests – far from being considered possible serious contamination risks due to social distancing and mask use advice being ignored – were applauded by health care workers, and even given special dispensation for violating lockdown measures in many countries (including Germany) because as several reports in UK News reported, the official view was that opposing racism is more important than ‘protecting people’ from what we have been told every day since February this year is a pandemic of a new disease that is highly contagious disease which causes death on an industrial scale. (The real figures do not back up this verion of the pandemic’s progress but hey, who cares about facts when “The Science” tells us different.

We can only surmise that after seeing a huge crowd of sane German people rejecting the fear – and – panic narrative put out by the United Nations and World Health Organisation and demanding sane and rational responses to what is for the vast majority of people a minor illness if it causes any illness at all, rather than the irrational and totally inappropriate decisions taken by governments in most developed nations to cause immeasurable economic damage, disrupt education, health and transport systems and in the long term causde more premature deaths through the effects of the disproportionate response than would ever have respulet from the pandemic had only the vulnerrable been protected. Instead politicians ignored the welfare of the people who elected them in favour of  political and economic expediences driven by the greed and lust for total control which is the driver of that corporate, globalist elite I have often called The Davosocracy, in reference to their annual jamboree every January in Davos, Switzerland.

Such massive repudiation of political insanity as was planned for Berlin on Saturday is starting to make ruling elites acknowledge they are faced with a true mass uprising, one unlike the billionaire funded campaign of civil unrest under the banners of Black Lives Matter and Antifa.  As the whole world starts to question the  insane propaganda that has driven the crisis, the authorities, fearing being caught by incoming storm of popular protest,  predictably resort first to bullying and bombast, concocting ever more incredible scare stories aimed at suppressing honest debate.

Let’s take a look at some of what has been going on and how the narrative has been changing:

In last Six months, national bodies (US CDC, Public Health England, and the WHO have flip flopped on testing methodology and quality, abandoning any notion of verification,  the effectiveness of masks in various circumstances, scandalous counting, classification and definitions of COVID cases, COVID deaths, COVID related deaths,  COVID CFR, IFR, lethality of SC2, scope and definition of pandemic and protocols, therapies and drug regimes recommended for therapy and care. These constantly changing policies, enforced by public orders, unconstitutional decrees suspending legally enshrined human and civil rightsRights and Constitutional civil rights, have achieved absolutely nothing. We are now told the world is entering a second wave of infection, which is exactly what thousands of lay people like myself and many independent medical researchers and biologists predicted would be the inevitable outcome of imposing national lockdowns.

By putting entire national communities effectively under house arrest, though for the sake of decency we were told it was quarantine or self isolation, the establishment of secret death panels to recommend discharging infected people from hospital into care homes occupied by old, frail and otherwise vulnerable people, administratively choosing who’s got critical life saving medical help, who lived, who died, denying the bereaved the right to give their loved ones proper funeral rites, all these measures were necessary for one reason alone, to ramp up the fear level.

Those foundation/corporate/government secret panels are responsible for 90% of observed needless excess deaths Worldwide in clear and documented efforts to dramatically inflate numbers to be used by obedient medial criminals as a propaganda fodder of their sick sensationalism and deadly fear mongering while oligarchy rampaged national treasures like bandits. My 92 year old mother now lives in such a care home, one that caters for very frail old people with various serious and chronic conditions, to put it bluntly a place that truly deserves the description God’s waiting room,) and following a slight easing of UK regulations earlier this month my sister Judy was able to visit for the first time since March (my bother and I took our turn on the following two days – the new rules dictated only one visitor art a time. ) Judy asked the staff had they lost any residents through COVID and was told: “The home averages between two and three deaths a month and the only experience of COVID we’ve had is through being pressured by the authorities to record those deaths as COVID related even though we have not hadf a single infection among our patients or staff.

Deaths and hospitalizations have been declining for some time now, positive test rsults are on the rise simply because more and more people are being tested and the test gives around 30% false positives. Most of those who genuinely testpositive show no symptooms. Consequently mainstream media are being told to  to focus on the “miracle” of vaccines, danger of third wave in flu season starting in November and “reinfection” to coverup PCR Testing blunder and to double down on COVID misery porn as reported by coerced “survivors” of COVID hysteria.

Chicago Tribune: CDC quietly revises guidance on asymptomatic testing: 

New cases of the coronavirus continue to fall in the U.S., as does testing across the country, according to data compiled by Covid Tracking Project, a volunteer project founded by journalists at The Atlantic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly revised its testing guidance earlier this week to say that most people without symptoms who came into contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19 “do not necessarily need a test.”

Back to limiting test numbers, to claim ad ignorantium argument used in previously in March to “prove“ COVID exists, is widespread, dangerous and deadly.

Everyone with more brain cells than they have tots or testicles as the case may be, now knows this is a monumental scam planned over many years to destroy individual freedoms and bring about a technocratic, authoritarian, global technocratic government nightmare. Depopulation, going cashless, total surveillance, biometric ID, mandatory vaccinations, big data, big brother, rolling out 5G and the internet of things so your TV can spy on you, 4th Industrial Revolution, AI, internet of things, Agenda 21/2030/2050, smart cities, etc. etc. George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Phillip K Dick, Ursula K Le Guin, Margaret Atwood, Franz Kafka and many others saw it coming.

For those who do not yet understand where this pandemic scare is going unless we stop it quickly, there’s no hope for them. I for one will not be dragged over the cliff along with the rest of the lemmings. I will resist vaccine, regard the willing mask wearing zombies every bit as culpable in the implementation of this scamdemic hoax as the arch planners and billionaire scumbags such as Gates, Soros et al. World domination has always been their goal.

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