The Pandemic Scam: How It Works For The Corporatocracy

Aug 28, 2020 2:48 PM

This is a manufactured “opportunity“. One that has been planned for decades. The technocracy tried to take over in the thirties after the induced crash of 1929. But the people rejected the technocracy, so they changed course, and waited for their technology (AI) to develop to a level where they already had total control.

The pandemic, as a model for creating more authoritarian governance has been operational since vaccines were introduced by governments as far back as the 1800’s.

If you look into the history of vaccines you’ll discover the same network of eugenicists and Freemasons were using vaccines and other medical experiments to purposefully harm populations and to control population growth since the Boer War and all the way back to the smallpox covered blankets in the 1750’s.

The other main method of population control and harm is war.

The cryptocracy cabal is a network consisting of numerous secret societies, ancestral organizations, central banks, private banks, public organizations and institutions and infrastructure that were created specifically to infiltrate and control all nations and governments from tip to base.

The public organizations and infrastructure includes the World Bank, the IMF, the BIS, the WTO, CFO, ICC, G30, Trilateral Commission, CFR, Chatham House, CIA, NSA, GCHQ and dozens and dozens of others organizations, including organizations that people don’t understand even exist.

This is achieved through an education system based on severely limited, outdated and false information fed to children as indoctrination, creating servitude and acceptance.

Film, tv, internet, video games and the media provide a further level of distraction, providing false cultural and political narratives that become shared fictional sources of commonality and communication.

Because the central banks own the majority stake in the private banks and corporate banks, they also are the majority shareholder of all major corporations and the markets.

Therefore the holdings of a few thousand people, most connected by birth and their academic institution network, through an infrastructure they completely control, already own and control most of the world’s resources.

Corporations that cooperate with the global governance structure succeed and those that don’t are long since gone, merged, bankrupt or taken over.

An understanding of the offshoring of money through the “City of London” and the central baking system and network is key to understanding how global governance functions.

Anyone who has read Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars understands that this system of global governance has been operational since before the First World War.

Capital as dominance over humanity to fund war, has been functional for centuries, controlling governments, empires and monarchies.

This pivot to the Great Reset is about plundering the next economic model based on biometric surveillance, AI and human enslavement, gene modification and collection of biometric data as a commodity.

That is, monetizing the illness, gene modification and the deaths of 7+ billion people that will directly be determined by the technocracy.

Since, the ultimate goal is for the cryptocracy is to take over and restructure what’s left of common resources such as land, housing and food production, water, air, sea, minerals and energy, this method of economic restructuring through manufactured pandemics and manufactured climate change was determined to be the quickest path to that goal.

They have no need to hide their agenda anymore because their “deep mind” AI is already in use in China as the testing ground. Now they are bringing that artificial world based on human farming, genocide and slavery to the rest of humanity.

It’s important to remember this fraud started in China in a US-UK-Russia-China partnership. Even if China and the US have a hot war it will be a fake war. The Cold War was a fake war. Creates through fake propaganda.

The enmity between Russia, China, US and UK is fake. Because China is already owned from top to bottom by the central bank of China, which is owned by the very same cryptocracy who own the UK and the US, Asia, Russia, Europe and all the nation states of the world, except for a tiny few that have nationalized central banks.

The wars are fake. The pandemics are fake. The nation states are fake. The political parties are fake. The media is fake. The medicine is fake. The science is fake. The markets are fake. The fiat money is fake. The corporations are fake. The profits are fake. The indices are fake.

Even the banks that are about to fail are fake failures. The fake failures induce bailouts and bail-ins. Once again, the assets move from the 99% to the 1%.

The central banks who own the markets have been selling fake securities to create fake profits, in their fake markets to buy real assets like land, energy and mineral rights.

It’s difficult to grasp the level of fraud, because it’s not commonly understood that once banks and markets transitioned from paper to digital transactions and Nixon went off the gold standard, the real fraud could begin.

In every market in the world, nearly all the securities traded are actually owned by a corporation created by each market’s clearing house.

Which means, they can create multiple levels of fraud by which to pay themselves. Indefinitely.

It’s fraud. At the highest levels. The entire system functions on fraud.


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lLiving Within The Conspiracy


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