With The Killer Virus Story Collapsing, Why Bring 5G Into The Picture?

It has been this blog’s policy to avoid giving much attention to wild theories that Covid19 is caused by or linked to 5G cellular technology, the fact that the virus emerged just as 5G was being rolled out may not be completely coincidental but there is no hard evidence to suggest a causative link. White it is true that exposure to electromagnetic radiation above certain levels affects the immune systems of mammals (humans are mammals,) the link, if it exists at all, is very tenuous.

The covid statistics, now being hastily revised around the world as statistical frauds are exposed, do not require an exotic explanation that is too easily dismissed as a ‘conspiracy theory,, and since it’s the ‘pandemic’ and subsequent measures that are the most immediate threat to economies and society in developed nations (as opposed to wider health/surveillance implications), it is hard to justify claims that 5g has a place in any anti-covid campaign, at this time. Likewise, Qanon stuff is not directly relevant.

Why blur the picture?  Why risk discrediting a movement by bolting on this 5g side-issue? Why lend credence to the mainstream claim that SARSCOV2 is unique and dangerous and requires some exotic explanation, when all the evidence suggests it isn’t either of these things? We should be focusing on the attack on our freedoms, the damage to economies which will affects employment and prosperity for decades to come. When
the US CDC has quietly revised the US fatality figures, admitting that 94% of excess deaths during the pandemic deaths were ‘with’ Covid-19 and only 6% were ‘from Covid-19. As expected, most of the deaths were the very old or those with multiple co-morbidities

With figures like that easily available on the web there is no reason to cloud the issue. We’ve been had, the risk to healthy people posed by COVID – 19 is very small. As more and more people pile on to question the official narrative, there is a real chance at last to reach the majority people, to inform them that the information  about covid is being distorted to maintain the fear and panic that has led people to surrender  their rights and freedoms in exchange for an illusion of safety. It is time to re-educate people in how to be sceptical, how to question authority.

According to all the apologists for abuse of power we encounter around the web, ,lthe people who scream that if we do not wear masks we are murdering total strangers, who tell us lockdown must continue until their is a vaccine there and who insist there is is no connection between the lockdown measures and the banking cabal, the lockdown’s economic results solidifying more money and more power into the hands of the Davosocracy, the denizens of the World Economic Forum who meet every year in Davos, Switzerland, and form an elite caste of corporate and financial investors, politicians, etc. who would be criminals were they not so obscenely rich and powerful they are effectively above the law , or the hoax of a virus, even though the IMF has been bribing leaders to lockdown and enforce curfews and emergency laws from something less lethal than the flu.

Funny how the very same names Gates, Soros, DARPA,  WHO, Amazon, the global banks (who do you think is lending governments all the money they are spending, Big Pharma ans social media corporations, and the IMF. The Davosocracy are pushing for an entirely new economy based around a 5g mass surveillance grid blanketing the planet.

Where the real link exists between the pandemic, the virus that caused it (which more respectable researchers still insist could only have been created in a laboratory,) and the 5G cellular technology now being rolled out is in the things 5G will enable, total surveiilance, tracking and monitoring, a cashless economy, biometric identity checking, and flagging of all dissent to the security agencies.

The mass cognitive dissonance and inability to conceive that there are no coincidences when it comes to geopolitical agendas and supranational politics is based on pure ignorance or purposeful avoidance of reality.

It seems there’s a concerted campaign from a subset of users to veer away from discussing the root causes of the restructuring of civilization and rise of the fourth Reich disguised as a technocracy to purposefully steer reader’s thoughts to avoid connecting the dots to the broader agenda even though it’s all demonstrable and obvious through publicly available information from the controllers themselves.

The tests are collecting DNA to target people for disease and control.

You are paying for the tests.

The tests are justifying the lockdown.

The swabs and test kits may contain anything from covert biomedical delivery of nanomaterial to a biological weapon.

You are the commodity. The commodity is not what you purchase. You and your ability to deliver a profit to the criminal cryptocracy class by maximizing your illness and death, while minimizing your rights, freedom and knowledge is the entire purpose of this restructuring.

Power and control for profit over humanity.

You are not free. You have never been free. Every thought you think is managed and controlled through a shared history of illusion and trillions of images that your neurons are processing.

Now the military and medical complex backed by the eugenicist bankers want to introduce a technology in the form of a vaccine delivering covert biological devices where your neurons, therefore your thoughts and feelings will be controlled through AI.

The rest of us who don’t want to be part of this dystopian, irradiated, robotic hell are being targeted for extermination through biomedical pre-crime, the demonization of our noncompliance and our exclusion from participating in business, travel or ability to earn an income.

Your jobs will be redundant in 5 years and your pension eliminated. There’ll be nothing left of the government to fight because it will all be centrally controlled through AI and algorithms.

Life as you’ve known it is over. Step out of denial.


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