Extinction Rebellion Wants To Destroy Civilization, Not Just Fossil Fuels

Extinction Rebellion protest gridlocks a city centre (Picture: canadiandimension.com )

While the dark forces of globalism continue to distract us with new and ever more ridiculous scare stories about the COVID – 19 outbreak, sinister things are going on in our world. Democracy anf civil liberties are under attack and governments that should be upholding the law are surrendering control of our streets and institutions to terrorist organisations like Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion, both of which are Marxist revolutionary groups sworn to overthrow democracy . The headlines scream “3000 new COVID cases cases today but mainstream news does not mention Black Lives Matter’s latest attempt to rewrite hisory by removing exhipibs and material relating to Charles Darwin from the Natural History Museum. Is that a story that does not deserve a mention?

OK, as we all know this disease causes the body to produce the same antibodies as the common cold, it is not surprising that the more people we test, the more false positives there will be. However we all know, or should by now, that 97.5% of people who test positive will as worst only develop the mildest of symptoms. Meanwhile the crusties of EkSTINKtion rebellion contrinue with their agenda of disrupting business and public life without comment from political leaders, except for Nigel Farage, and seemingly without hinderance from the police

Since its formation in 2018, Extinction Rebellion’s agenda has not been to operate as a branch of the Greta Thunberg fan club, but to overthrow democratic government and the rule of law. In view of the latest wave of disuption and the collaboration with Black Lives Matter it is obvious that the group is more than just a rebranded version of the environmentalist movement’s extremist fringe.

Such facts are not lost on the average punter, it is not just the offensive body odour of these unwashed posh kids as they play at rebellion, their antics have alienated rather than won the hearts and minds of the general public. Maybe public opprobium is a price they are willing to pay in return for the publicity and inevitable invitations to supply panellists for the politically biased panels of BBC debate programmes. And they have surely worked out that their extremist ideas (so far left they are to the right of Genghis Khan,) are not going to win any democratic votes so supporting the extention of authoritarian measures introduced ostensibly to contain the pandemic on the basis that only authoritarian global government can save the planet is a logical step for them.

You may agree, that depends on what you think Extinction Rebellion believe and want. The self-righteousness that permeates their direct action – a cutish form of zealotry which convinces XR supporters that they have the right to stop patients getting to hospitals, or to dictate what newspapers their fellow citizens should be allowed to read – isn’t accidental it is expedient. They saw how project fear worked for pandemic promoters and think similar bullying will work for their own Marxist agenda.

Unlike previous generations of the environmentalist movement who sought to persuade people to their cause by peacefully arguing their case, and whose only threatening tactic was to offer you a bowl of lentil casserole, XR prides itself on extremism, and leaders have even gone on record as saying if the authorities refuse to yield to their demands they will resort to violence to get what they want. The tactics deployed by the so-called “rebellion” were the first sign of a different attitude.

XR’s appetite for direct action gained media attention if not public support. A series of politically motivated stunts which disrupted public life, closing roads and rail links for example, made the organisation notorious and established its activist credentials, and gave participants the proverbial fifteen minutes of fame which they obviously relished, apart from the guy who was pulled off the roof of a London Underground train by an angry crowd of inconvenienced workers at Canning Town).

One prominent XR activist, Donnachadh McCarthy, justified the recent disruption of newspaper distribution by claiming that: “This is like World War Two and you guys [the newspapers] are on the other side… It puts you on the side of the existential threat. It is a different existential threat but it is a bigger one than the Nazis.”

Such rhetoric shows that XR’s rebellion is not in support of the interests of ordinary people but is an ideologically driven

Such rhetoric shows that XR’s rebellion is not in support of the interests of ordinary people but is an ideologically driven extremist cult supported by a tiny minority of people determined to impose their world view on the majority. People who believe that they and their allies represent the forces of good in the Manichaean struggle with evil – a struggle in which defeat means the death of the very world, that the battle they are waging is in support of a higher authority (in the case science rather than God, but the zealotry of XR followers suggests science has become a god to them,) then it should surprise nobody that these crusaders do not care about the approval of fellow citizens, or care about their democratic or human rights.

The freedom of people to move freely around towns and the country, commute to work, buy a newspaper or watch a balanced political debate on TV is obviously secondary to saving the panet and all life forms it supports, so why would XR warriors think twice about stripping us of those rights along with the right to vote and the right to think for ourselves and freely express our opinions, even if the “science” they have turned into their god and claim informs their agenda is as shaky as a skyscraper in an earthquake?

The lives and freedoms of us ordinary punters are merely collateral damage to the XR zealots, we are “on the wrong side of history,” in the words of their bizarre language that always sounds as if every word is scripted for them by some mad Marxist sociology professor . As for people brave enough to challenge the established truths of the Extinction Rebellion, unconscionable neo – Nazi murders of babies and small, furry animals that we are, the right to freedom of expression is not merely an evidence of a need for re-education, but a likely trigger for a medieval witch hunt culminating in the thinker of heretical thoughts being surrounded by an angry mob demanding the ultimate penalty.

Extremists are always humourless of course so predictably XR supporters do not see the irony in tagging their campaign of preventing people from reading newspapers and demanding the silencing of researchers and commentators with whom it disagrees was tagged #FreeTheTruth.

This cultish quasi – religious fanaticism really gets scary when you consider the kind of world their ultimate victory would lead us into. If you know about “Uncle Joe” Stalin’s murderous purges or Chairman Mao’s cultural revolution you know what I mean, if not you should read some history on these regimes and if you find academic history a bit heavy there are many well researched fictional works which paint a clear picture: Ken Follett’s Winter of The World and David Mitchell’s Ghost Written are good places to start. When the far – right left talk of revolutionary alteration of our society, institutions and economy – “system change, not climate change” – they mean it. The have no vision for the future, only a conviction that the present is bad and must be destroyed. And as happened in Soviet Russia and Communist China, when the old order is destroyed by violent revolution the tyrants are always ready to step out of the shadows and fill the void.


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