Ex-Equality Tsar Trevor Phillips Criticises ‘Woke Ultras’ Trying to Erase British History

Ex-Equality Tsar Trevor Phillips Criticises ‘Woke Ultras’ Trying to Erase British History

Victoria Friedman19 Sep 2020

Britain’s former equalities chief Trevor Phillips has criticised the “woke ultras” who want to destroy symbols of British history, such as statues and names of buildings, warning that a society that damns its past “promises dark days ahead”.

The former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission has claimed that the progressive movement “has been captured by ultras”, and “woke revolutionists’” lust for destroying symbols of the past that are remotely considered to be connected to slavery or racism portend the “crushing of dissent in the future”.

“History matters. Every revolution starts with the destruction of the symbols of the past and often the elimination of those who resist abolishing them,” Mr Phillips wrote for The Times on Friday. He gave examples of the French Revolution and Cambodia’s Pol Pot era where history was abolished and time was reset to “Year One” and “Year Zero”, respectively.

Mr Phillips also poured scorn on those “woke anti-imperialists” and their “street theatre”, who despite acting as if they speak for ethnic minorities in Briton and former colonies, likely had their closest encounter with Empire being “an especially hot vindaloo”.

The veteran anti-racism campaigner and son of Caribbean immigrants explained that “Those, like me, whose lives were directly shaped by the legacy of colonialism are far less exercised about the symbols of the past than those who were not.” … Continue reading>>>

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