‘Shove Your New World Order Up Your Arse!’ — London Erupts in Protest Against Lockdown

Thousands of protesters, incesnsed at the government’s latest extension of lockdown measures and the Labour opposition’s calls for even tougher fasciost restrictions, made their way to the capital capital on Saturday to call for an end to coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions on businesses in the UK, which, they claim, is turning into a form of fake science led “tyranny”.

In an exclusive video, made for a conservative / libertarian alt_news website, protesters can be seen and heard seen singing: “I would rather be a human than a slave”, “We are the 99 per cent”, and “You can shove your New World Order up your arse”.

The protest, dubbed a ‘Stop the New Normal’ march by organisers, the anti-lockdown group Stand Up X, was one of the largest protests to date against the government’s coronavirus which began with the first lockdowns in March. More significantly perhaps, it came at the end of a week that saw Greater Manchester mayor, “The King In The North”, Andy Burnham lead a rebellion against the government by saying his city would refuse to comply with the latest batch of restrictions. Burnham’s protest is now spreading with civic leaders in Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds / bradford and Newcastle as well as a number of smaller cities and large towns getting on board with the anti – government action.

Protests are banned under social distancing regulations of course, but the protest and other acts of civil disobedience were inevitable as the latest restrictions imposed on the people of Northern England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, as well as the introduction of a ‘tier system’ by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in England, in which local regions and cities are placed under lockdown if spikes in coronavirus “cases” are recorded.

At around 4 pm the police in London began using tactics to split the protest into separate groups and made at least 18 arrests in Trafalgar Square and on Westminster Bridge.

One woman told Breitbart London: “I’m so angry, all these police that are storming in, they’re going to lose their pensions. They’re supposed to be protecting us, they’re not, this is tyranny.”

Most disturbing event of the afternoon was watching as cops stood off while Black Lives Matter protestors gathered in violation of the same rules as the Stand Up X supporters were being baton charged for. All we learned from this exercise is how effective the police can bein dealing brutally with dissent groups that are not funded by Marxist billionaire psychopaths with names like Soros, Gates and Zuckerberg.

So once again the police stand off as BLM protestors blatantly ignore the law, but steam in against protestors opposed to the fascitic lockdown measure imposed on law abiding citizens, but … The lead officer for the Metropolitan Police’s response to the protest, Commander Ade Adelekan … Well I think we can all guess where his sympathies lie.
2100 years ago Marcus Tullius Cicero said that in a civilised society, “There can only be one law and it must apply equally to everybody.” Time our leaders were reminded of that?

The police have made a very big mistake by abandoning traditional policing by consent in favour of becoming state enforcers. Not only have they lost all credibility as a law enforcement agency and become recognised as a politicat police fore more interested in suppressing dissent and free speech than maintaining law and order, they will soon discover how much more unpleasant policing by brute force and oppression is, especially when the people they are oppressing start to hit back. We are many, they are few. .

Ultimately, it is the police that are to blame for this tyranny because if they refused to enforce the governments diktats then they would go nowhere!

A summary of the efternoons events appears to suggest that the Pakistani Mayor of London, had a word with the sapphic Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, who in turn had a word with the Nigerian Metropolitan Police Commander who instructed the police to go in hard and disperse the peaceful demonstrators.
What a great time to be alive if you are law abinding, heterosexual andnot Marxist.


Health and medical information grounded in science
How deadly is covid-19?

Sebastian Rushworth M.D. Swedish Doctor Speaks.


September 2020 was the least deadly month in Swedish history, in terms of number of deaths per 100,000 population. Ever. And I don’t mean the least deadly September, I mean the least deadly month. Ever. To me, this is pretty clear evidence of two things. First, that covid is not a very deadly disease. And second, that Sweden has herd immunity.



No Medical Justification For Emergency Measures”
AIER reports that the following letter has made an impact on public health authorities not only in Belgium but around the world. The text could pertain to any case in which states locked down their citizens rather than allow people freedom and permit medical professionals to bear the primary job of disease mitigation.
So far it has been signed by 435 medical doctors, 1,439 medically trained health professionals, and 9,901 citizens.

This Sums Up How I’m Feeling In A Few Words
Not a big enough post for a teaser really but a powerful message

Lockdown 2 – Backlash Against Project Fear
In her column for The Daily Telegraph today Juliet hartley Brewer just about summed up the mood in the country after the governments latest moves to turn Britain into a miniature version of Communist China. Ms. Hartley brewer, known for her Consrvative leanings, laid into the government, and its plans for a second lockdown even though the first failed wirh disastrous consequences, and was absolutely ruthless in

The Second Wave Is Another Hoax From The Lientists
As it becomes clear day by day that the alleged 2nd Wave of the COVID – 19 pandemic is a complete and utter hoax cooked up by the deep state in collaboration with lientists paid by the vaccine manufacturers it is now essention that We The People stop this fascist coup d’etat by simply withdrawing cooperation.

You Could Be Arrested for Breaking New Coronavirus Rules, Says Boris
It is fair to say the extension of restrictions on movement and socialising announced by the government yesterday have been received with underwhelming enthusiasm by the public. Despire firgures broadcast by BBC News and other establishment propaganda parrots in mainstream media suggesting wholesale approval of the new measures, the feel one gets from internet comment threads and pub conversations suggests the opposite.

Lockdown #2 More Likely As ‘Cases’ Rise Nationally”

Pavlov’s Cat (poem)

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