We’re Locked In Our Homes But World Trade Still Goes On?

While lefties and progressives are getting their knickers in a twist about the fate of the Nigerian criminals who hijacked an oil tanker in the English Channel this week and were overwhelmed in 30 seconds when a squad of SAS operatives boarded the ship, it is not so much the fate of the hapless hijackers that should concern compassionate people but that of the crew. The Nigerians have been taken ashore fed and placed in accommodation which to a Nigerian small time criminal must seem like a five star hotel.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the crerw members on the tanker, law abiding merchant mariners who were earning an honest living and were put in fear of their lives by a bunch of armed thugs when the hijackers, who had boarded the tanker illegally and were stowaways. Eventuallly this human vermin emerged from hiding and threatened violence?

The stowaways have achieved what they wanted, which is to get their feet onto British soil. Depending on where they are eventually bound, however, the crew of the Nave Andromeda, now docked at Southampton, may be stuck on their ship for months to come. They may have been on board for the best part of a year already, quarantined by restrictions imposed in response to the hoax pandemic.

This is another of the hidden tragedies of the world’s response to the Covid pandemic and it is one that could be resolved if there was any international will to do so. The consequences of ducking the issue will be disastrous if world trade starts to seize up as a result.

The International Maritime Organisation has called this a humanitarian crisis because of the impact on the physical well-being and mental health of ships’ crew required to spend a year or more at sea with no relief in sight. Under the Maritime Labour Convention, maximum working hours are 14 in any 24-hour period and a total of 84 over seven days with a maximum contract length of 11 months.

As befits a maritime nation, the UK has taken a lead here, convening a conference in June where commitments were made to open borders for seafarers and increase the number of flights to expedite the repatriation of crews.

With the second wave of Covid now destroying t lingering hopes that a way through might be found, mariners remain stuck at ports unable to join their ships are losing their careers and livelihoods.

Those sailors are among the the collateral damage of lockdowns. But there may be a biger price to pay if this sclerosis starts to clog up trade. One of the more remarkable aspects of a world in meltdown has been the continued trade in goods shipped around the globe (and of course the continued air traffic to and from places like China, God forbid that the global elite should go without their favourite exotic foods or curtail their globetrotting travel habits .

We are still eating avocados, pineapples and bananas. The shops are full of goods transported from Latin America or South Africa. However, more than 80 per cent of traded goods, including food and medicines, moves by sea. On World Maritime Day a few weeks ago, the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, said “fatigued seafarers cannot operate indefinitely and disruptions to international shipping would have devastating consequences.”

But with the mythical “second wave” now firmly embedded in the minds of the habitually fearful, where is the international will to ensure that the shipment of goods is not disrupted by the pandemic?”

There is no such will, instead The Powers That Be seem determined to pile on the agony until we are all ready to surrender ourselves to a form of slavery under a global technocratic government.

Dr Mike Yeadon,a very well qualified expert in respiratory diseases has called out Sir Patrick Vallance  and has accused him of  putting forwards science that he knows not to be scientifically validated.

he maintains(and its hard to find fault with his logic)that viruses dont have “second waves”  –period.

He also maintains that the  Covid virus deaths peaked in March and have been on a steady trajectory downwards since.

He also maintains that because  increased testing for the somewhat non specific signs of virus result in between 1% and 2% false positives and the actual rate  of virus illness is approximately one in a thousand,that means that the increased testing is showing up ten times as many false positives as real “cases” 

So ,if I have this right ,he asserts that this is not an epidemic anymore(in fact he says the pandemic is over),but a casedemic.

This is dynamite.

How can the government keep this charade going in the face of  such overwhelming scientific data to the contrary?

When the truth finally is accepted by the public—heads will roll(metaphorically but with the growth of medieval head chopping recently one has to qualify even a simple metaphor)

Anyone still foolish enough to believe a single word of the authoritarian shite we are being fed by the government and mainstream media needs to read this long comment written by Dr. Michael Yeadon

Those of you who, unaccountably, still believe your Govt is being straight with you, might wish to know how many people in U.K. die each day of various cancers. It’s about 450.

Re covid19, we’re closer to the end that the middle. It’s completely implausible that any ….”secondary ripple”, which is what the minor re-emergence amounts to, will be even a fraction the size of the likely death toll of the average seasonal influenza outbreak we’re about to face.

Does it not bother you that the CMO/Chief Scientist are lying to you? It does to me. To think that 32y ago, a young medic & a fresh faced post-doc researcher both worked at the now closed Wellcome Research Labs. Pat Valance & Mike Yeadon were their names. We both conducted research in the frontier field of ‘endothelial-derived relaxing factor’ which was soon… …proven to be nitric oxide. Pat was performing ground breaking work on control of blood flow by NO & chemicals which modified this biochemical pathway. I believe he used his own forearm as one of the test beds. Mike was, with two others, the first to discover & quantify… …that mammals breathed out NO: Mike was one of the subjects.

The two researchers enjoyed reasonably successful careers, both in various pharmaceutical companies. Pat rose vertically & became head of research at GSK. Mike specialised, heading respiratory research at Pfizer, …before becoming an entrepreneur (Ziarco).

So, Pat: how has it come to this, that the dynamic, clever young medic I knew (& admired as well as being slightly envious of) has morphed into being a political tool used by others? I know that you’re quite aware that what you are… …part of – whatever that is – has pursued policies that will, in due course, be judged as having been the most catastrophic public health mistakes in U.K. history. Tens of thousands of innocent people have died non-covid19 deaths. And you’re about to do it again. Next time… …you’re shaving, please look into the mirror. Are you at ease with the extent of suffering, pain, death & awful bereavement that has, and continues to visit upon millions of innocent families?

You shouldn’t be. If you genuinely believe that continuing restrictions, including… …to the NHS, which will inevitably add further to the death of tens of thousands of innocents, is in some way is “a price worth paying”, then you appall me. I’m willing, at any time & mode of communication, to discuss this trade off. You’ve certainly not bothered to explain, …let alone to debate or to justify what’s happening. The only science which is being followed has its roots deep in the pre-enlightenment era. I would relish an opportunity to debate with you what you’re doing. I would share my thinking, much of it building on that of others.

My conclusion is that the best path forward is to immediately halt all Pillar 2 testing (because as deployed it generates results most of which are false positives), protect, to the greatest extent possible, the lives of the highly vulnerable, then lift all the restrictions.. … imposed from the centre & cautiously get on with rebuilding our lives, relationships, education, economy & the NHS.

Pat, I don’t know what your role is in all this. I feel that I’m living in an Orwellian world with all the hallmarks of an abusive relationship between… … unelected officials & our citizenry. As you ramp up the needless fear, the useless mask mandates, the fantasy ‘circuit breaker’, already proven not to slow transmission & all the way to grotesque threat of no mixing of households for six months, I recognise this for what… …it is: gross misuse of power & coercive control. There is still time to change what you’re doing. If you can’t persuade others, I urge you to resign as the only chances you have against a lifetime of derp guilt which, over time, I don’t think you’re going to be able to bear.


MORE lockdown scepticism from Dr. Yeadon


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“Big Brother State”: FBI Says Citizens Should Have No Secrets That The Government Can’t Access
The surveillance state predicted in George Orwell’s novel “1984” has gradually crept up on us. With no sense of irony whatsoever the government of the nation that calls itself “The land of the free” has led the way in trying to persuade citizens that the only way to be safe from vague “existential threats to democracy” is to surrender our civil rights and freedom to determine our own destiny to Nanny State.

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What Would The Future Look Like Without The Propaganda Happy Pills The arrogance, hubris and contempt for morality displayed by our ruling classes is gobsmacking. Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians seem to think they are untouchable, above the norms and ethics that apply to ordinary mortals and that they are able to rewrite the laws of nature on a whim. We are not just talking about politicians here, but bankers and business leaders, the legal, medical and education professions, public servants, academics and senior police officers.

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When the FUKUS axis leaders, France, United Kingdom and the Unites States of America were calling for approval to intervene in Libya, Yemen, Syria and Ukraine, they justified their lust for war by claiming that bombing the crap out of those counties was necessary on humanitarian grounds. And the member of the FUKUS axis and their allies spent billions of $£€ on humanitarian bombs that wreaked hiumanitarian havoc among the innocent poor and middle class citizens of those nations. Now they have work out their ‘The Jihad Is Coming’ scare but have a new weapon Ebola …

Leaked Document Exposes One Sidedness Of Corporate-Friendly Trade Deal
A leaked document reveals the extent to which the Canada Europe Trade Agreement (CETA), a template for the much bigger and therefore more threatening to freedom and democratic rule Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment partnership (TTIP), will give Corporate businesses dominion over sovereign nation’s elected asdsemblies and law courts. It’s time we took up pitchforks and cudgels to march on London …

New GMO Approval Will Go Ahead Despite Public Outcry.

Corporate monopoly men and control freak politicians, aided by their Dr. Death scientists are determined to force genetically modified (GM) foods on an very sceptical public. If there was any truth in the claims that GM crops can feed the world and are safe, the public would not be sceptical, but the genetically engineered organisms now being developed are modified to be resistant to highly toxic chemicals to which humans and animals have no resistance.

Independent Scientists Demolish The Lies About GMOs And The Safety Of Glyphosate
The GMO battle goes on, one one side the corporate funded, government backed, global government supporting science lobby, on the other the part of the biological research community that still believes in hostesty, integrity and objectivity. This article reports a conference at which independent scientists (i.e. those not funded by biotech corporations) expose the lies and corruption behind claims that GM crops are safe. Say no to GMO.

Astrophysicist Declares GMOs Safe – Is Demolished By A Biologist.
The GMO battle goes on, one one side the corporate funded, government backed, global government supporting science lobby, on the other the part of the biological research community that still believes in hostesty, integrity and objectivity, supported by the masses of ordinary punters who support common sense solutions and whose suspicion of big money science is based on its track record of disaster, catastrophe and unforeseen consequences. Say no to GMO.

EU Boss Argues That Their Work With Banks And Corporate Interests Should Be Concealed From The Public.
Shills for global government and corporate fascism are always quick to shout ‘conspiracy theorist’ when anybody questions things like the EU federalisation project, the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trans Pacific Trade Partnership (TPP) The obvious response is to ask why representatives of supra national bureaucracies are so desperate to ensure progress on these peojects is shrounded in secrecy?

MH17: More evidence points to Kiev / Washington False Flag
Last week Little Nicky relayed reports (yes, relayed; in spite of what some authoritarians would have you believe, I don’t make this stuff up, it’s all reported) accounts of two German aviation experts who testified that their examination of photographs showing wreckage from around the cockpit area of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 shot down over Ukraine were consistent with heavy calibre machine gun fire, which suggested the plane had been shot down by …

Sensational Break From Official Lies – German Aviation Expert Says MH17 Brought Down By Air To Air Missile
The shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine has triggered a war of words between the USA / FUKUS axis and Russia as President Obama, without any clear evidence to support him, tried to blame Russia and use the outrage to justify a military intervention in Ukraine that would certainly start a major global conflict. So far Russia has stood its ground but refused to be provoked as evidence like that below has undermined the western narrative.

Malaysian Government and Opposition Call For MH17 Justice – Evidence Suggests Foul Play
Thanks to the sleazy political opportunism of Barack Hussein Obama and his bum boy David Cameron the tragedy of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has been turned into a circus as the outrageous accusations (based on zero evidence, the USA told reporters to look on Facebook if they wanted proof the Ukrain pro Russia separatists did it) have spawned increasingly crazy conspiracy theories.

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