Should our footballers be down on their knees?

At some point during the time that spectators were excluded from sports events, the elite footballers of the Premier League decided that their behaving like overpaid, overrated louts, their silly haircuts, sexual licence and wild adventures in crashing very expensive cars had not pissed off the paying customers enough, what they needed was to introduce to the peoples’ game the sociopathic politics of the aspiring religious cult du jour The Universal Church of Woke by “taking the knee” in a gesture of deference to the Black Lives Matter order of monks. Because of lockdowns and local restrictions it was some time before the game’s new Woke evangelism met the people who pay good money, a lot of good money for Premiership games, to see their team play football. It was inevitable that the predominantly male, working class fans would not appreciate being told they should show deference to the racist scumbags of Black Lives Matter, the leaders of which are on record as saying white lives, and indeed the lives of the decent, hardworking majority of the ethnic minority communities, do not matter. Now the elaborately coiffed sissies who play in The Premiership and the left wing elites who, let’s be honest, would rather stick red hot needles in their eyes than watch anything as working clss as a football match, are “triggered” because with liited numbers of spectators now allowed to watch games from the terraces, supporters at Millwall, where they don’t give a flying fuck if you are black, brown, white or blue, you’re either a Millwall supporter or you’re not, showed their displeasure at the politicisation of the peoples’ game by booing when players took the knee.

Here is what libertarian author Douglas Murray thought of the incident:

authored by Douglas Murray for

This year has seen a series of extraordinary events. First and foremost are the unprecedented lockdowns, which have removed from almost all our societies not just our ability to congregate, but also almost all of our social antennae. It is not just actors, comedians or public speakers who have lost that mechanism: we all have to some extent.

“Will this statement/opinion/joke go down well or badly?” is a fine judgement call. In public and relative private we all try things out and experiment all of the time. Take away all audiences beyond your immediate household and we must all subject ourselves to some other way of testing which way the wind is blowing. The only such device left is the online world, which — as should be obvious to all by now — has its own problems.

And so, during the middle of the oddest mass psychological experiment in history, came the death of George Floyd in May and the rapid escalation of the Black Lives Matter movement. A movement that attempted to push, inveigle and eventually intimidate itself into almost every walk of life inside America and beyond.

In Britain, institutions as far away from the scene of the crime as the British Library and Cambridge University seemed to think that the death of an unarmed black man at the hands of a Minnesota police officer (currently awaiting trial on a charge of murder) demanded some kind of response, lest they be accused of being insufficiently devout … Continue reading >>>



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