COVID: How Weasel Words Deceived The World

Back in February this blog was telling you, correctly as well informed readers will know, that COVID-19 was nothing to worry about unless you were old or had certain long term health problems.
Then the propaganda blitz began, the lies came thick and fast, statistics were faked and hospitals were pressured into recording deaths not linked to the virus as “COVID related” so that they could be included in the reported figures to ramp up “project fear”.

There is even a case of a young man who received multiple stab wounds in a gang fight and had no other health problems being recorded as having died “with COVID-19.”

Ten months later a report on today’s BBC online news shows how deeply this corruption of language to distort truth is embedded in the mainstream news industry:

Covid-19: UK reports a record 55,892 daily cases – BBC News

The UK has reported another 55,892 daily cases of coronavirus, the highest figure on record.

And another 964 people died within 28 days of a positive test, only slightly down on the 981 on Wednesday.

It comes as Health Secretary Matt Hancock appealed to everyone to “take personal responsibility this New Year’s Eve and stay at home”.

He said he knew how much had been sacrificed this year but, with the NHS under pressure, “we cannot let up”.

Note that figure “964 people dies within 28 days of a positive test.” Now ask yourself why the government stopped releasing figures on tests carried out daily. Estimates for that found online vary between 100,000 and 190,000 so lets take 140,000 as a compromise figure. We also know the test returns a huge number of false positives. So can you spot the weasel words?

Did you get it? They don’t say what those people died OF. At our lowest estimate, 2.8 million people are tested, and of those who test positive 964 die within 4 weeks. Now testing is being targeted at high risk groups and the statistics do not define cause of death. People die all the time, roughly 12,000 a week on average (and revealingly 2020 is in line with other recent years on this in spite of all the scaremongering. Which means that if the conservative estimate of 50% false positives is accepted, that numer of deaths over a period of 4 weeks is perfectly reasonable.

So why is it being used to justify further lockdowns, restrictions and assaults on our liberty and prosperity.

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