Is Pro – Vaccine Propaganda Going To Eradicate The Hoax Virus?

For almost a year now we have been treated to the daily spectacle of various government officials, sometime Boris himself, sometimes his sidekick Matt Hancock, occasionally both,, supported by the chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance and a weird creature named Chris Whitty wo appears to be half human, half intestinal parasite as they give a press briefing on the progress of their fight against the seemingly unstoppable march of Covid-19. Just a few months ago, the Chris Whitty creature whose job title is Chief Medical Officer, was telling colleagues he didn’t believe a vaccine would come in time. Now we have several of them, highly effective and with few adverse side effects according to their makers, being pumped into the ars of the most vulnerable and trusting members of the public. So is what happens next.

Israel is some way ahead of the world in rushing out these improperly tested vaccines. With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, up for re-election in March, his government now campaigning as the world vaccine leader after cutting a deal with Pfizer to make his country the “model state” of the Covid inoculation. He’s offering up vast amounts of anonymised health data, to help Pfizer learn more, in order to secure supplies of the vaccine ahead of the pack.

Israel, a country the size of Wales, will soon be vaccinating as many people a day as Italy, France and Germany put together. Already three-quarters of its over-60s (ie, those most likely to die from the virus) have received the shot. In fact Israel claimed to have injected the most vulnerable 5% of the population two weeks ago. That being the case, the rate of infection in Israel should be slowing now, but official figures show it is still increasing.

There is always the likelihood of course that we have been promised too much from the vaccine. firstly, the current Oxford – Astra Zeneca of one jab offers little over 50% protection from the disease. Beyond that several leading “experts” including US government adviser Dr. Fauci have said that the vaccine does not stop us getting the virius, or passing it on to others. So restrictions will not be relaxed until a very large number in the population are not at risk as well That means people are still at risk.

Data out of the CDC in America indicates significant adverse reaction running at 2.8%. On December the 18th, 112,807 people were injected with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine in the U.S. Of these, 3,150 were subsequently unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, required care from doctor or health care professional.

The length of the protection provided by the vaccine is not known, by best guess it is more than 5 months and likely to be a year judging by the mutation rates.

While the COVID panic has been going on, heart attacks, strokes, road accidents, cancers and birth emergencies etc etc are  not treated as well as or at all as needed. Relatively young and healthy people aret dying in large numbers where very few people under 60 have died from COVID, and the majority of those had serious underlying health problems (including the revealing case of a young man who received multiple stab wounds in a gang fight but whose death in hospital was ascribed to COVID.) Bizarrely, people needing hospital treatments appear to be far more likely to catch Covid in hospitaland many die

COVID vaccines might the great silver bullet that 99.8% of the population don’t need: nobody has any idea what the mRNA vaccine might do by way of side effects, and yet the snivelling ninnies that nake up a significant chunk of our population give of vaccine swallow the narrative whole and worship the divine like members of some fanatical medieval cult , while officials in Government blunder along, afraid to admit that all their policies so far have failed ignominiously, fearing what it would do to careers…….vaccinate the vulnerable if you must, and let the rest of us try to salvage something from the wreckage ……


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