How To Make People Doubt Their Own Intelligence And Common Sense

How do you put people in denial of what they see going on around them and undermine their belief in their own sanity, which is what has been done to make so many people believe we are in the grip of a global pandemic rather than a power grab by the control freaks of the global political, corporate and academic elites who are using an illness designed by an evil socialist regime to cull its burgeoning elderly population?

Watch this video on The Hamburg Syndrome

Child: I am not sick
Doctor: How can you prove that child, nobody can know if they are healthy that is why we must treat everyone. All must participate if we are to win this battle …

Can you see how this pandemic scam works now?

Consider the use of a child as the one who questions the fearmongerer’s narrative that everybody must be vaccinated (presumably to save them from some terrible illness,) a child is easily dismissed, children are not capable of weighing evidence and making intelligent decisions. And the way the questioning child is told by the authority figure (trust me, I’m a doctor,) that she cannont “prove” her health (therefore it must be presumed she is ill.)

Not the doctor asks her to prove a negative, which is a logical impossibility, wheras the burden of proof should lie on him, he is the one who wants to administer medication to an unwilling person. However nobody can honestly say a vaccine stopped you form getting ill, nobody can possibly know whether you would ever have caught the illness or not had you not been given the vaccine. Nobody can prove in the case of an individual, whether or not a vaccination saved them from dying of a certain illness.

One assumption, encapsulated with laying the “inability to prove” on the patient is the implicit assumption that therfore it is proves the vaccine not only works but is necessary. Like a religious dogma of a fanatical cult: Can you prove God does not exist? Then you cannot question our teaching that God rules us all. There is no mention of the dogma’s duty to prove the exisence of God because of course they know both sides of the case are equally unprovable.

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