Why Are Politcians and Scientists Trying To Extend Lockdown And Restrictions?

2020 34th out of the last 50 years for mortality as a % of the population. ONS figures.

The economy: worst dip in 300 years and that was months ago.

Welcome to a new version of the fourteenth century coming our way.

An academic who sits on the British government’s influential scientific advisory panelwarned thatther wave of coronavirus is “likely” this year, possibly within weeks. Europe’s alleged third wave which has prompted the French government to put swathes of the country, including capital city Paris, back into lockdown, could threaten Britons’ ability to go on holiday abroad this summer.

Government scientists reportedly fear that a rising number of coronavirus cases on mainland Europe, dubbed the third wave, could hit the UK within weeks, according to The Times.

Professor Andrew Hayward of the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) also told Times Radio on Saturday that another wave is “still likely” despite the success of the vaccine rollout, but it would, however, be less deadly. There is no evidence for this of course, it is pure speculation, yet while we are expected to believe that COVID vaccines are safe in spite of hundreds dying and thousands needing hospital treatment shortly after receiving their shot of vaccine, because scientists (science tits) say there is no evidence of a link between the vaccine and the deaths. These science tits need to be reminded of that old scientific principlethat absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. And if you don’#t look for evidence you are unlikely to find any.

University College London scientist Hayward, whose employer has benefitted greatly from the largesse of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, said, according to YorkshireLive: “I think another wave is possible, likely even.

“I guess the difference is that another wave will cause substantially fewer deaths and hospitalisations because of high levels of vaccination across the sorts of people who would have ended up in hospital or unfortunately dying if they haven’t been vaccinated.”

Pure scaremongering of course, I am over 70 and therefore supposedly in a high vulnerability group, I have not observed social distancing, only worn a mask in order to avoid giving low paid shop workers a pain in the arse, I have travelled where I wanted to as far as circumstances would allow, (no point driving to a tourist spot knowing it is closed,) and not only am I not dead, but according to a report from my doctor this week I am in remarkably good health for someone of my age.

The Daily Gazette reported this week that contradictory to recent upbeat talk of coming out of lockdown and life getting back to normal The Prime Minister at one of hios daily press briefings did say the roadmap to freedom rests on the continued success of the jabs programme, but it sounds like it would take something pretty major to make adifference now.

It appears he doesn’t want to say anything ahead of the big Commons vote on COVID-19 lockdown restrictions next Thursday that might fan the flames of the expected Tory rebellion.

So it all comes down to politics and once Boris had brought his party to heel, the science tits of SAGE will be free to continue implementing their fascistic agenda. No wonder Hitler, Stalin and MaoTse Tung treated scientists like demi – gods.


href=”https://originalboggartblog.wordpress.com/2021/03/17/emergency-vaccine-alert/” rel=”bookmark”>Emergency VACCINE ALERT from Natural News Emergency VACCINE ALERT edition: Situation
Update, March 16, 2021 Tuesday, March 16, 2021 by: Mike AdamsTags:
Bypass censorship by sharing this link: (Natural News) The mass vaccination of the human population is turning vaccinated people into “super strain” factories who … Continue reading 

Backflipping Boris Says Vaccine Passports for Will Be ‘Feature of Our Life in the Future’

March 11, 2021

Contrary to what other ministers in his government have been
saying recently, Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted earlier this week
it is highly probable that vaccine passports for international travel
will be a feature of Britons’ lives in the future. Speaking at a Downing
Street press event on Monday evening, the Prime Minister Johnson
acknowledged … Continue reading 

Twitter Thought Police Will Ban Anyone Who Repeatedly Tells Truth About COVID Vaccine

In future anyone who “repeatedly posts misleading information”
about SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) vaccines on Twitter will be put on a watch
list and given five chances to chaine their opinion or self – censor
their comments and opinions before being permanently banned from the
social media platform, the company recently announced. A True to form
however, … Continue reading



Council of Europe Decrees Vaccines Must Not be Mandatory and Non-Vaccinated Must Not be Discriminated Against

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe – the
international body of which Britain remains a member) – has passed a
resolution that recommending that governments refrain from enacting laws
that make any vaccines mandatory and stated that nobody should suffer
discrimination on account of not having been vaccinated. The resolution
obviously refers to … Continue reading

Why Is There A Correlation Between The Vaccine Rollout And Increased COVID–19 Mortality?

from UK Column Since the UK government began its rollout of the
COVID vaccine regular reports of unusual death events occuring shortly
after the deceased had received a shot of the vaccine have been reported
in care homes and by doctors’ surgeries across the country. The
Official line has been that the vaccine shot and … Continue reading 

Pfizer COVID vaccine killed 40 times more old people than the virus itself would have – Report

March 4, 2021

posted by The Defender The experimental Wuhan coronavirus
(Covid-19) vaccines from Pfizer that were rushed into production and
distribution via Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” program are
killing far more elderly people than the so-called “virus” itself would
have. A re-analysis of data provided by the Israeli Health Ministry
concluded that Pfizer and BioNTech’s messenger … Continue reading

Bill ‘Psycho’ Gates Wants To Release Genetically Modified Mosquitoes To Inject Us With Vaccines

The latest luncacy to flow from the megalomaniacal mind of the
world’s richest madman and wannabe Galactic Emperor Palpatine, Bill
Gates is the latest iteration of a plan this vaccine – obsessed world
domination freak has nurtured for a long time. He wants to release
genetically midified mosquitos to inject us with vaccine.Apart from the …
Continue reading 

‘Everyone Agreed’ on Vaccine Passports, Merkel Announces at EU Coronavirus Summit

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany announced to other EU leaders
during Thursday’s Zoom meeting on the EU response to Coronavirus that
there is a unanimous agreement within the European Union on implementing
a coronavirus vaccine passport. It is not clear whether the other 26
leaders agreed with Hausfrau – Volksfuhrer Merkel of their own volition …
Continue reading 

Shocking report on hundreds of deaths occuring hours after people were given Pfizer COVID vaccine

Posted by Ted Aranda on Minds.comIn this video the author reads
through dozens of the CV vaxx death reports. Most of the HUNDREDS of
reported deaths occurred within hours or within a day or two of taking
the shot. These very short time periods prove beyond doubt that most of
the deaths were a direct … Continue reading

Spain Halts Pfizer COVID Vaccine After 46 Care Home Residents Die Following First Shot

The Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Our Lady of the Rosary) nursing
home near Seville in southern Spain is at the centre of a story that has
shocked the entire nation as mass deaths occurred among residents
shortly after they were given the first of a scheduled two shots of the
Pfizer mRNA inoculations. All residents … Continue reading 



More than third ‘suffer Covid-19 vaccine side effects’ and reaction ‘more likely’ if you have had the virus – study

February 7, 2021 Why are those despicable propagandists at the BBC not reporting
this massive story?   John Dunne Sun, 7 February 2021, 12:49 pm·3-min
read A Pfizer/BioNTech jab (AFP) A new study suggests more than a third
of people who receive their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine report
some side effects – and a more frequent … Continue reading 

The Euthanasia Vaccine?

Mainstream media paints a wonderful picture of how successfully
the UK’s vaccine rollout is progressing, how happy people are to get the
vaccine and how side effects are only trivial at worst. Then there’s
the reality: “The UK started vaccinating the elderly on Dec 8th. By
January 8th, four weeks later, nursing home deaths had … Continue reading 

COVID: Truth Of The Killer Vaccine Emerges

Coronavirus outbreak: 22 deaths at Pemberley House Care Home By
Ryan Evans, Basingstoke Gazette At least 22 residents have died at
Pemberley House Care Home in Viables in Basingstoke At least twenty-two
people have died at a Basingstoke care home in one of the worst known
outbreaks of the coronavirus pandemic to date, the Gazette … Continue reading

More Vaccine Truth

Dr. David Martin, medical and legal expert, challenges our
presuppositions about the new mRNA Covid-19 vaccines. Quoting the
pharmaceutical companies themselves, David suggests that these are not
vaccines, but, in actuality, gene therapy. He explains what the vaccines
may do to us, what they are promising they can do for us, and how to
distinguish … Continue reading 

COVID vaccine and aborted fetal tissue

What worries me about these COVID vaccines that are being foisted
on us (apart from the fat that nobody in America can spell foetus
properly,) is not that they contain ingeredients derived from the tissue
of abourted foetuses, I’ve know about that for years, but the fact that
with so many people having ethical objections … Continue reading 


COVID Vaccine Update: 55 Americans Have Died Following COVID shot, Norway Deaths Rise To 29

from Zero Hedge, reproduced in the public interest As reports
continue to come in of people, particularly those who are old and have
long term conditions affecting health, dying shortly after getting one
of the new, improperly tested mRNA vaccies developed by Pfizer and
Moderna, pressure is mounting on governments and health agencies for the
Continue reading

COVID-19 vaccine reactions blamed on PEG, but could it be the body responding to mRNA genetic reprogramming?

from NewsTarget.com The medical establishment is playing dumb
concerning the adverse events caused by Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19)
vaccines, blaming their occurrence on a relatively common, yet toxic,
vaccine additive known as polyethylene glycol (PEG). However, untested
modified RNA (mRNA) technology is more than likely the real culprit.
According to the United States Centers for Disease … Continue reading 


Is Pro – Vaccine Propaganda Going To Eradicate The Hoax Virus?

For almost a year now we have been treated to the daily spectacle
of various government officials, sometime Boris himself, sometimes his
sidekick Matt Hancock, occasionally both,, supported by the chief
scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance and a weird creature named Chris
Whitty wo appears to be half human, half intestinal parasite as they
give … Continue reading 

More Casualties Reported Among Healthcare Workers from COVID-19 Vaccines

from Humans Are Free We are finishing up the second week of the
Pfizer mRNA experimental COVID vaccine being injected into healthcare
workers in the U.S., and the end of the first week of the Moderna mRNA
experimental COVID vaccine also being injected into U.S. healthcare
workers. The pharma-funded corporate media is reporting two more … Continue reading



Miami doctor dies after receiving first dose of Pfizer vaccine

from Zero Hedge via Natural News (bypass Big Tech censorship by sharing this link: https://www.hangthecensors.com/487804.html
) (Natural News) As the US sees 4K confirmed COVID-19 deaths in a
single day, the CDC is reporting another shocking potential reaction to
the new mRNA-vector COVID-19 vaccines: A doctor in Miami has died two
weeks after receiving his first … Continue reading 

Norwegian Nursing Home Patients Dead After Receiving First Dose Of Pfizer COVID Vaccine

January 7, 2021

You will definintely not see or hear this story anywhere in
mainstream media. from Zero Hedge More suspicious deaths have surfaced
in Europe involving patients who recently received their first dose of
the coronavirus vaccine. Following reports about a Portuguese nurse
dying shortly after receiving her first dose of the vaccine, our
attention turns to … Continue reading 

Portuguese Nurse Dies Suddenly After Receiving COVID Vaccine

January 5, 2021

from Zero Hedge The latest suspicious death to occur days (or, in
some cases, even hours) after a patient received their first dose of a
COVID-19 vaccine has surfaced in Portugal, where a pediatric surgery
assistant in Porto (who was reportedly in “perfect health” when she
received her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine) has … Continue reading <

Hospital Workers Turn Down COVID Vaccine: “There’s Too Much Mistrust”

Only a few days after news broke of widespread resistance to the COVID-19 vaccine among hospital workers in Chicago USA,
BeckersHospitalReview.com’s Ayla Ellison reports that the virus of
vaccine mistrust is spreading. The vaccine in question is the Pfizer –
BioNTec jab, which allegedly works by changing recipients DNA but is
known to be causing … Continue reading

How Social Engineers Use Weaponized Psychology to Push Unproven Vaccines

December 30, 2020
Another “we told you so,” moment for us Boggart Bloggers. We told
you back in the spring that project fear was being ramped up to make
people accept social engineering projects and mandatory mass medication
schemes, which we assume will eventually include Bill (Wannabe Emperor
Palpatine,) Gates’ cherished dream of reducing global population by 50% …
Continue reading 

Coronavirus latest: Tier 4 restrictions until vaccine rollout complete, Matt Hancock says

The new, ultra stringent Tier 4 restrictions imposed this week,
which effectively cancel Christmas for the first time since Oliver
Cromwell and his joyless puritans declared war on happiness may be in
place for a “couple of months”, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said
today. The government’s excuse for this latest extension of our house
arrest … Continue reading 


Adverse Effects and Deaths in the Moderna Vaccine Data

Yasmin Tayag, Medium.com On Thursday, a panel of medical experts
met to discuss the Covid-19 vaccine produced by Moderna, with the goal
of deciding whether to recommend emergency use approval of the vaccine
to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Among the many topics they
covered in the eight-hour livestream, they discussed deaths and serious …
Continue reading

Australia dumps Covid-19 vaccine development after false positives for HIV reported from trials

Cast your minds back readers, to the early days of this insane
year, it would be around March I think when Original Boggart Blog
reported that several highly respected and well credentialled
researchers in virology had reported that on analysing the then new
Wuhan Coronavirus RNA they had found evidence that the organisms genetic
code … Continue reading 

Warning As Two NHS Workers Suffer Allergic Reaction After Getting Coronavirus Vaccine

This blog has been at the forefront of alt_news sites reporting
the problems experienced by people involved in clinical trials of the
rushed and unproven vaccines now being rolled out to give the impression
that the authorities are getting to grips at last with the hoax
pandemic. The adverse reactions experience by human guinea – … Continue reading 

Ex-Pfizer Boss Demands EU Halt COVID-19 Vaccine Roll Out Over ‘Female Infertility’ And Other Health Concerns

December 6, 2020

Another of those “We Told You So” moments for us Boggart Bloggers,
only a few days ago we posted an article in which we highlighted
concerns raised by prominent medical researchers ragarding the safety of
these so – called mRNA vaccines which mess with our DNA in order to
produce an immune response, and of … Continue reading

Pfizer CEO “Not Certain” Vaccine Will Stop People From Spreading COVID-19

We told you to be suspicious of these vaccines rushed out for
political rather than medical reasons – editor By Joseph Jankowski of
PlanetFreeWill, Just one day after the United Kingdom became the first
western nation to approve the inoculation, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says
that he is “not certain” that the company’s vaccine will … Continue reading 

Building a Totalitarian State: UK To Use Army to Fight ‘Anti-Vaccine Propaganda’

December 4, 2020
HAFDecember 3, 2020 With the impending rollout of a Covid-19
vaccine, a UK military cyber unit has been tasked to crack down on
“online propaganda against vaccines.” Questioning something that will be
injected into your body is now deemed radical. With the anti-lockdown
narrative beginning to become more prominent throughout the UK following
the arrest … Continue reading

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