Thousands Upon Thousands Rally Against Lockdown, Vaccine Passports in London

by Ian R Thorpe

Protestors in London, 24 April 2021 – Picture: odishabytes,com

The once reliable news service run by Britain’s national broadcaster, The BBC along with other organisations involved in bthe UK’s broadcast and print media completely blanked last weekend’s biggest news story, instead choosing to focus on whether Boris Johnson acted improperly in financing the refurbishment of his official residence. Yes really. I mean FFS who gives a flying fuck, he’s a politicians, we know they’re all crooks and liars so it’s really not news. On the other hand, after a year and a bit of daily propaganda from legacy media telling us the nation was solidly behind the governments vaccine policy, lockdown and social distancing regulations and other unlawful and completely ineffective measures against the hoax pandemic, the fact that thousands upon thousands of people gather in central London to protest over the lockdows of the past twelve months and the fascistic plan to coerce us into accepting useless and potentially dangerous vaccines by introducing vaccine passports that we would have to present to travel, domestically or internationally, use shops and public services, enter sports stadiums, theatres, restaurants, pubs and even shops..

Saturday’s protest was the biggest demonstration in the UK to date against the government’s excessive reaction to the modest risk posed by the so called Chinese coronavirus to the overwhelming majority of the population. While the MSM put a low estimate on the numbers — 10,000, according to World Economic Foru,m propaganda department Reuters, but independent observers claims that the turnout was considerably higher, possibly as many as 100,000 were backed up by private video and photos posted online. One aerial shot of the huge crowd in Hyde Park showed a crows that must have easily exceeded 10,000, and there were similar numbers in Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly.

As with previous anti-lockdown marches and protests, Mainstream Media has done its very best to give the impression that opposition to COVID fascism is confined to a few “crazy conspiracy theorists” and anti – vaccine eccentrics. When the Extinction Rebellion crusties smash a few windows in some corporate office block or BLM thugs throw a statue of somebody few people had heard of into bristol docks, the incident gets massive coverage (and millions of poundsworth of free publicity,) for days in every news organisation from the BBC to the Sun.

But when 50,000 or more law abiding citizens protest against unlawful actions that violate citizens human and civil rights, bringing central London to a standstill as they march the length of Oxford Street, the event either goes unreported (as previous anti – lockdown events have,) or is dismissed as a bunch of weirdo conspiracy theorists flouting the government’s supposedly sensible and proportionate mask-and-social-distancing regulations.

In this case, as in other recent protests which were broken up by heavy handede police tactics from the same force as meekly ‘tool the knee’ in front of Black Looters and Muggers, the vast majority of people at the event weren’t activists but ordinary folk of all ages, races, and classes who’d had enough after a year of government lockdowns, violations of our liberty and the trashing of the economy and who felt especially concerned by proposals to bring in vaccine passports. They considered the plan for digital vaccine passports to be illiberal, discriminatory and the precursor to a much more sinister, Chinese-style, social credit system of permissions and restrictions.

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Walmart Stores is America’s top-earning corporation. In 2013, its revenues were $473 billion, yet it only declared $16 billion in profits. Bizarrely Americans subsidize Walmart because its low-wage employees receive an estimated $6.2 billion annually in Food Stamps, Medicare and other anti-poverty benefits. Meanwhile Walmart has parked $21.4 billion in untaxed profits offshore and is lobbying to cut U.S. corporate tax rates.’

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There are few people in politics who will say in public the things that really think, thanks to the hypersensitivity of the American political establishment and their enthusiasm for bombing the crap out of anyone who upsets members of their anointed minorities. Its refreshing then to learn of comments made by veteran Czech Republic leader, putting the boot into the cowardly mealy mouthed sum who pass for conservative and libertarian politicians in the English Speaking countries.

NHS ‘at mercy of predatory US healthcare firms’ if controversial Washington trade deal goes through
The whole world seems to be wising up to Washington’s fascism and designed on creating a global empire. So how come our Conservative / Lib Dem coalition government is still sucking up to the American’s and trying to be the corporate imperialists best friends when the rest of the developed world is distancing itself from the increasingly sinister Obama Administration?

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We show how the increasing centralization of power has led to the public becoming disenfranchised and feelinf unable to control their own lives. it has also facilitated the growth of a culture of corruption and cover up in public life, the justice system, education, the churches and other areas where the elite have become remote and out of touch with the citizens they serve.

OK Smartarse, So You Don’t Believe Conspiracy Theories? Read This …
As internet users you’ve all come across the kind of smart arse who thinks he has all the answers. The usually describe themselves as scientists or realists and are absolutely sure they are far too clever to be taken in by any of the nonsense that right wing extremist swivel eyed loons are always banging on about.

The Hate And Prejudice The Bourgois Left Find Acceptable
The neo – fascist left are quick to jump on any of the forbidden pejudices, racism, sexism, homophobia, islamophobia and so on. But as we have seen, they find pejudice and hated againt Christians and white Europeans quite acceptable. The bourgeois metropitan set might think that is acceptable but where I come from it’s called hypocrisy.

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