Continuing Lockdown Another Abuse Of Human Rights

All too predictably the promised wholesale lifting of lockdown restrictions promised for June 21st has been delayed because of a “new COVID variant” which is allegedly more “transmissible” than the original killer vaccine which really didn’t kill very many people at all *all those deaths reported daily with such self righteous glee by the BBC and other mainstream news outfits were of course mostly people who died of other terminal illnesses having tested for the not-very-deadly SARS-COV2 virus during the previous 28 days.

But the message of this latest lockdown is “if you want the lockdowns to stop and other restrictions to be lifted, get the vaccine. Which rather suggests that the government’s claimed figure of 99.8% take up of the vaccine among demographivc groups to which it has been md available is being exaggerated as the number of deaths ascribed to COVID. Still, those of us who have so far resisted the pressure top allow this fascist government to injects into our bodies a dose of toxic shite which by the manufacturers own admission will not make us immune to the disease but will, empirical evidence suggests, vastly increase our chances of developing lethat blood clots and other potentiall fatal conditions.

It has already been shown that government actions to place us under house arrest, restrict out social activities, suspend our right to travel freely and forcing businesses to clodse are violations of human rights laws established by the Geneva Conventions. Coercion to take part in any medical experiments, trials, or treatments are forbidden under the Geneva Convention of 1948, It is forbidden in the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights and it is forbidden in the Ethical Guidance given by the NHS.  All of which are freely available to read on-line or download.

As for the masked sheep, not only are they damaging their own health by impeding natural breathing, they have been touching the mask and according to the SAGE scaremongers leaving bacteria everywhere. Apart from looking absolutely ridiculous, these morons are demonstrating a lack of intelligence and susceptibility to brainwashing. Masks do not protect the wearer or anyone else. The World Health Organisation, which promoted all the mask wearing and social distancing bollocks have been forced to admit this. They are part of an exercise in applied behavioural science aimed at testing what proportion of the population are compliant enough for all our freedoms to be taken from us.

The level of panic shown by the Government in the face of thisnew variant, the Delta variant, is of their own making as they failed to shut down travel from India at the appropriate time, in the same way as fourteen months ago they failed to shut down business travel between UK and China. They will not admit or acknowledge these failings despite countless scientific warnings calling for a clampdown weeks before the Government made it a variant of concern  and slow on the introduction of travel restrictions from India.

I can see the infection rate continuing to increase throughout summer as this variant is hyped in order to maintain the momentum of Project Fear, the planet wide psyop that aims to make us all dependent on corrupt and incompetent politicians and their corporate cronies. The Delta variant is likely to result in a small, shirt term increase in death rates among the old, frail and vulnerable, but the Government continuing the line that we must not open up with the peddled fears of an imminent non-existent “third wave”.

The best thing I ever did was retire at 50. I will be wintering somewhere hot abroad this time around. I’m not scared of covid and being financially free means I can do what I want and I’m being selfish and living my life. The sheeple can stay here terrified wearing masks and cowering at home forever, Boris and those clueless wankers on the SAGE panel can swivel on their variants!

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The majority of British people are totally fed up and frustrated now and fail to see why  the Government are punishing our people, our businesses and our well-being for a variant for which there is no evidence that it will overwhelm the NHS. If anything it will, in common with the other variants announced each time it seemed Project Fear was losing its potency They have lost the plot, having mad the biggest mistate any leader can , by listening to scientists, they have now become as crazy and totally clueless as those scientists.

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