Johnson’s Threatened National Insurance Hike Threatens Jobs And Recovery

An increase in National Insurance contributions to pay Boris Johnson’s social care overhaul and the care crisis that has resulted from the government’s inept overreaction to the COVID threatens to stifle Britain’s post-Covid economic recovery and with it the expected jobs boost as business leaders warned ministers it would amount to a £3.5bn “jobs tax”. 

The prime minister has been warned by The Confederation Of British Industry and other groups and campaigners representing various areas of the national economy that job creation and young workers will bear the brunt of what is essentially a stealth tax affecting 25m  people.

Craig Beaumont of the Federation of Small Businesses said the proposal, which will aim to rsise £20bn for the Treasury, “puts the economic recovery at serious risk” as businesses, already hammered by lockdowns and increased health and safety costs cause by new laws related to the pandemic, will face higher hiring costs.

“Hiking the jobs tax on employees and employers would make it more expensive for businesses to create and maintain jobs,” he warned.

Mike Cherry, the FSB’s national chairman, added: “This regressive levy is yet another outgoing for small businesses and sole traders to worry about against a backdrop of spiralling input prices, supply chain disruption, a deepening late payment crisis, rent arrears, rates bills returning, skills shortages and emergency loan repayments.”  

Echoing those concerns, Kitty Ussher, chief economist for the Institute of Directors, said pandemic-hit businesses will find it hard to understand why the Government would want to raise employer payroll taxes to pay for the necessary investment. We can answer that: The Great Reset promoted by the globalist, authoritarian World Economic Forum and to which the governments of most developed nations have subscribed, is about establishing a cultural Marxist global regime which, in collaboration with global corporations, will seize ultimate control of everything, an ambition in line with the political philosophy of Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini.

The Telegraph reported on Friday that Mr Johnson will announce a rise in National Insurance contributions next week in return for stronger protections against crippling social care costs for the elderly. 

Number 10 is said to be backing a 1pc rise, which would generate around £10bn in revenue. although reports suggest the Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, wants a 2pc increase to raise £20bn. He is worried that generating just £10bn would not be enough, according to the Times

The Institute for Fiscal Studies estimates that businesses would need to find an extra £3bn to £3.5bn if just under £10bn of additional revenue from NI was generated.

What has now become the  ‘never ending pandemic, having already inflicted damage that will take decades to repair on the economies of developed nations, is now driving an explosion in social care costs, not so much because of COVID or ‘long covid’ though they are factors but more because people denied medical support die to the chaotic attempts of the health service to deal with serious illneses via zoom meeting and telephone consultations has led to what might have been easily treatable problems becoming serious and ongoing conditions. The Johnson Tyranny in London gives every appearance of wanting to keep us loked down, traced and traced, masked and tagged forever.

Since the pandemic was officially launched by the World Health Authority and the World Economic Forum there have been government sanctioned assaults on our personal liberty and human rights, plans to confiscate all out money and property (The Great Reset) maintain the Open  Door immigration policy to flood labour markets thus undermining the working class,  forcibly inject our children (over 6 months ols according to some authoritarian doctors,)  with an untested, experimental and potentially lethal (to adults) injection which does not make recipents immune to the disease but instead, according to its well qualified critics, tricks the body into manufacturing the pathogen (spoke protien,) which renders the virus dangerous to those with weak immune systems.  And now screw us into the ground by taking our hard earned to pay for this  botched and inept attempt to establish a global, authoritarian technocratic government.

Can you imagine what life would be like if the wankers behind the pandemic were actually running the world?

But as the “deadly virus” narrative falters we are at a the most dangerous juncture to date for our freedom and diverse cultures as the elitists driving the pandemic narrative and the push for a “New Normal” become desperate in their efforts. Meanwhile our worthless  MPs cut out their own tongues, put on their  useless masks and blinkers  and say:  “Baaa” like the pathetic sheep they are.

I suppose absolute  contempt for the whole  political Media and Governmental establishment and the destruction of trust in the medical professions and institutions of state, particularly the police and the law is the only way the people can register their feeling for this disgusting, servile  Government its corporate, globalist masters.

There was once a scare story about a “deadly virus” that was going to kill us all, though in fact the virus was not all that deadly, posing no risk at all to the 95% of us who have functioning immune systems while even among the vulnerable: the old and farail and those with co morbidities it has an Infection to Fatality rate (IFR) of 0.25% while Smallpox to which COVID is often but irrationally compared had an IFR of 40%and tuberculosis which still kills more people worldwide each year than COVID has in 18 months if we look at actual deaths from COVID and exclude those of people who died “with” COVID but of other primary causes. Yet all of this criminally misrepresented data has been used as the excuse for an unprecedented assault on freedom and democracy ?


We hear that the Big Pharma crooks and liars, Pfizer are trying to re-market  Ivermectin (the cheap, generic drug proven to be far more effective against COVID and safer than the vaccines and which was consequently banned for use on humans by many governments on the recommendation of the WHO. Pfizer is allegedly trying to re-brand Ivermectin and patent it as a ‘new product’ to claim as their own and  increase  the price tenfold? Is it true? Who knows, I expect Pfizer will deny it and then make deals with governments to deny the drug to the ‘unvaccinated” in order to bolster their claims that the ‘clotshot’ vaccines are effective.

Silver lining? The pandemic has been good news for billionaires including  Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and for pulic servants like Fauci, Whitty and Vallance who have been handsomely rewarded with stocks and bonds for their work in developing and promoting the vaccines.


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