500 more arrests as violent Extinction Rebellion protests continue in London

4 September 2021

Police arrested more than 500 Extinction Rebellion’s protesters in London today as the daily protests against civilisation continued. A Metropolitan Police press statement said that by 6.30pm today, a total of508 arrests have been made as supporters of the eco – terrorist group continued its 12 day old protest dubbed the Impossible Rebellion and designed to disrupt London’s business and social life. Protests have been hapopening daily since August 23.

Today’s disruption comes after another demonstration, this time from Animal Rebellion and Nature Rebellion, disrupted traffic around Trafalgar Square. The group, which claims to stand in solidarity with Extinction Rebellion – met at the London landmark during the afternoon for its “March For Nature”. Only last week the Animal Rights wankers were getting their knickers in a twist over the government’s failure to prioritise the evacuation of rescue dogs from Afghanistan over the evacuation of humans deemed to be at risk following The Taliban takeover in Kabul.

Demonstrators from Animal Rebellion and Nature Rebellion protest in Trafalgar Square in London.
Demonstrators from Animal Rebellion and Nature Rebellion protest in Trafalgar Square in London.

In the Extinction Rebellion event protesters could be seen in colourful costumes holding signs such “The Amazon Rainforest Is At Tipping Point”, “Indigenous Emergency” and “Act Now”. Speeches were made by celebrities and crusty, unwashed eco – warriors, campaigners chanted, while a large pink octopus creation was paraded through the streets for no apparent reason. .

Extinction Rebellion also posted video on social media showing campaigners sitting in the road and holding signs to block traffic on busy routes across the capital.

Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist said nearly 2,000 officers have been involved in policing the activists every day.

Twist highlighted the huge resources that XR has pulled from London’s Metropolitian Police over the last 10 days during the long-running protest. The unwashed eco – warriors have targeted popular landmarks and tourist attractions around the city, including blocking London Bridge with a bus, blocking the road over Tower Bridge with a van and caravan, and members gluing themselves to the Science Museum. The Met revealed it has had to remove 81 people glued to an object and 52 people who chained themselves to to something over the past 10 days.

The action, which the group says is to highlight the government’s lack of action on the climate emergency, has been met with force by the Met Police, with videos on social media showing officers using batons and pulling the group’s obstructive equipment down.

“It’s been extremely busy over the last 10 days, we’ve had nearly 2,000 police officers every day just looking at trying to manage these protests,” Mr Twist told Times Radio.

Extinction Rebellion Red Rebel Brigade stand in front of police officers during a protest at London Bridge
Extinction Rebellion Red Rebel Brigade stand in front of police officers during a protest at London Bridge Credit: Tom Nicholson/REUTERS
Extinction Rebellion
Extinction Rebellion climate activists protest in London Credit: Henry Nicholls/REUTERS
Protesters are arrested by police at the junction of Tower Bridge Road and Tooley Street, London. Photograph: Jill Mead/The Guardian

“This is because it’s not the numbers of protesters but it’s the level of serious disruption that they’re looking to cause, which is impacting on other Londoners.

“We’ve said right from the start, we know Extinction Rebellion has the right to protest and the right to assemble.

“But what we also made clear is these are qualified rights and they have got to be balanced against the rights of the rest of London and Londoners, the people, the businesses, the communities who want to lawfully go about their business.”

What is rather puzzling is that all the protestors seem to be equipped with smart phones, blu – ray head sets and other high tech equipment, all of which has a huge carbon footptint and involves some highly polluting processes in its manufacture. There’s nothing like hypocrisy to turn people against your cause. It’s time to lock up the XR crusties before they give protesting a bad name.


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