POXIT looms

Back in in 2016, shortly after the shock of the Brexit vote, while the rabid Remainers were still predicting that we were all doomed, unemployment would rise to 50%, the economy would collapse, every solvent business would move its operations to an EU member state. Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea would be barred from European football competitions, British people would not be able to travel abroad, Mr. Blobby would make a comeback and there would be plagues of frogs, lice, disease, flies, locusts, boils, Greta Thunberg, identity politics, celebrity game shows and bad pizzas, I was confidentl predicting that Brexit signalled the beginning of the EU’s collapse with other states following the UK back into the real world.

At the time I said that while most pundits believed Quitaly would be the next leaving party in Brussels my money was on Poxit. Poland was already at loggerheads with the EU Commission and had experience in living memories of separating itself from tyrannical bureaucratic dictatorships, having ibeen first out of the crumbling Soviet bloc.

And it look like once again I was right:
from The Daily Telegraph via Yahoo News

The Telegraph

Poland ‘on path to Polexit’ after judges rule national laws supersede EU – Yahoo News

James CrispThu, 7 October 2021, 7:48 pm·4-min read

In this article:

People stage a protest in front of Poland's constitutional court - Getty
People stage a protest in front of Poland’s constitutional court – Getty

Poland’s future in the European Union was thrown into doubt on Thursday after judges ruled that Polish law superseded EU law in the latest clash between Warsaw and Brussels.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of Law and Justice, the dominant party in Poland’s governing coalition, said a different ruling would mean that “Poland is not a sovereign state”.

He added that when it came to the administration of justice, “the EU has no right to interfere”.

The ruling that the Polish constitution carried more weight than the EU treaties drew a furious reaction from politicians in Brussels, the de facto capital of the bloc. The European Commission said it “will not hesitate to make use of its powers” to protect the primacy of EU law. … Continue reading >>>

Europe unglues

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