UK Statisticians Find Massive Death Spike During Covid ‘Vaccine’ Campaign

Renee NalJanuary 22, 2022Add comment8 min read

“…death spikes took place during vaccination campaigns, when people were not yet counted as ‘vaccinated’.”

Statististicians based in England were trying to get to the bottom of strange spikes in the death rates of unvaccinated people in certain age groups. They found that the death spikes took place during vaccination campaigns, when people were not yet counted as “vaccinated”.

The exclusively-translated clip presented to RAIR Foundation USA readers is from a larger German broadcast from January 18th. The short clip (less than three minutes) features Prof. Dr. Christof Kuhbandner of Universität Regensburg detailing the findings of the British study.

Kuhbandner explains in the report how the death spike of “unvaccinated” people in certain age groups is evident in the data, which was the subject of interest among the British statisticians:

The curve of the unvaccinated has a very peculiar peak. You can see it running along and suddenly the mortality rate triples or quadruples. It always happens at different times.

Then the English statisticians asked themselves what could be behind this?

The British statisticians then found that the vaccination campaigns corresponded directly with the death spikes. “They then realized that vaccination campaign was taking place in England at exactly these times,” the Professor explains. … Continue reading >>>

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