Keep King Charlie Way From The Green Blob

7 October 2022

A whole host of tree huggers, pimped up milk float drivers and Greta Thunberg fan club members think the recently ascended King Charles should go to COP27 as “sovereign of Tuvalu, a cluster of Pacific atolls sinking underwater.” The vision of Tuvalu island losing land to a rising sea is emotive, and it calls for a reaction. However, it might be best to first check the claim that Tuvalu is under threat because thirty seconds research will reveal such claims are bollocks.

A major study, published in 2018, comes to a different conclusion, as indicated in the paper title: “Patterns of island change and persistence offer alternate adaptation pathways for atoll nations”. The paper presents a 4-decade “analysis of shoreline change in all 101 islands in the Pacific atoll nation of Tuvalu”. Results show a “net increase in land area in Tuvalu of 73.5 ha (2.9%), despite sea-level rise reported by United Nations scaremongers, and land area increase in eight of nine atolls. Island change has lacked uniformity with 74% increasing and 27% decreasing in size”. Yes, if you look hard enough, you can find some real losses, but the overall trend if for land area to increase. This shows that “existing paradigms are based on flawed assumptions that islands are static landforms, which will simply drown as the sea level rises.” This suggests adaptation is the way forward, not panic. The authors consider that “loss of land is unlikely to be a factor in forcing depopulation of islands or the entire nation”. AEP – please take note.

What the report misses however is that Tuvalu sits right on a geological fault line and on the edge of a subduction zone which means the next earthquake could disappears the island nation in a matter of seconds

It is absolutely right that Charlie is kept away from the latest expensive jolly for overpaid pseudo – scientists. I’m sure he’s a nice bloke and I’ve always considered him intelligent and thoughtful, but having lived a pampered and privileged life he has the political nous of a five year old.

As for those people who insist he has a right to attend, they only show their ignorance of the role of a monarch in a constitutional monarchy. But by the same criteria anyone who thinks it is clever to cut down ancient broad leaf woodland and replant with fast growing species so that Drax can burn wood pellets instead of coal, or destroy vast areas of ecologically important wilderness in the mining of lithium and cobalt for EV batteries would be well advised to refrain from commenting on climate matters.

Before we start letting our monarch, or worse still a bunch of top climate scientists join the effort to destroy civilisation with pseudo – science lets explode a few myths.

First: “Green energy is cheaper, it is more secure, it creates jobs blah blah.” Fine. Then surely let’s have markets work their magic. Why mandate the end of ICE vehicles, when no one will want them anyway? Why mandate the end of gas boilers, when no one will want them anyway? This is where the use of coercion by governments causes people to be (rightly) suspicious.

As for Charles’ role – well yes he will be a cheerleader for the rich and the powerful to lecture poorer Commonwealth Nations on why it’s just fine that they can’t develop their gas resources because Western banks won’t finance the projects. Let’s see how that goes down.

King Charlie has zero qualification in climate science ? Anything that he says is merely repetition of something that he has been told by climate scientists whose insistence that ‘the science is settled’ should tell us thery know even less than The King?

He is a keen conservationist and has visited conservation areas and may be able to add personal knowledge and experience to speeches about conservation of ancient woodland in Cornwall. Well and good. But it is worth bearing in mind that an eminent scientific adviser to Gordon Brown was convinced by technologists that technology to clean up diesel emissions was just round the corner. Similarly , all the wonderful technologies we hear about are just round the corner. Renewables in wind and solar technology may be cheap , when the infrastructure (with a fairly short lifespan) is discounted from the cost, but it is dependent on the weather. Unless efficient and affordable storage technology is developed, we still need fossil fuels.

Britain needs to adopt a broad and cautious approach to energy provision. It is faintly ridiculous to suggest that Britain is anywhere near global dominance of 21st Century clean tech or ever will be. We don’t even produce the huge expanses of turbines surrounding us.and the teams of workers on the sites are generally from overseas. We dropped out of the nuclear industry and left it to others.

The King should most certainly NOT become involved in politics, not even green politics. If he did, how on earth would that be, in reality, any different from a republic led by a politician? As our King he must not involve himself directly in political matters. The late Queen was successful precisely because her views remained unspoken.

The people who spend 24/7 bleating about imminent climate disaster should read some alternative views on anthropogenic global warming, and climate change in general, including relevant, up-to-date facts from proper, reliable science. It’s out there and easily found! It is not necessary to return to medieval principles to adjust to any natural warming that might be on the horizon. Mankind can adapt and adjust using genuine science to do so. Climate change is not settled, and there is a debate to be had, just as there was about Covid and its management. We did not have that debate about COVID because the scientists told us the science was settled, and now we have three parallel, non infectious crises each of which poses a greater existential threat than COVID ever did.

There is MUCH that needs doing urgently to sort out our planet. Determining how to set about cleaning our environment of years of plastic and other deadly pollutants where they occur, how to manage the clash between wildlife and humanity to the best advantage of both, and cease the criminal wasting of resources by living in a ‘throwaway’ society largely created through the efforts of scientists, among many other pressing concerns.


After a personal admission that he ‘went soft’ on the elitist malfeasance, misinformation and power grabbing which poses a much greater threat to civilisation than any pandemic, climate event or political coup ever can, the auhor takes aim at the loonytoons plan to control climate change by blocking the sun’s rays with chemical dust … Continue reading >>>

Animal Rebellion’ Vegan Nazis Pour Milk On Supermarket Floor in ‘Plant-Based Future’ Protest
As if ordinary people did not have enough to cope with, soaring living costs, an energy crisis, the threat on nuclear war and possible food stortages on top of what shakespeare described as ‘The heartache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to,’ the Extinction Rebellion crusties and their offshoot groups of eco nutters have chosen now to start making like even more difficult for people …

German NatGas Consumption Too High To Avoid Energy “Emergency”, Regulator Warns As Norway Increases Gas Production
Germany tok great pride in leading the race among developed nations to achieve a net xero economy but now the folly of that policy is being exposed as gas supplies from Russia dry up and the inadequacies of wind and solar are exposed

UK Government Belatedly Discovers The Uselessness Of Sustainables In Relation To Energy Security
The policy that Boris Johnson’s Premiership will be remembered for is nor ‘getting Brexit done,’ but the government’s disastrous pledge to make Great Britain the first developed nation to achieve a ‘net zero’ national energy system. The neglect and running down of traditional energy systems (coal, gas, nuclear,) along with flushing money down the toilet by investing in intermitternt power sources (wind, solar,) rather than Putin’s war in Ukraine is responsible for the current crisis.

The True Cost Of The Green Energy Boom Is Now Being Realized
For four decades we have been fed a constant stream of propaganda assuring us that green energy was the only way forward if we wanted to secure supplies of the energy essential to a modern society while preventing the environmental catastrophes that would be the inevitable consequence of climate change caused by the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emitted by human industrial, commercial and social activity. … Continue reading >>>

1,200 Scientists and Professionals Go Public With: “There is No Climate Emergency”
As it happens the narrative promoting the risible idea that “The Science Is Settled,” and a few other trains of misinformation to keep ramping up the fear level among the general public have been rocked by the publication of The World Climate Declaration (WCD) a study and report signed by over 1,100 scientists and professionals. The authors, meteorologists, physicists, biologists, naturalists and well qualified people drawn from a host of other professions and academic disciplines and from all around the world conclude there is no climate emergency.

The Truth About Coal And The Lies Of The Elite
So much for all the COP 26 banter late last year. Let me remind you. The elites all flew in on their private jets and promptly told us we’re all (royal we) getting off fossil fuels and killing coal.So how’s that turning out? The usage of coal is now at record highs:

Britain is Breaking Down; The Economy Is Struggling, Living Standards Are Falling, Institutions Are Failing
Successive governments have brought Britain to its knees.This article will focus on Britain as representative of the general malaise that is afflicting almost all the developed world. Our current crop of politicians have discarded the resources that brought the country out of the post war decline … In spite of being rich in energy resources Britain is now in an energy crisis, our leaders have sacrificed prosperity on the altar of Net Zero, committing the nation to our reducing our 1% contribution to harmful emissions still further …

Climate Scientists’ Mathematical Models Of Reality Wrong Again…New Study Shows Jet Stream Strengthening, Not Weakening
recent research  by Samantha Hallam et al published in the journal Climate Dynamics looks at the seasonal variations over decades in Northern Hemisphere jet stream latitude and speed over land for the period 1871–2011. The authors report that they found no evidence of weakening of the sort climate alarmists have been warning about for the past three decades.

Official Advice – Prepare For Blackouts This Winter
The UK government is putting plans together for days of organised blackouts this winter, in what they call a “reasonable worst-case scenario” for energy shortages, according to reports in manstream media. Naturally they are blaming this on the embargo on importing gas from Russia but in reality Britain has never imported any more than a small amout of its gas from Russia. The real reason politicians and energy company CEOs are panicking is entirely due to their obession with obtaining all our energy from intermittent sources like wind and sunshine …

UK Households Are Paying Wind Turbine Owners To Not Generate Electricity
On another near windless day here in the United Kingdom, Boggart Blog came across a very interesting piece if news. According to figures published by the business and management consultancy LCP, british taxpayers have been paying operators of wind turbines farms for the time their windmills were NOT generating electricity increased to record levels last year …

Net Zero Is A Dangerous Fantasy, But Scientists Believe In Fairies It Seems
With oil and gas prices rocketing and the highly propted sustainable energy sources performing way befow expectations the energy crisis currently gripping Europe (with worse to come as food shortages start to bite, polticians still seem more intent on pandering to the green lobby and chasing the dream of a fossil fuel free world rather securing the energy and food supplies needed by the people they serve.

New UN Report on Climate Change – Nothing New, Nothing True
The latest United Nations (“UN”) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (“IPCC”) report, published this week, once again, in scaremongering tone and the language of the panic stricken, claims that the planet is in peril (we are facing climate disaster, the clock is at one minute to midnight, we must take urgent action to destroy civilisation if we are to save the planet, the usual over – dramatised guff designed to spread fear and panic,) basically the same claim as they have been making at least twice a month for the past 20 years.

We need energy security – not Net Zero
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted a major rethink in the West. We have suddenly found ourselves vulnerable not just to rising prices in oil and gas, but also to inflation in other commodities – such as food and fertiliser. Of all these problems, the security of our energy supply has most exercised minds.

Net Zero Gone With The Wind – Boris Johnson Plans Seven New Nuclear Plants And Shelves Wind Expansion
Reports in mainstream media suggest Boris Johnson has done a U turn on his recently announced massive expansion of wind powered generating capacity. Sources in Westminster claim Boris has shelved his masterplan for a giant, floating wind farm in The North Sea and the government will reconsider plans to double or even treble the number of wind turbines in the countryside and approve plans for up to seven new nuclear reactors instead.

Climate Change Research Paper Censored by The British Hydrological Society For Telling The Truth
The Daily Sceptic today published an article by retired research scientist James Dent, whose specialist field was hydrology and meteorology. Mr. Dent was involved in research projects aiemd at understanding the factors influencing climate, and their effects on environments, [ … ] he was the World Meteorology Organisation Chief Technical Advisor to the Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre in Bangladesh, a low lying nation especially prone to flooding ….

Freak Weather Around The World Begs Questions
With Britain and other parts of northern Europe basking in unseasonably warm temperatures which are forecast to last for a few days, while parts of the USA gring to a halt under a blanket of snow dumped by freak storms are, accoring to climate scarmongers, a signal that irreversible warming had arrived, it is perhaps timely for a hot topic from ten years ago, geoengineering came under the microscope again. This report from Global Intel Hub seems a good way to kick off the debate. … Continue reading >>>

Latest Bill Gates Insanity: Injecting Sulfur Into the Atmosphere Will Cause EnvironmentalDisaster
A study published in November by the University of Pennsylvania exposes the insanity of projects such as spraying particles of sulphur compounds into the stratosphere, self – anointed vaccime messiah Bill Gates’ latest scheme to “save” the planet with “geoengineering” According to the mathematical modellers Gates pays hansomely to provide him with “scientific” data to persuade politicians to spend taxpayers money on projects run by companies his “charitable foundation” has invested in. Far from saving the planet this latest idiocy is actually destroying environments. Continue reading >>>

We Told You So – Government-funded Report Confirms World’s Largest offshore Wind Farm is UnprofitableA report commissioned by the Norwegian government has contradicted Boris Johnson’s recent claim that offshore wind costs have fallen by 70% in a decade. The report also blows a huge hole in Johnson’s grandiose pledges to the COP26 conference that offshore wind power would propel Britain to its net – zero target for Carbon Dioxide emissions well before 2050, the target set by the climate conference for achieving that target.
Continue reading >>>

Climate: The Science, The Lies, The Malfeasance and The Deep State
Climate change hoax COLLAPSES as new science finds human activity has virtually zero impact on global temperatures We have previously highlighted this report from Finland which exposes the great flaw in “the science” of global warming. The link at the end of this extract takes you to a much more complete account of the research project which, not for the first time debunks the fake science on which the politically – motivate climate change scare.
Continue reading >>>

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