Blessed Are The Cheesemakers, But Not This Bunch

News is just churning out of a Siberian cheese factory being closed because workers took a bath in the milk. The alleged incident is claimed to have taken place last New Year’s Eve. Hey guys, let’s play count the bubbles Marina Boyko, deputy head of the Omsk regional sanitary inspection agency said: “In a checkup … Continue reading Blessed Are The Cheesemakers, But Not This Bunch

Blessed Are The Cheesemakers But Not In Russia

Supporters of Barack Obama are closing ranks in his defence. After taking a lot of stick from opponents for his attempts to lecture Vladimir Putin about homosexuals rights while Putin was busy totally stitching up Obama and his sidekick Lurch over Syria, Obama is being defended by many meeja commentators who just know that homosexuals … Continue reading Blessed Are The Cheesemakers But Not In Russia

Blesséd Are The Cheesemakers Of Outer Space

Is there something going on with cheesemakers this week, national farmhouse cheesemaking week or something? Twice in the past two days I have seen items on television news about cheesemakers. Now you don’t expect to hear much about cheesemakers in the normal run of things, their job is not to make news but to make … Continue reading Blesséd Are The Cheesemakers Of Outer Space

Athlete’s Feet Cheese Eeeuch and double Eeeeuch

We have reported some weird food innovations on Boggart Blog in the past but this has to be the one that proves food scientists are stark raving bonkers in the head. I mean what kind of insanity must they be infected with to think of using athletes foot bacteria to make cheese. It gives a … Continue reading Athlete’s Feet Cheese Eeeuch and double Eeeeuch

Will Cheese save The Economy

As the world teeters on the edge of another financial crisis even more catastrophic that the 2008 toxic bankers meltdown a member of the government has put forward a proposal to save the economy by exporting more Cheese. Jim Paice (Conservative; Cheddar) the Coalition Minister for Fremented Dairy Products told the House of Commons that … Continue reading Will Cheese save The Economy

More on Cheese Of Terror

Last week Boggart Blog brought you news of the new terrorist threat posed by Cheeses of Mass Destruction, reporting how dangerous cheese had been seized by security officials at airports around Europe. Sadly the threat seems to be increasing with more reports of cheese seizures coming in daily. We should all be eternally grateful that … Continue reading More on Cheese Of Terror

The Terror Of Exploding Cheese

There is no doubt about it, the threat of being harmed by a terrorist attack in coming closer to our homes all the time. Terror as a political weapon works by spreading fear and panic of course and the chances of actually being harmed is very small. Even so is would be foolish to court … Continue reading The Terror Of Exploding Cheese