Is Criticizing Islam Extremist?

The allegedly conservative UK think tank, The Henry Jackson Society,  named American  anti-Sharia campaigners Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer in a list of people promoting “extremism”, placing the pair alongside radical pro-Sharia Islamic fundamentalists like Zakir Naik.

The think tank, long noted for it’s wavering commitment to true conservatism in the face of attacks on free speech by the extreme left, denounces Geller and Spencer as Islamophobes in a new report, titled “Free to be Extreme.” According to a disclosure  the report, it was commissioned and funded by left wing extremists and anti – free-speech social media company Facebook.

The report calls for closer collaboration between the British government, which has passed draconian laws against “hate speech” in the past two decades, and social media companies such as Facebook which has demonstated that its corporate policy decrees only with Europeans are capable of uttering ‘Hate Speech.’.

The report is clear that its aim is to provide a framework for “restricting expression.”

It states: “restricting expression may be required to fulfil the aim of governments and institutions to balance toleration, protection, and freedom in liberal democratic societies.” But what has toleration to do with Islam or far – left ‘progressivism” which are the most intolerant religion amf political philosophies on the planet.

In addition to naming a number of Islamic extremists, the report also identifies Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, who are both critics of Islamism, as potential “extremists.” The report’s evidence for this includes Geller “displaying an offensive of Prophet Mohammed online” and Spencer’s argument  “that all schools of Islam teach warfare against non-Muslims, and that Islam is inherently violent.”

What a slimy, weaselly word ‘potential’ is especially when it is used to prevent crime by incarcerating ‘potential’ criminals before they have committed a crime. A state that uses such techniques in its legal system can only be described as fascist.  Throughout the civilised world, one of the founding principles of justice is the presumption of innocence. Facebook, however, is already on record as having declared its ambition to suppress any opinion or idea its far left extremist founder Mark Zuckerberg does not like.

It may seem to some that in the Henry Jackson Society’s opinion, flouting Islamic blasphemy laws about depicting Mohammed and criticizing Islamic doctrines about war could be enough to make you an “extremist.” It seems to us that conservative intellectuals can be bought as cheaply as left wing pontificators, climate scientists and politicians.

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French Intellectual Jailed for Calling Mass Immigration an “Invasion”


Free Speech Is Now A Crime In France

Picture via Summit News

French intellectual Renaud Camus (above) has been conditionally sentenced to 2 months imprisonment for arguing that mass immigration in Europe represents an “invasion.”

Under the weird French legal sysyem Camus can only avoid prison time by paying 1800 euros to two far – left, “anti-racist” organizations, SOS Racisme and the LICRA (International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism). reports: The writer, who is the author of Le Grand Remplacement (The Great Replacement), was charged with “public incitement to hate or violence on the basis of origin, ethnicity, nationality, race or religion.”

The conviction stems from a November 2017 speech in Colombey-les-deux Eglises to the National Council of European Resistance in which Camus declared, “Immigration has become an invasion.”

“The irreversible colonization is demographic colonization, by the replacement of the population,” said the author, adding, “The ethnic substitution, the great replacement, is the most important event in the history of our nation since it has existed; as with other people, if the story continues, it will not be that of France.”

Whether you agree with the French author or not, his words could in no way constitute ““public incitement to hate or violence on the basis of origin, ethnicity, nationality, race or religion,” in the mind of any reasonable person. The far – left are, as has been proved many times by their behaviour, the most unreasonable, intolerant, bigoted and racist people on the planet. One of their goals, which they are coming uncomfortable close to achieving thanks to politics, the legal system and law enforcement falling under the control of cultural Marxists, is to silence all dissenting opinions so their autgoritarian, ideologically driven, quasi – religious agenda of destroying European civilisation.

Camus also called for a “national consensus of resistance” to oppose Islamization in “the struggle for the salvation of our common civilization, Celtic, Slavic, Germanic, Greek-Latin, Judeo-Christian.”

The part of Camus’ speech that specifically garnered the attention of judges was when he talked about European people being replaced.

Camus said mass immigration “is the substitution, the tendency to substitute everything with its emulator, normalized, standardized, interchangeable: The original with its copy, the authentic with its imitation, the true with the false, the mothers with surrogate mothers, the culture with free time and entertainment.”

Immigration problems have plagued France for a long time due to immigrants from former colobies in Africa being encouraged to congregate and turn certain city suburbs into lawless ghettos. More recently the country has suffered Islamic terror attacks on such a routine basis that it’s barely even an important news story anymore. Muslim migrants are also known to be responsible for the upsurge in anti – Semitic attacks on synagogues, Jewish owned businesses and Jewish people. Many of those responsible for such attacks are young Muslim males radicalized by mosques that escape any police scrutiny because government policy forces police to prioritize the avoidance of anything which may increase inter – racisl tensions.

All this is well documented fact but Camus is being punished for his crime of having opinions the globalist government and its far – left, anti – white supporters are not prepared to tolerate.

Liberty is dead and free speech is a crime in France under the regime of Emmanuel Macron.


Residents Of Paris Suburb With Migrant Ghetto Feel ‘Abandoned’ as Crime Surges
In the areas where [ migrants ] have congregated, usually places with a surfeit of run down municipal housing the lawless behaviour in the migrant communities is causing problems for French people. Despite promises from government to increase police presence, residents of the 18th arrondissement of Paris say they feel abandoned as crime rises in the area.

French Prime Minister says: “Europe Is Falling Apart”

Illegal Immigrants In Paris No-Go Zone Suburbs Passes 400,000 Mark
A report from two members of the French National Assembly claims could be up to 400,000 illegal immigrants living in Seine-Saint-Denis department. According to their figures between eight and 20 percent of the population of Paris’s troubled northern suburbs may be constituted by illegal immigants and that many live on the streets …

Two French Police Officers Escape Violent Death At The Hands Of Immigrant Mob On New Year’s Eve
Police in Champigny-sur-Marne, France, had to intervene when two officers were violently assaulted as part of African immigrants New Year celebrations. The police had intervened to break up a rowdy gang of young immigrants. The officers, one female, became separated from the main force and were beaten by dozens of people.

German Green Party Urges Allowing 140 Million “Climate Refugees” To Migrate To West
The virtue signalling of lefties gets more and more insane. First they want to shut down all industry, transport and commercial activity in the developed nations “to achieve carbon neutrality,” then having exported all the work to south east Asia, they want to import all the people from south east Asia to the developed nations so they can say, “See how good and caring we are, all you horrible conservatives.”

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WEF Davos 2020: Trump slams climate ‘prophets of doom’

Climate protestors at Davos (Picture: Getty via Deutsche Welle)

Although climae change was the top issue issue on the agenda at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the so called ‘world No. 1 climate change denier, U.S. President Donald Trump was one of the main speakers. He and the darling of Social Justice Warriors, Swedish munchkin Greta Thunberg laid out competing visions for the future of the planet: Trump spoke of economic progress through technology which, he claimed, would also address the environmental problems leftist eco – warriors complain of. Thunberg extolled the hippy – dippy dream of abandoning civilisation and returning to to a planet friendly, hunter – gatherer lifestyle without mentioning that to fulfill her dream of a carbon – free world would mean millennials giving up their iPhones, plasma screen TVs, electric cars and other little politically correct luxuries. But little Greta has always been big on making demands about what people should be compelled to do but somewhat lacking when it comes to offering practical solutions.

Trump dismissed the concerns of environmental activists as “pessimism,” and said the world must ignore prophets of doom, in an impressive speech made political and business leaders at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, but his words were chosen with the US domestic audience very much in mind.

Climate change and global warming are topping the agenda at this year’s annual meeting in the Swiss ski resort of Davos, with activists at odds with businesses and governments about how to tackle the issue. We can only conclude from the importance attached to climate change that the global banking cartel have developed a way to make money out of it.

Here are a main points of Trump’s speech:

The US leader dubbed climate activists “prophets of doom” and rejected their warnings of climate related humanitarian catastrophe, saying: “Fear and doubt is not a good thought process.”

Despite the concerns expressed by the environment lobby about Carbon Dioxide emissions emissions, Trump trumpeted the success of the USA as one of the world’s largest producers of natural gas.

He announced that the US would be joining the WEF’s 1 trillion trees initiative.

When asked about his stance on climate change by reporters ahead of his speech, he said: “I’m a big believer in the environment. The environment is very important to me.”

Much of Trump’s speech was focused on praising his administration’s domestic economic successes including job creation, a resurgence of manufacturing and cutting through bureaucracy and saying that by rolling back regulations, prosperity “would come thundering back at record speed.”

“A nation’s highest duty is to its own citizens,” he said. “Only when governments put their citizens first, will they be invested in their national futures.”

Following Trump’s speech, Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg, recently exposed as a front for much older though no less immature far left activists when it was revealed her father is responsible for authoring her online articles and public speeces her online activities, writing and posting items in her name.

Greta predictably criticized world leaders and business executives for failing to meet their climate obligations. She also complained that her previous demands for action to drastically reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions had been ignored. As in all her speeches and articles, her lack of economic awareness or understanding of how the global economy works are glaringly obvious. She appears to believe CO2 emissions can be reduced simply by flicking a switch and completely fails to acknowledge that to achierve the things she want done overnight would actually take decades, cost millions of industrial jobs in the developed nations and trash the economies of those nations.

Critics have also been pointing out that she addresses all her remarks to western leaders and consumers and makes no criticism of the world’s biggest poluter, China, or other rapidly growing economies such as India, Indonesia, Brazil and Nigeria. Ah well, I guess on planet Hippy – Dippy third world nations and people are above citicism. Trouble is, whenever the demands of Greta and her supporters are met by the developed world, targets are only achieved by transferring the dirty processes to economies the eco warriors will not complain about for fear of being called racist.

What makes me so sure the whole Thinberg phenomenon is a carefully managed Public Relations campaign is that nobody is asking: “Hey kid, you haven’t even reached school leaving age yet, you are certainly not old enough to vote, who the fuck elected you to speak for the people of the world?”

Addressing the audience of business leaders Thunberg said, as she has many times before “Unlike you, my generation will not give up without a fight. The facts are clear but they are still too uncomfortable for you to address.”

“Our house is still on fire. Your inaction is fueling the flames by the hour. And we are telling you to act as if you loved your children above all else,” Thunberg said, repeating comments from her WEF appearance last year.

At a panel just before Trump arrived, Thunberg emphasized that moderate changes will not be enough to slow the impact of climate change. So if she gets her way, millions will starve and billions will be plunged into poverty as the industrial economies are shut down in order to achieve zero Carbon Dioxide emissions.


Is Hatred Of Greta Thunberg Justified?
As the backlash against the Greta Thunberg cult gathers momentum a lot of lefties are asking why the little Climate Warriorette is so hated by so many people. As usual with the left, they are asking the wrong question. Just as they asked, “Why can’t you believe the scientists, when in fact not only is it always legitimate (and scientific,) to question and challenge scientific theory, so it is perfectly rational and logical to challenge the Cult of Saint Greta ….

Globalisation, The Davosocracy and the Pushback

War and Politics Behind Mass Displacement in Africa, Not Climate Change – UCL

A report from a new study conducted by University College London’s may cause a stir in the climate scaremongering industry. The report challenges the academic establishment’s standard narrative of mass displacement in Africa being principally responsible for the creation of refugees in Africa and casts doubt on a number of other assumptions about global problems.

Hurricane Harvey Climate Catastrophe Man Made?As we reported last week the Hurricane Harvey disaster which has hit the U.S. states of Texas and Louisiana has shown characteristics never before observed in any hurricane or tropical storm since records began. Meteorological depressions (because that is what hurricanes, typhoons and other intense storms are,) move and once over land quickly weaken as air pressures become normalised. Harvey has stayed in the same area, dumping massive amounts of rain on the heavily populated coastal strip and causing $$$billionsworth of damage through flooding and high winds.

Trump Announces US To Quit The Paris Climate Accord

Fulfilling another campaign pledge, US President Donald Trump yesterday announced the U.S. would withdraw from the Paris climate pact and that he will work to renegotiate the international agreement in a way that treats American workers better. “So we are getting out, but we will start to negotiate and we will see if we can …

German Scientist Confims Climate Change Ia A Politically Motivated Scam

Even as the inbred idiot Prince Charles was babbling to a hand picked audience about the skid marks in his underpants being caused by Climate Change, a somewhat more scientifically literate person, Dr. Friedrich Karl Ewert, a retired geologist and data computation expert, has confirmed what those of us dubbed ‘climate deniers’ have been telling you for years …

German Scientist Confims Climate Change Ia A Politically Motivated Scam

Even as the inbred idiot Prince Charles was babbling to a hand picked audience about the skid marks in his underpants being caused by Climate Change, a somewhat more scientifically literate person, Dr. Friedrich Karl Ewert, a retired geologist and data computation expert, has confirmed what those of us dubbed ‘climate deniers’ have been telling …

Obama’s Climate Change Hypocrisy – The Arrogance Of The New Patricians

It is customary for US Presidents, when they leave office either having served two terms, been defeated in an election, or of their own volition, to fade quietly into the background. This is largely good manners, for an ex President to appear to be trying to intervene on political issues and influence events or public …

Big Business Joins Climate Change Scaremongers

The Paris summit on climate change approasches, which means the tree hugging fascist tendency are turning up the volume to eleven again. Trouble is they cannot produce a shed of evidence to back up their wild claims of imminent catastrophe because global warming only exists in their mathematical models, in the real world it is not happening/

Confusion Reigns As Paris Climate Conference Draws Near

The carbon dioxide driven climate change scam is back on the agenda as yet another monstrously expensive and fossil fulel gobbling jolly for politicians, scientists, freeloaders and general wankers gather to eat, drink, talk a lot and do nothing about a problem that exists in mathematical models but not in the real world.

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Jess Phillips Labour Leadership Bid Struggling. Stop Starmer Campaign Needed?
Jess Phillips makes a point (Picture: Shutterstock)

Reports coming out of Labour Party HQ suggest Jess Phillips was struggling to stay in the Labour leadership race on Monday night after the most likely union to back her opted to support “Sir” Keir Starmer, enabler of rape gangs, friend of terrorists and millionaire lawyer, instead.

USDAW, the shopworkers’ union, declared their support, stating that Sir Keir was “someone who can persuade voters that they have what it takes to be a prime minister”, and supported Angela Rayner as its deputy leadership candidate. Well if USDAW think being a smarmy, oily, slippery – toungued, self – serving, wank – stain are the qualities needed to become Prime Minister, Labour are in deeper shit than even their harshest critics suspected. Let’s not forget “Sir” Kier is not even a proper lawyer, he’s a “human rights” lawyer who got rich arguning the case for terorists and hate preachers to be allowed into Britain in cases head by fer – left activist judges who had already decided their verdict before any evidence was presented.

The USDAW nomination leaves three of the big five Labour unions left to nominate a candidate, with Unite and the CWU expected to back Rebecca Long-Bailey (Becky from accounts,) and GMB expected to choose between Lisa Nandy and Sir Keir.

Monday’s USDAW committee decision puts Sir Keir into the final round of the contest, where members and registered supporters will vote directly for their preferred candidate.

Without union backing, Jess Phillips and Emily Thornberry will now the support of five per cent of local Labour groups (CLPs) to demonstrate they have the support among the membership. Lady Nugeee (to give Thornberry her proper title,) is dead in the water, or on the sand like a big, flabby beached whale perhaps, and Phillips, despite some of her whacko pronouncements, is seen as a moderate by the ‘woke’ millennials of Momentum.

In the local associations they will both face strong resistance from Momentum, the grassroots Corbyn-supporting campaign group which has organised effectively to back its candidate in previous leadership contests.
This is disappointing news, while I do not agree with much Jess Phillps says, she is at least entertaining and has more personality that the other four put together. All would be absolute disasters as Prime Minister of course, but Labour should reject Starmer as potentially more catastrophic for the party than Corbyn & Co.

All it would need to plunge s Sartmer – led party into the depths of destruction is for some rogue MP to find the testicular fortitude to drag up Starmer’s record as Director of Public Prosecutions and the fact that it was on his watch the edict went out to police forces and prosecutors to back off investigating the notorious Asian grooming gangs in order to avoid increasing inter – racial tensions.

Sarcasm and invective aside, one thing I do support Jess Phillips for is her superior understanding of the nature of Labour’s core vote. While the other candidates are content to refer to “the working class” as if there is a great mass of bovine cud – chewers just waiting to be told what they think by far – left intellectuals who claim to speak for “the working class,” but have never done a day’s real work in their lives.

Jess Phillips alone of the Labour leadership candidates has recognised the scope of working class diversity, and that should be to her credit, although given the level of contempt The Inner Party (h/t George Orwell) shows for the average working class person,  the gap between voters and the political elite is only going to get wider.

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Minister In Spain’s Socialist Government Claims Country Needs ‘Millions and Millions’ of Migrants

The Minister for Social Security, Inclusion, and Migration in Spain’s socialist interim government, has said the country, which already has phenomenally high unemployment, requires millions of new migrants from third world nations, similar to the hundreds of thousands of illiterate, unskilled professional benefits claimants who have flooded the country in recent years, to combat the forecasted demographic decline in the near future.

Escriva claimed the demographic projections for Spain are so bad that the country will require “eight or nine million people just to keep our working population at the same level”, and noted that other countries should be “prepared to integrate” large migrant populations, France Info reports.

“The demographic trajectories are there. It will happen, we will not escape it,” Escriva said during a meeting of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris on Thursday.

“We must be prepared to integrate into our societies, if we want to maintain our comfort levels, a certain number of additional migrants and our population will be more mixed,” he said and added: “We have to prepare societies for this. Explain to them why it is good for them, for their children, and for generations to come.”

He’s talking bollocks of course, mass immigration is a sacred cow policy for socialists throughout the European Union, but the EU’s ‘open doors’ policy, imposed on member states by Brussels is responsible for the social and economic problems being experienced by many EU member states.

European Commissioner for Migration Ylva Johansson, who also attended the meeting, went on to state that European Union citizens are worried that we cannot manage migration, that we cannot control it”.

“We must show that we control immigration,” she said and added that the EU could do more to deal with illegal immigrants. Johansson went on to state: “Those who have the right to stay, they are welcome, we must welcome them.”

While many establishment politicians, particularly on the left, have idiotically championed mass migration as a way to boost the economies of European countries by paying out more benefits to unemployable people, serious economic studies such as a 2016 report from the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) claimed mass migration was harmful to long term economic growth.

A University of Basel study released in 2018 agreed, concluding that in the short term mass migration can benefit the economy but in the long term migrants are a net loss for the state, rather than a contributor.

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Not Qualified To Press A Button

Janice Woodward spent 75 minutes trapped with her granddaughter in a lift at her local ASDA store at Portland, Dorset, after health and safety rules stopped staff pushing a button to rescue them according to …

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We Were Right Again – Immigrants Are Keeping British People Out Of Jobs

A British worker is “displaced” from the jobs market for every four immigrants from nations outside the EU, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has revealed. The new report, published yesterday is the first official admission of the impact immigration has on British workers and the economy It showed migrants have been keeping resident workers out of jobs for many years. Jobseekers have long been aware that when they …

New EU bureaucratic control freakery destroys British Jobs
British Workers To Lose Jobs Under New Rules

Almost 30,000 young British workers will lose their jobs because of new European Union employment rules due to take force this week, Europe watcher report. Open Europe, a consultancy firm specialising in European regulatory compliance said the Agency Workers’ Directive (AWD) could put 28,000 young workers’ contracts at risk by making the temporary staff, employed on short term contracts, too expensive to …

Creating Wealth

Politicians talk about encouraging entrepreneurs to create wealth,provide jobs and revitalise zombie economies. But entrepreneurs do not create wealh, they move money and goods around. Only the banks and the finance industry can create the wealth that drives the economy. Bankers do this by using asset values as collaterlal for loans. Learn how the system works and how it failed ….

Number Of Jobless Falls But Are Figures True?

The total number of unemployed people decreased by 17,000 in the three months to February, according to official figures. The official number unemployed, based on those claiming jobseekers allowance stands at 2.48m. The drop was greater than the 4,000 decrease expected. The unemployment rate for all age groups also fell unexpectedly by 0.1% to 7.8%.

Hopes Of Recovery Raised By New Job Figures

Stock Markets and business confidence in the USA received a boost yesterday when it was revealed employers in the private sector hired 230,000 people in March, building on the 240,000 staff taken on in February. It was the best back-to-back growth in new hirings since early 2006 and proved enough to drive stock markets higher in London, Freankfurt and Paris as well as New York. Unemployment has so far been the Achilles heel of the US recovery, but the latest figures suggest an upturn in … [ Read all ]

Councils Still Creating Non Jobs
As Coalition ministers strive to find ways of cutting Britain’s crippling public sector deficit, Labour councils are still creating ‘non – jobs’, positions crreated to appease politically correct prejudices, service the vanity of executives and elected officials and buy votes from minoroties. We look at the nature of some non jobs taxpayers are funding …

“Hard” Of Hearing? PornHub Being Sued By Deaf Man For Lack Of Subtitles

At last, the pushback against the angry, offended snowflakes of the ‘woke’ left is starting to yield stories worthy of the early days of Boggart Blog

We read today that sex supermaket site PornHub is being sued by Yaroslav Suris, who has filed a lawsuit claiming that its lack of PornHub’s lack of subtitles for the hard of hearing is discriminatory.

Suris’ bone of contention is that the website violates his rights under the Americans With Disabilities Act, according to showbiz gossip site TMZ, which broke the story.

The plaintiff claims that the deaf and hearing impaired can’t understand the audio tracks of videos on the website and claims that some of his favorite titles – with names like “Hot Aunt Babysits Disobedient Nephew,” “Sexy Cop Gets Witness to Talk” and “Daddy 4K — Allison comes to Talk About Money to Her Boys’ Naughty Father” – are difficult to follow.

We beg to differ. PornHub is what it is and dialogue like:
“AH OOH UH URRR OH YEAH, AAAAARRRGGGGGHHHHH UH UH UH” should not be difficult to lip read.

On the other hand (oops, pardon,) PornHub could argue that Mr Suris has spent so much time watching it’s content he has ended up visually impaired and so would not be able to read the subtitles.

While we Brits may joke about stories like this and reduce Mr Suri’ complaint to adolescent humour, the American legal system being what it is, we think he has a case and will have no difficulty getting it up before the courts.

German Green Party Will Pay For Prostitutes For Migrants Needing “Sexual Assistance”
Texas Robot Brothel Outlawed By City Council
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Quitaly Back On As Salvini Prepares To Take On The EU

While the bureaucraps of Brussels were still congratuating themselves on brokering the stitch up that forced Matteo Salvini’s Lega (League) party out of Italy’s governing coalition, mainstream media barely bothered to cover the news that Lega won the state elections in Umbria towards the end of October 2019. Thus the story that should have had Europhiles like Emmanuel Macron and Guy Verhofshit crapping themselves as Boris Johnson finally saw off efforts by EU fanatics in the UK and Eurofederalists in Brussels to stop Brexit, was barely noticed.

Lega and the Brothers of Italy and Forza Italia took at whopping 53% of the vote, with Lega taking 37%, a result from which the Eurocrats should have learned that although their backroom deal overturned the result of Italy’s democratic election and put two EU supporting parties that are actually on opposite sides of the political fence together in a minority government that cannot govern, the rebel Matteo Salvini and his anti – establishment party are more popular than ever with voters.

Matteo Salvini meets US Secretary of Stat,e Mike Pompeo, though not in power Salvini is recognised as Italy’s de facto leader

The real importance of the result in Umbria is that it demonstrates Lega’s ability to turn a stronghold of the centre – left Democratic Party (PD) against history.  PD had held Umbria for over fifty years until last October, now they are also rans.

The result showed that even though Salvini is no longer in government in Rome, his popularity, far from diminishing, has increased. The Umbria result back up conclusions from  polling and confirmed that standing up to Brussels has seen Lega strengthen its position as the dominant party in Italy. Current polls have Lega commanding 31-33% of the vote, remarkable in a country with more than ten political partioes capable of winning seats in its national assembly.

Another interesting, (and disturbing for Brussels,) aspect to the story, however, is the surging popularity of far right group The Brothers of Italy (FdL) who are picking up disaffected Forza Italia voters and held them for months now, continuing to hold a solid 10%. Mainstream media have habitually referred to Lega as far right nationalists, just as they have tried to taint Germany’s AfD, France’s Rassemblement National, The Sweden Democrats, Austria’s Freedom Party and the UK’s Brexit Party with the same labal in the hope offalsely linking them to The Nazis.

Overall  the ousting of Salvini and Lega from the ruling coalition has backfired. When coalition partner in the Eurosceptic government, Five Star Movement (M5S) agreed to a deal brokered by EU officials to form a coalition with the fanatically Eurofederalist and notoriouslu corrupt PD,  M5S’s slide in the polls, and in the actual election in Umbria has accelerated. Remember, M5S was formed to stop PD from holding onto power, ending corruption in Italian politics and challenging the establishment on EU membership and continued use of the euro as Italy’s currency. It isidely recognised by economists and financiers across the democratic world that Italy’s being forced by Brussels to join the single currency has trashed the always volatile financial situation of the world’s eighth largest economy.

Making that deal with the establishment like that has alienated a lot of M5S’s base and it’s support is now threatening to collapse below the all-important 16% level, which once breached to the downside opens the door for someone else to gain dramatically.

And that is the backdrop against which the PD/Five Star Movement (M5S) government is dealing with.

Lega is currently polling higher than PD/M5S together nationally. And with a state election  due in Emilia-Romagna on January 26th it looks as if things are likely to get even more tense in Rome. As the Financial Times reported in a recent article, Salvini and Lega have already made serious inroads in the traditionally left wing area.

Giorgio Bennetti, a 35-year-old sweets seller with a stall in Ferrara’s centre, believes that many voters are willing to switch to the right to express a general political dissatisfaction. Local issues, such as the collapse of the Ferrara savings bank — 130,000 investors lost their savings — have also given voters reason to want to punish the PD, which was in charge both locally and nationally when the rescue happened in 2015.

“This is a protest vote; people don’t believe that the left is working for them any more,” Mr Bennetti says. “My grandmother used to say that people have no problem changing their shirts from red to black if they need to.”

But taking advantage of a similar public mood to that which  took Donald Trump to the US Presidency in 2016 and Boris Johnson’s Conservatives to a super-safe majority in the UK last month, nominally right-wing candidates have become the champions of domestic working middle class by sensing that the public is sick of politically correct stupidity and virtue signalling.

In Italian political terms, the former Communists in Emilia-Romagna now firmly trust Salvini to protect their futures and the jobs rather than traditional centre left parties, but also they trust Lega to protect and preserve Italian culture and Italian identity.

Current polling for the state election in Emilia-Romagna  has Lega with 31% of the vote, a massive 12-point rise over the last election while PD has lost even more down 20 points.

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