Breaking: Corbynistas resort to fascist tactics to shut down opposition.

We are just learning that /Nasty, neo – Nazi supporters of the far – left, Jew hating Labour party, it’s Trotskyite leader Jeremy Corbyn and his propaganda chief, the Stalinist John McDonnell, have mobbed the market hall in the small Lancashire town of Westhoughton, where Boris Johnson was due to meet voters and traders today.

According to reports from local radio stations Johnson’s visit was cancelled at short notice due to what the Conservative Party describe police  “security concerns”.

A group of protesters had gathered before the Prime Minister’s arrival.

One witness tweeted: “The police have now arrived and Westhoughton Market is in lockdown after market traders say protestors tried to force their way in.”

There was a similar incident  in Rochester, Kent yesterday, when rabid, neo – fasist Labour supporters forced the cancellation of a walkabout after police fears that the feral hysterial that drives left wing hatred of anyone who disagrees with them would override civilised values and in their frenzied determination to tear the Prime Minister to sheds, the drug crazed, anti – Semitic crusties would injure or even kill members of the public.

Can any sane person believe a party that encourages such sociopathic paskudnyaks are fit to run the country?

As the loony left tried to claim Boris is chickening out of facing the people, but conservative sources say (correctly according to law,) that the police have the final say and that security considerations determine what happens.

Free Speech Murdered

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Labour planned to privatise 40% of NHS as Hypocrite Corbyn accuses Johnson of selling off the health service

Labour planned to privatise 40% of NHS as Corbyn takes aim at Johnson

Corbyn’s scaremongering preaches to the converted (Picture: Google)

One quickly tires of Labour Party candidates and their Jew – hating supporters claiming, every time an election is in the offinge, the “The Wicked Conservatiovs plan to sell the NHS to private enterprise. They’ve been at it again throughout the current election cycle, and of course there is no more truth in the claims than there ever was before. But the lefties, as they glefully point at any conservatives whose heads appears over the parapet, “Witches, burn them,” that the Labour government, between 1997 and 2010 under the traitor and war criminal Tony Blair privatised much of the NHS. (Our local super-hospital where my wife was recently murdered by bureaucratic institutionalised incompetence was built by one of Blair’s Private Public Finance initiatives and is now owned by a subsidiary of HSBC, making it, perhaps, an NHSBC hospital.

So those leftie claims that the “evil conservatives” planned to sell off our ‘precious NHS’ qyickly start to look rather empty. And that is before we have considered the detail of Labour’s plans for the NHS.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn made the repeated accusation that Boris Johnson’s government, if re-elected with a majority in parliament, will see the NHS to American healthcare companies as part of a free trade deal informally discussed between Johnson and US President Donald Trump. Corbyn and his Stalinist bagman John McDonnell, along with other party figures and left leaning joursnlists in mainstream media continue to repeat this in spite of both men offering assurances that the NHS was not “for sale” and the document Corbyn and his cronies claimed revealled a secret deal containing no evidence that any such deal had been discussed.

Corbyn’s attempts to expose his imaginary Anglo – American conspiracy by producing a 451-page document “proving the NHS is for sale” during a press conference on November 27 were debunked when it was revealed that the NHS was only mentioned four times, with US officials only once asking about the UK position on our ‘health insurance’ system”. The other times the UK Health Servive was mentioned were all in the context of allowing US pharmaceutical companies access to the NHS for their products.


Despite this, the stunt has caused quite a storm, but it can be revealed how Labour were actually the first to float the idea of privatising health services in the UK.

Tony Blair took office in 1997, with the promise of removing “internal markets” in the NHS – the idea that Health Authorities ceased to run their hospitals, but “purchased” care from their own or other authorities hospitals.

However, during his second term, Mr Blair announced his administrations intention to strengthen links with the private sector as part of his plan to “modernise” the NHS. Driving Labour’s planned reforms were factors including the rising costs of medical technology and medicines, the desire to increase standards and “patient choice”, an ageing population, and a desire to control government expenditure.

It was these plans, now more than ten years old, that Corbyn referred to in his docdgy dossier on plans to sell the NHS.

Picture: Daily Expres

Corbyn’s stunt caused a storm in an eggcup on social media as the usual suspects jumped on the bandwagon to accuse Boris and his party of planning to sell the NHS, but it is widely known that Labour were actually the first to float the idea of privatising health services in the UK, although Margaret Thatcher’s conservative government in the 1980s introduced the idea of an internal market (whatever that means’) to the NHS and also encouraged the outsourceing of certain services such as janitorial duties and waste disposal.

A Labour government under Tony Blair took office in 1997, and quickly introduced the concept of PFI, Private Finance Initiativs (also termed Private – Public partnerships,) the idea that Health Authorities ceased to own their hospitals, but hired them from private companies as a managed facility. Many left wing commentators were horrified and dismissed the idea as a ‘licence to print money’ for the private half of the partnerhip.

In 2006, Blair welcomed 11 private healthcare providers, including private health insurance firm Bupa, into this “NHS family,” in a bid to drive up the quality of services provided. Blair made his and Labour’s intentions clear in 2006 when he said “By 2008 we could have as much as 40 perrcent of acute operations done in the private sector being done under the NHS banner.”

The network’s spokesman, Mark Smith, admitted the changing healthcare market meant the independent sector was increasingly looking to the NHS for business. He said some companies had “specific targets for a large number of patients to be NHS patients in the future because undoubtedly things are changing. Wherever people are treated – in a traditional hospital, an independent hospital, a new treatment centre or in the community – it is the protection afforded to them of tax-funded healthcare, according to need and not ability to pay, which makes them NHS patients.

Nice try at wrigging out of Labour’s committment to privatising the NHS but between 2004 and 2014, demand for NHS services increased rapidly and hospital admissions increased by 32 percent, outpatient attendances by 17 percent, primary care consultations by 25 percent and community care activity by 14 percent. The only way the massive, clumsy, centralised bureaucracy that runs service could cope was by outsourcing more work. Research carried out on behalf of the GMB trade union, which represents many NHS workers, shows 15billion of health service contracts have been handed to private companies since 2015. And yet the service is still failing to cope with increased demand.

So far in 2019 £3.3billion, or 63 percent, of contracts have been given to organisations in the private sector. So though Labour Party spokespersons have not admitted as much in public, these figures prove that their manifesto committments to increase spending on health must include further outsourcing of work to the private sector. Far too much of what the organisation does has already been handed to the private sector for the position to be reversed. So Blair’s plan to put more work out to the private sector, carried on by the Conservative . Liberal Democrat coalition from 2010 and by the Conservatives from 2015 is still in place. And it has to be said that the NHS, in permanent crisis now, would have collapsed without it.

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Leaked Photos: Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell And Very Young Girls On ‘Pedo Island’

Still not worked out how much trouble Prince Andrew is in? You’re in good company, neither has he. And with far more dirt poise to come out even we can’t tell you how bad it wil end up being. One thing we have heard though is that King Charles 1’s old room at the Tower Of London is being redecorated.


A former masseuse for Jeffrey Epstein who says he raped her on his private island, has provided photos of his secretive Caribbean compound to The Sun.

Chaunte Davies says she was raped by Epstein over the course of several years before finally parting ways with him in 2005. She told the Sun that the wealthy pedophile was arrested just five days after she gave the FBI and New Mexico Assistant Attorney General evidence against him.

Epstein receives a massage from assistant Sarah Kellen

Now 40, Chaunte says the ex-Wall Street banker performed a sex act on himself during their first massage session – and that she was “manipulated” into staying in their circle by Epstein’s alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell. “Within weeks she was jetting round the world on his private jet and on to his island of Little Saint James,” according to the report.

Chaunte Davies, Ghislaine Maxwell

Chaunte, top left, pictured with other girls on the island

Davies also revealed how Epstein bragged about his friendship with Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, and how Epstein used his relationship with the Duke of York to lure young girls into his orbit – at one point, allegedly having an orgy with Andrew and several young girls.

In 2015 court testimony, she wrote: “I was around 18 at the time. Epstein, Andy, approximately eight other young girls and I had sex together.

She said the other girls seemed to be under 18 and “didn’t really speak English”. This seemed to amuse Epstein, she claimed, who said “they are the ‘easiest’ girls to get along with”.

The duke has repeatedly denied the claims, which were later struck from the 2015 case. In his Newsnight interview he said he had “no recollection” of meeting Virginia and has denied any wrongdoing. –The Sun

“I was very aware of Jeffrey Epstein’s friendship with Prince Andrew and Fergie right away,” she said, adding “It was one of several bragging tactics he used to further induce his power and privilege. He bragged a lot.”

Read full story at Zero Hedge

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Illiberal Undemocrats Now Hate Catholics As Well As White People, Britain & Heterosexuals

authored by Paul Embery for Unherd

A political scandal broke earlier this week — though if you blinked you’d have missed it. Not so long ago, the story would have commanded column inches across the national press and extensive comment over the airwaves. Instead, however, there was next to nothing. Quite simply, the reason the story passed by virtually unnoticed is that our society has changed so fundamentally, and so quickly, that scandals of this type are just not considered major news anymore.

In a nutshell, the Liberal Democrats deselected an election candidate on the grounds that he is an orthodox Roman Catholic. You read that right. Rob Flello (right), the Lib Dem candidate for Stoke-on-Trent South — a constituency he represented as a Labour MP for twelve years before defecting — was suddenly dropped after party bigwigs became aware of his traditional views on same-sex marriage and abortion — views that happen to be entirely consistent with mainstream Catholic thought.

As a Labour MP, Flello voted according to the doctrines of his faith on both these issues. Upon discovering the fact, the Lib Dems sacked him and said in a statement:

We do our best to screen candidates in our approval process. In this case it only really became clear over the past few hours how greatly his values diverge from ours.

– Liberal Democrats

Anyone would think Flello had been unmasked as a secret member of the National Front.


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Spanish Election Chaos Sums Up EU Path To Disintegration

As expected the General Election in Spain, the fourth in four years (I previously reported it was five in that time, having forgotten that on one occasion when a government collapsed The King refused to dissolve parliament and appointed a new government.) Each of these elections has failed to produce an assembly from which a ruling coalition could be formed … and the one appointed by the king fared no better,  and for what? The Socialist government which became the largest party but with no majority in April this year, after heading a minority government formed when a political stitch up removed the previous administration (the one the king appointed,) could pass no legislation because the coalition parties could not agree any policies, only succeeded in moving the former dictator General Franco from his gloomy mausoleum near Madrid, jailed Catalan independence leaders, opened the borders to undocumented migrants (by executive order,) and, in total disarray,  told voters to try again for the second time in seven months.

The historic nation has not had an effective government since 2014 . Following the latest inconclusive exercise in how not to do democracy, the Socialist party is likely to stay in power, but having been weakened in the latest vote will probably be even less effective.

Pedro Sanchez, the Socialist who remains prime minister until a new government is formed, is doing that politician thing of appearing full of confidence and declaring victory.

“We’ve won the election and we’re going to work for a progressive government,” he told party party members in Madrid as the results were announced last Sunday night. But his position has been weakened in a national assembly that looks more polarised, fragmented and politically paralysed than before. So what are the wider lessons of this latest election debacle?

Like Boris Johnson in the UK, Sanchez led a government that did not have a majority to pass its legislative program, could find no majority for any of the available options, was opposed by parties that would not call a vote of no confidence and force an election and in the end felt he had no way forward but to submit his government to the tender mercies of voters.

While he remains the most likely candidate for prime minister the election has again has failed to resolve the political crisis in the Eurozone’s fourth-largest economy after an election in which mainstream and pro – EU parties all lost more ground, regional independence movements gained or lost marginally  but the real winner was Vox, the far-right force that has more than doubled its seats in parliament to become the Spain’s third-biggest party.

Some commentators have compared Vox to the Falangist movement headed by Franco, which may be a tad unfair as Franco took control of Spain after a bloody civil war, but perhaps Sanchez has only himself to blame, raising the ghost of Franco by exhuming his remains when  the threat of separatism, particularly in Catalonia, the nation’s most populous and prosperous region, and the inept and unnecessarily brutal attempt of the Madrid government to suppress such movements, has triggered talk of a drift towards civil war.

The Socialists topped the poll for the second time this year — but fell 56 seats short of a majority in parliament, while other party of the traditional duopoly, the conservative Popular Party gained 22 seats on their lowest ever return back in April but still has less than half the number needed to rule on its own.

This fourth inconclusive election in as many years shows how traditional parties of Left and Right, which dominated Spanish politics for four decades after the restoration of democracy in the mid -seventies, are floundering as voters show their opposition to the surrender of national sovereignty to unelected EU bureaucrats in Brussels and new, nationalistic parties rise around them. The two parties which used to routinely scoop up eight in 10 votes at elections collected less than half the total vote on November 10. Three parties were fighting for votes on the Right and three more on the Left.

Spain is far from unique. Political duopolies are being ripped apart across Europe as traditional parties struggle to retain power. We saw this in Britain two years ago when Prime Minister Theresa May threw away the Conservative majority, leaving her forced to bribe Northern Ireland’s regional group Democratic Unionist Party to stay in Downing Street, and then a few months later in Germany, when the main parties suffered their worst results for almost seven decades. These historic political consensus pairings are struggling as nationalism rises on the right, identity politics consumes much of the Left and technology is used by rogue players to disrupt election campaigns. Economic austerity and environmental issues are also reshaping and further polarising political landscapes. In Germany, political fragmentation means 13 different coalitions govern its 16 federal states.

Spain’s recent election has simply fuelled the uncertainty that has paralyzed the nation for five years. Parties on the Left won 158 seats, while the Right took a combined 150 seats, leaving both significantly short of a majority. Sanchez looks the most likely prime minister but creating a functioning coalition appears harder than before. “Forming a government looked complicated in April – now it is an inscrutable hieroglyph,” was the El Pais verdict.

It will probably once again take months to sort a coalition deal and form a government which is likely to last less time than it takes to put together, yet such political gridlocks are becoming commonplace in European democracies. Belgium famously went 541 days without a functioning government after an election in June 2010 and in reality has never had a satable government since then. More recently, Holland and Sweden have endured months of tortuous negotiation, virtue signalling and posturing as parties of the old neoliberal consensus tried to excuse their contempt for democracy by smearing nationalist parties as racist, fascist and far right to justify refusing to work with the representatives voters have elected after inconclusive elections.

Meanwhile Britain’s election due on December 12 is intended to break a Brexit logjam that has stymied parliament for over three years, reflecting the divisions in the country inflamed by the 2016 referendum — some fear it could prove as inconclusive the Spanish contest, although it looks as if the left wing Labour Party, changed from a centre left working class party to a far left party of lwyers, academics and intellectuals has succeeded so comprehensively in alienating its core voters it may suffer a crushing defeat, thus leaving us in the democratically unhealthy position of having only one credible political party.

This is not to say the Conservatives are fit to govern the nation, their current showing at the top of opinon polls with double figure leads is due more to Labour’s ineptitude than Conservatives’ inspiring leadership.

There have been some suggestions in mainstream media recently that Europe had reached peak populism after liberal lawyer Zuzana Caputova became Slovakia’s first female president, the Austrian right wing Freedom Party crashed after being snared in a corruption scandal, and the hugely popular nationalist League in Italy, led by charismatic Matteo Salvini, was thrown out of government in a shamefully undemocratic stitch up organised by the EU. But in regional election results over the past few weeks have seen the anti-immigrant Alternative fur Deutschland chalk up some of its best ever results in German state elections and now this astonishing surge by the truly right – wing (but not fascist,)Vox Party in Spain. Santiago Abascal has established Vox as a significant force in Spain after winning more than 15% of the vote, making the party the third largest in Spain.

Vox exploited the tensions over Catalonia with calls for a tough response, appealing to young male voters, while polling showed a rise in support when Franco’s remains were finally exhumed last month. Vox is an ultra-conservative force, defending bull-fighting while attacking political correctness, but like other populist parties, it ramps up hostility to migration as seen in its calls for a wall around Spanish enclaves in north Africa. “We have managed to open up all the prohibited debates,” said Abascal.

The fall of left wing Eurosceptic party Podemos is especially fascinating, not only does it mirror the rise of Vox, it also serves as a demonstration of what happens when ideological purity confronts the pragmatism of everyday politics. Podemos emerged five-years ago, at the start of Spain’s era of instability, spawned by huge anti-austerity protests in a massively indebted nation against austerity measures imposed from Brussels by the EU as a condition of continued support for Spain’s ailing economy. In truth Spain had been badly hit by the financial meltdown that followed the crisis of 2008, and by the bursting of a housing bubble inflated by EU policies. The country still suffers very high youth unemployment. Pablo Iglesias, the charismatic, pony-tailed leader of Podemos, promised to transform politics and came close to stealing the crown of Spain’s left from Sanchez. Then came infighting, fragmentation and bitter rows over compromises in local government. Now the party looks significantly diminished, but is still significant enough to prevent the traditional pr – EU socialists from grabbing control of the country and selling it out to those EU leaders who have been pushing for the creation of a single European federal superstate.

Spain may be looking inwards, focused on its domestic problems but to an outsider commentating on the bigger picture it serves as a bellweather state for the future of the EU, because apart from the EU member states already mentioned in this article, the European Union, while blindly singing the refrain of “ever closer integration,” is riven with cultural, economic and social divisions as a result of trying to force multiculturalism on 28 (soon to be 27) diverse nations. If you have ever bought clothes sold as “one size fits all” you might be aware that such garments actually fit few people well and simply look ridiculous on most. It’s the same with cultures, values and policies. A single economic policy, for example, is hardly going to cover the needs of mighty Germany while simultaneously serving little Malta well.

Thus, unless the EU backs off its goal of “ever closer integration” until all member states are merged into a single political entity, it mut disintegrate in chaos, causing unthinkable harm to the national communities of its member states.

I will die an Anti Racist say Jew Hating Racist Labour leader Corbyn

Protest against Labour Party anti – Semitism (Wikimedia commons)

As former Labour Party deputy leader Tom Watson rode off into the sunset, a good man but a discredited figure because he was foolish enough to let his hatred of the elite persuade him to believe the incredible allegations of a fantasist and attention seeker about a paedophile ring operating in the Whitehall political village, (there was credible evidence to support some of the allegations, but to believe all the alleged paedophies abouse the same boy was incredible,) other Labour MPs and former MPs who have resigned from the party due to the rampant anti – Seimitism that has infected the party since it was hijacked by the far left, lined up to echo Watson’s parting words to voters: Please don’t vote Labour while Corbyn and his extremist supporters lead the party, the working class and all Britons will be safer with the Conservatives in government.

Corbyn and his cronies are of course frantically denying that their support for organisations like Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, The Muslim Brotherhood, the Provisional IRA, and others (these misguided fools have never encountered a terrorist organisation they didn’t like,) and their rabid hatred of anything to do with Israel. However, the evidence indicates the opposite.

The Labour leader was asked about the front page of the Jewish Chronicle, which urged non-Jews to vote against him because of Labour’s anti-Semitism. It is ironic that while Britain’s Jewish communities have always been regarded as stalwart supporters of the Labour Party in recent decades, since the era of traitor and war criminal Tony Blair’s leadership the party has aligned itself with Islamic extremist groups

When Corbyn answer the question about the Jewish Chronicle story, he said: “Anti-Semitism is a poison and an evil in our society. Any form of racism is a poison and evil in society.

“I have spent my whole life fighting against racism. I will die an anti-racist. I want every community to feel safe and supported in this country – the Jewish community, Muslim community, Hindu community, any other community from any faith or any other part of the world.”

Those words show how out of touch with the situation in the country, he sees no prolem in trying to claim he supports Jewish communities, while simultaneously demonstrating his support for organisations which feature an ambition to complete the genocide of jewish people in their agenda. Only an idiot could fail to be aware of the incompatibility of those two positions. Mr Corbyn said that his party had “confronted the issue” [of anti Semitism] and “suspended or expelled members” responsible.

He added: “There are many Jewish people in this country who are members of Labour Party, supporters of the Labour Party, work with the Labour Party and they do not share the views that have been put forward on the front page of the Jewish Chronicle.

“I regret the Jewish Chronicle has chosen to print that.”

He also discussed Tom Watson’s decision to step down as deputy leader.

Mr Corbyn added: “We get along personally very well, we always have, and we chat about lots of things.

Former Labour MP John Woodcock said he would be voting Conservative rather than putting Corbyn and his extremist supporters saying, “We pleaded with our friends in the Labour Party to face up to this choice, not to leave it until too late. Now all of that to an extent is water under the bridge, but we have arrived in a campaign where one of two people are going to be prime minister.”

Mr Woodcock, who was suspended from the Labour Party in April 2018, announced he would not stand in the general election on Monday as he and his partner are expecting a baby.

He added: “The choice to keep Jeremy Corbyn away from Downing Street, to stop him getting his hands on the levers of national security and defence has to be to vote Conservative in this election and that’s what I’ll be doing.”

Former Labour shadow minister Tom Harris also said he’d be backing the Tories, saying: “Like Ian Austin I will be far happier with a Boris Johnson government.”

This morning former minister Ian Austin followed Tom Watson’s lead and urged “decent, traditional voters” to back Boris Johnson in the upcoming general election.

He claimed that “Jeremy Corbyn is totally unfit to lead this country” and Labour’s economic policies “would leave our country worse off”. In fact the loonytoons economic mafifesto announced by Mr McDonnell this morning would bankrupt Britain and cause the collapse of the economy.

Austin, former Minister for the West Midlands in Gordon Brown’s government, who resigned the Labour whip in February, admitted: “I’m not a Tory, this isn’t where I want to be.”

Austin the adopted son of a Jewish refugee who escaped the Holocaust, cited the words of the Jewish Chronicle that the “scandal of anti-Semitism that has poisoned the Labour Party”.

Responding to the Jewish Chronicle story, Labour’s shadow chancellor (finance chief) John McDonnell, now de facto number two in the organisation, said the party’s handling of allegations of anti – Semitism within the party had been rapid and ruthless. Well McDonnell has ruthlessly dealt with party members who have complained about the party’s links with anti – Semitic groups

Lucinda Berger, the Liberal Democrat candidate, a former Labour MP who quit the party over the anti – Semitism issue, said Mr McDonnell’s comments were “sickening on so many levels”.

She said: “In the last week alone you’ve selected candidates who have engaged in antisemitic behaviour, expressed support for organisations that call for violent action against Jewish people and their property, and you are being investigated by thei European Human Rights Court for racsm @EHRC. 

Not a good day for Corbyn or Labour then.


Corbyn blames Boris and Tories for ‘rise of NAZIS’ in UK
Speaking during Labour’s Faith and Race manifesto launch, Jezza The Jew Hater said: “What we’re faced within this country, and across Europe and in the United States is a rise of the intolerant far right, the far right that can only ever seek to give out a message of division and hatred. They walk in the footsteps of the Nazis …

Child Slavery racketeer confesses on TV to killing 400 – 500 children

With the tragedy of the 39 migrants from Vietnam who suffocated in a goods container in Essex at the end of their bid to come and work in Briain fresh in our minds, the latest documentary fronted by former East Enders actor Ross Kemp underlines the fact that the virtue signalling lefties who plead for open borders are doing migrants no favours.
Encouraging people in impoversished third world nations to try to get into Europe or North America does the wannabe migrants no favours is only helping slave gang operaters, sex traffickers and pimps and organised crime networks to exploit por, ofen uneducated people who have been conned into paying exorbitant amounts to travel halfway round the world in appalling conditions to where they are not legally entitled to be, where there are no jobs and homes waiting for them and they have little chance of finding legitimate employment.

In Kemp’s latest documentary he interviews a child trafficker who has gone on the record and confessed during a filmed interview to selling thousands of children into sex slavery and admitted to killing hundreds that he was “unable to sell.”

Kemp’s team tracked down and interviewed the child trafficker, who admits that he has lost count of how many young girls he has killed, but it’s “somewhere between 400 and 500.”

An award-winning documentary maker who’s best known for his exposes of the less savoury side of British life, the former soap opera hard – man often seems to be struggling with his emotions during the interview in which he’s sat face-to-face with the man as he admits to killing hundreds of kids.

Speaking about the encounter afterward, Mr. Kemp said he had to fight back the tears and was “shocked” and “horrified” by what the serial child killer told him, saying:

“Interviewing a guy who admits to killing 400 to 500 kids but doesn’t know exactly how many – that did make me cry.”

During the interview, in which Ross Kemp is sitting just inches away from the trafficker, “Mr. Kahn” reveals that he has “trafficked three or four thousand” young girls, “maybe more’.

Kemp then asks if it’s true that he has sold girls as young as nine for sex, to which the man replies, “I’ve sold girls who are 12.”

He then goes on to ask if he ever returns any of the children for any reason, to which he replies, “no”. When he asks if it’s true that he kills the children that he can’t sell, Kahn replies:

“If they try to run away, or if there’s any trouble selling them, they are killed and buried.”

The UN Is Normalizing Pedophilia: The Deep State Is Free to Prey Upon Your Children

Sources: NeonNet

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