Media Silence Surrounds Muslim Massacre of Christians

While the world united in an frenzy of outrage (whipped up by mainstream media) at the killing of 50 (and counting) Muslim worshippers in a Mosque in New Zealand this week there was not a whisper about a far bigger numerically at least, massacre of Christians by Muslims in Nigeria.

The mosque attacks were unarguably an atrocity worthy of universal condemnation. Presidents, prime ministers, royalty, and religious leaders rushed to extend their condolences to victims and their families — as well they should — while decrying the hate that purportedly motivated the shootings.

Without exception, the mainstream media gave top billing to the shootings, with newspapers carrying the story on their front pages and television news channels leading off their broadcasts with the story. But we should not forget the crime was committed by, according to the evidence released so far, a lone nutter who may have had one or two supporters who indirectly helped. It was not part of an organised religious war.

The most bizarre aspect of news coverage of crimes inspired by religion this week was not, in fact, the attention paid to a heinous crime committed in New Zealand, but the absolute silence surrounding the simultaneous massacre of scores of Christians by Muslim militants in Africa.

As right – wing Breitbart News  reported, Fulani jihadists have racked up a death toll of over 120 Christians over the past three weeks in central Nigeria, employing machetes and gunfire to slaughter men, women, and children, burning down over 140 houses, destroying property, and spreading terror.

There are several possible explanations for this remarkable silence, and none of them is good. Since over the past few years , Muslim radicals have killed Christians around the world with alarming frequency, it is probable that one more slaughter did not seem particularly newsworthy to the decision-makers at major news outlets. Muslims being killed, on the other hand, may strike many as newsworthy precisely because it is so rare.

Another motive for the media silence around the massacre of Christians in Nigeria may be geo-political and racial. New Zealand is a first-world country where such things are not supposed to happen, whereas many people still consider Africa to be a backwards place where brutal killings are par for the course. Moreover, the slaughter of black Christians in Africa may not ignite sufficient rage among westerners the way that the murder of white and brown Muslims in New Zealand would.

Or perhaps it is simply a case of media companies fearing a Charlie-Hebdo-style attack on their premises and staff if they report the truth about Islam.

Finally, a story about Muslims killing people for not being Muslims, or for being the wrong kind of muslim, simply does not play to the political agenda that many mainstream media would like to advance. How much mileage can be gained from Muslims murdering Christians, when Christians in America and Europe are seen as an obstacle to the “progress” twoards a multicultural society under a global government desired by liberals and the Davosocracy? The left sees Christians in the United States as part of the problem and seeks to undermine their credibility and influence at every turn rather than emboldening them.

Anti-Christian bias has been rightly called “the last acceptable prejudice,” one that few bother condemning. “No one much cares about offending Christians,” wrote the coalition of African-American pastors in an essay last Tuesday. “In fact, mocking, belittling, and blaspheming Christianity is becoming a bit of a trend in our culture. Anti-Christian bigotry truly is the last acceptable prejudice.”

“The hypocrisy on display is astounding,” the pastors continued. “Christianity is the dominant religion of our country. It is the foundation of our government and morality. And yet, Christians are treated as fair game for mockery and insult.”

Christians are by far the most persecuted religious group in the world, but the mainstream media routinely ignore this fact as if it were unimportant or uninteresting. As a result, many people do not even realize how widespread the persecution is or that 75 percent of the victims of religious persecution around the world are Christians.

Yellow Vests Turn Violent Again, Cars Torched, buildings Vandalised As Macron’s ‘Great Debate’ Ends

After several weeks of largely peaceful protests, with no reports of significant violence during weekend 13, 14 and 15, France’s Yellow Vests are back in full swing on weekend 16, following the end of President Macron’s unsuccessful ‘great debate’ – during which thousands of local meetings were conducted over a two-month period in the hopes of solving national issues through citizen debates.  Unfortunately the tone of the meetings was patronising and condescending to people who attended, with officials taking the line that ordinary people were not well enough informed on matters of economics and international relations to understand President Macron’s programme for transforming France.

Unfortunately after Macron signed the treaty of Aachen with Germany’s Angela Merkel, a committment to further integrate the two nations economically and politically, some people suggested, a tad unkindly perhaps, that Macron was simply rebooting Vichy France, the government of collaborator Marshal Petain during the Nazi occupation from 1939 to 1944.

Up to half-a-million people participated in 10,000 meetings across the country to discuss social issues ranging from taxes – which the French pay the most of any OECD country in the world, to immigration, surrender of national sovereignty to the EU, the state of French democracy and climate change.

“We have been patient but now we want results,” Yellow Vest Laurent Casanova told press agency AFP.

With no meaningful changes yet apparent or on offer after twelve weeks of nationwide cathartic venting which began in November 2018, the Yellow Vests are now back to angry demonstrations as the protests kick off their 16th week with an ‘ultimatum’ rally – marked by lootings, fires, and mayhem that organizers maintain are due to a radical minority.

Some protesters attempted to erect barricades to block streets around Place Charles de Gaulle – prompting the police to respond with water cannon, tear gas and other riot control techniques.

Vehicles were set on fire according to AP as the demonstration turned into yet another riot, and the lootings began. Shop windows were mashed and furniture broken. Around 200 people were arrested according to BFM TV, while about 80 shops near the Champs Elysees had been damaged and/or looted according to AFP, citing Champs Elysees committee president Jean-Noel Reinhardt.

Wooden boards nailed over the windows of iconic stores such as Boss and Lacoste in the most fashionable street in Paris were ripped off and thrown onto burning heaps as looters emerged, arms laden with stolen clothes, some of which were used to fuel the flames.

Cafe tables and chairs also ended up on the fire and the famous Fouquet’s brasserie — favorite locale of the rich and famous, including ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy who controversially used it to celebrate his 2007 election — was also sacked in an orgy of anti-capitalist destruction.

“It’s unfortunate but this is the only way we can make ourselves heard,” a yellow vested protestor who traveled from the southeastern Bourgogne region for the protest, billed as an “ultimatum” to Macron, said as he looked on.

The police, having erected a ring of steel around the Arc de Triomphe, battled for over seven hours to disperse the protesters, using copious amounts of tear gas, stun grenades, and water cannon.

But for most of the day the protesters, who waved French as well as regional flags and chanted “Macron resign”, held the famous avenue which was shrouded in smoke and teargas.

“It’s the apocalypse!,” one demonstrator shouted with glee.

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe vowed to “severely punish” the radicals responsible for rioting and setting fires around one of France’s richest neighbourhoods.

Philippe visited the Champs-Elysees on Saturday to show his support for riot police and firefighters struggling to get the unrest under control after it broke out amid yellow vest protests.

He estimated up to a few thousand troublemakers were responsible for Saturday’s “unacceptable” violence. Speaking to reporters, he praised firefighters who saved people trapped in a building set fire by protesters.

Saturday’s riots were so severe that President Macron had to cut short a vacation at the La Mongie ski resort in the Hautes-Pyrénées following a three-day tour of East Africa which took him to Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Macron skied on Friday, telling La Depeche du Midi “I’m going to spend two-three days here to relax, to find landscapes and friendly faces,” adding “I’m happy to see the Pyrenees like that, radiant, although I know it was more difficult at Christmas” referring to the lack of snow in December.

In response to Saturday’s violence, Macron said over Twitter that “strong decisions” were coming to prevent more violence.

Macron said some individuals — dubbed “black blocs” by French police forces — were taking advantage of the protests by the Yellow Vest grassroots movement to “damage the Republic, to break, to destroy.” Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said on Twitter that those who excused or encouraged such violence were complicit in it. –Bloomberg


In December, Macron attempted to assuage angry protesters with 10 billion ($11.2 billion) in tax cuts and other benefits for low-wage pensioners, but nobody believed he intended to turn promises into action.

Germany: Economy crisis a growth stalls – car production crashes

Merkel's push for federal Europe has harmed German car industry

Germany’s federal Government today reduced its growth forecast for the EU’s largest economy today after for the second time in two months as plunging car production figures sent shockwaves through the Eurozone. The German economy, already technically in recession, has been propping up the economically stagnant EU for years. After Brexit of course, with the only other net contributor to the EU gone, even a growing Germany economy could not alone have supported the many economic basket cases the empire builders in Brussels have allowed into the European Union.

Forecast GDP growth has been cut to 0.8 percent for 2019, German business newspaper Handelsblatt has reported, citing an official Government document. The Government had already cut growth expectations for this year in January from 1.8 percent to one percent as the economy technically slipped into recession having contracted for the third consecutive quarter. The eurozone’s most powerful economy with GDP at more than £3trillion, has suffered from the effects of trade wars, a weakening global economy, and mounting political instability throughout Europe, as the swing to nationalism continues to gather momentum in the wake of Brexit.

A stagnant or contracting economy could result in tax revenues being lower than anticipated this year, increasing tensions in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition government over spending priorities and Merkel’s sacred cow ‘open doors’ immigration policy.

The latest downgrade in the nation’s economic expectations came after Germany’s National Statistics Office said industrial output dropped 0.8 percent in January – well below market expectations for a 0.5 percent rise. Continuation of that trend would mean a catastrophic recession for Germany which would drag down the rest of the EU.

The news follows bleak forecasts from the Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on Wednesday, which lowered its growth forecast for Germany to 0.7 percent, a cut of 0.9 percentage points. Separate data from the Economy Ministry showed car production plunged 9.2 percent in January.

Europe unglues
Germany catalogue
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Twenty Men Arrested for Child Sexual Exploitation in Wakefield, Yorkshire

Nineteen men and one woman have been arrested in connection with the activities of an alleged grooming gang which perpetrated sexual offences against two underage girls in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. The suspects are alleged to have victimised two girls between 2014 and 2016 when they were aged between 14 and 15, according to the BBC.

Neither the national nor religious backgrounds of the suspects or victims has been made available for publication, and the nature of the alleged offences — first reported in 2016 — have not been disclosed though giventhe similarities with caes in nearby Rotherham and elsewhere it’s likely most people will be.

“We have now arrested and bailed 19 men and a woman as part of an ongoing operation into the child sexual exploitation of two females in the Wakefield District,” confirmed Detective Chief Inspector Fran Naughton, who has been leading the investigation, in an official statement issued by West Yorkshire Police.

“This large scale enquiry will be ongoing for some time and we will update residents when we can and it is legally appropriate to do so,” Naughton added.

“I fully appreciate the concern news of these arrests will cause in communities within the Wakefield area and can assure residents that the force is very experienced at managing investigations of this kind.

“Wakefield, just like other district’s in the force, has a dedicated team of experienced safeguarding officers who work to protect those at risk and conduct enquiries to identify and prosecute those seeking to cause harm. We work closely with partners in local authorities, charities and partner agencies to support victims, and are, of course, doing so in this case.

“As always, we continue to urge all victims of sexual abuse whether recent or historic, to report it to the police. We realise the trauma victims suffer as a result of these dreadful offences and can promise those who came forwards will be listened to and supported by trained, dedicated professionals who want to deliver justice for them.”

55 Men Arrested over Alleged Child Sex Abuse in Bradford Area, England

London gangs ‘pressuring 9yo girls into group sex’ – UK Home Office report

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Emmanuel Macron’s desperate push for further integration reminds Brexit supporters why we voted to Leave

Daily Telegraph, 6 March

Anyone who though in 2016 that staying in the European Union wass the status quo option will have been disabused by the intervention of Emmanuel Macron and his blueprint for the future of the \europe.
The French president is increasingly derided in his homeland for his folie de grandeur; but even his compatriots must be taken aback by his Napoleonic pretensions to create a pan-European state.

Mr Macron, facing insurrection, economic crisis and a pandemic of immigrant crime at home from the gilets jaunes movement, Muslim migrants refugees and angry workers has concluded that the solution to the rise of populism on the continent is “more Europe”. You know he has the wrong answer just by looking at those who are cheering him on, the Eurocrats and western europhiliac politicians for whom the “project,” i.e. the creation of a federal European superstate, is everything. READ ALL >>>

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Gang of Migrants Allegedly Raped Underage Italian Girls

Over the past few years we have focused on reporting the numerous incidences of immigrant sex crimes against white British girls and women, most of which, due to the wrped morality of politically correct thinking that permeates all levels of government and the public sector, went largely unpunished for many years until public pressure forced the authorities to act.

What is it about the left wing mindset that enables them to screech and scream about women’s rights and toxic masculinity or claim that a European man putting his hand on a woman’s arm consitutes serious sexual assault, but gang rape which is surely one of the most horrible and psychologically damaging crimes, is less serious if the perpetrators have darker skin than their victim?

Migrant sex crimes, and government cover – ups of them are not exclusive to Britain of course, we have occasionally looked at similar problems in Sweden, Germany and France. And now it seems, Italian women are to be sacrificed to the gods of multiculturalism.

A gang of five Muslim migrants have been arrested in Italy after being accused of luring four underage Italian girls with drugs, imprisoning them, and taking turns sexually abusing them. The alleged migrant rape gang consisted of three Albanians and two Moroccans aged between 17 and 20-years-old. They are accused of locking up four Italian girls in an apartment after inviting them over with the promise of alcohol and drugs, Il Giornale reports.

Investigators say the young migrants, who came from “non-disadvantaged, integrated and working families”, lured the underage girls in July of last year after meeting them through school. After arriving in the apartment, the migrants locked the girls in the apartment so they would not be able to escape. After the girls begged to be released the migrants threatened them saying they would throw them out of the window. It is a pattern of abuse instantly recognisable to those of us who have followed the grooming and abuse cases in Rotherham, Birmingham, Oxford
and elsewhere in Britain.

One of the girls was then separated from the others and stripped of clothes as the five migrants sexually abused her and filmed the ordeal on their mobile phones. The case comes after two other high profile cases involving migrants drugging and sexually abusing Italian girls over the last year. The first, which occurred in February of 2018, saw 18-year-old Pamela Mastropietro lured away from a drug addiction recovery centre by a Nigerian drug dealer.

Ms Mastropioetro was later killed and her body dismembered and put into suitcases that were left on the side of the road in the Italian commune of Pollenza. Several months later, another young Italian girl, Desirée Mariottini, was found dead in an abandoned building site known to be connected to the city’s drug scene in Rome. Witnesses say the 16-year-old was drugged and sexually abused by several migrant men before she died of an overdose which prosecutors allege was caused on purpose by her attackers.

This abuse and brutalisation of European women is sadly becoming the norm. Historically, widespread approval of class, sexual or racially-based scapegoating is a necessary precursor to eventual genocide. The process through which this comes about is well understood and well applied – first ridicule, then demonise and then destroy – and the latest group targets are white nationalist-traditionalist heterosexuals and their children** who are now being assaulted on every front by empowered minority groups of sexual deviants, predatory aliens and avaricious globalists.

Our ruling classes, their MSM propagandists, their uniformed and civilian attired enforcement arms, feral African-heritage criminal empires, the global jihad and their Antifa street soldiers are all still some way away from that stage of dealing with us free thinking and freedom loving reprobates, but the possibility inches slowly forward day by day as history has demonstrated so many times before.

We must stop this abomination now before that disparate collection of predators and parasites coalesces into a united front whilst we remain fragmented and often isolated in relatively safe non-metropolitan bubbles simply getting on with our lives mostly unaffected in our personal ‘calm in the eye of the storm’ whilst ignoring the tempest closing in around us.

Italian migrant gang arrested for raping underage girls
Migrant sex crime in Britain