The EU bubble is doomed to burst in 2019, financial analyst warns

While Project Fear doom mongers among the British establishment / media cabal continue, against all evidence, that the British economy has collapsed catastrophically since the Brexit referendum result was announced in 2016, in reality it the the European union that is on the verge of collapse, Brexit or no Brexit.

As this blog has reported, France is on the brink of social and economic collapse as Emmanuel Marcon’s government demonstrates it is clueless in the face of “Yellow vest” protests against elitist policies that favour the rich and big business. The protests are now so widespread they are hitting the country’s economy while social unrest is growing every day.

In Germany, Hausfrau – Voksfuhrer Merkelo clings to power by her fingernails. Italy’s Eurosceptic double act, Matteo Salvini and Luigi di Maio are determined to be a thorn in the side of Brussels bureaucracy on every issue. The Visegrad group, let by Poland and Hungary are at loggerheads with the EU over Brussel’s efforts to impose mass immigration on them and Spain is being torn apart by regional independence movements.

Meanwhile the massive influx of unskilled migrants the ‘open doors’ immigration policy imposed by Brussels has placed an unsustainable financial burden on member states. It is any wonder financial analysts are predicting the great globalist federalisation project is about to collapse ignominiously.

from RT:

The European Union is about to implode this year, investor Mitch Feierstein has predicted in a New Year episode of the Keiser Report. He also reveals which country will become the next Greece – and the answer may surprise you.

This year will be harsh for Europe not only due to Brexit, because other member states besides the UK could also bring the bloc down, according to Feierstein. Nationwide protests in France are only the first sign of looming wider unrest, the analyst told RT’s Max Keiser.

“You are gonna see global unrest. I think you’ll it as a feature in Italy when the EU tries to bully them,” the British-American investor noted, citing infective “draconian austerity measures.”

However, not only Italy but also France could follow the fate of debt-ridden Greece, Feierstein warned, noting the low approval rating of President Emmanuel Macron, skyrocketing unemployment, and huge wealth inequality in the country.

“Italy has got four trillion in loans they said there are not going repay… France has got a similar situation but they’ve got civil unrest with the population burning down Paris. So one of them will leave,” he predicted.

Both countries have been breaking EU budget rules. After just one year of compliance in 2018, Paris announced that its budget deficit for 2019 is set to be 0.2 percent higher than the three percent threshold that the bloc’s rules allow. Brussels agreed to tolerate the breach as it had been doing so for almost a decade before Macron’s presidency.

Europe Unglues

Immigration omnibus

As Brussels Moved A Million Migrants Into The EU,Google Europe Moved $23 Billion To Bermuda Tax Haven In 2017
12 European States Revolt Against Merkel, Macron Plan To Reform Europe.
German Interior Minister Demands Tougher Asylum Laws After ‘Orgy of Violence’ Mob Attack

It’s Over For Macron – French Farmers Spray Pig Shit In Paris
Where Did All The Money Go? (poem)

France: Yellow Vests Rampage After Founder Arrested

Violence has erupted across France once again, days after French authorities arrested a key organizer of the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) movement.

After today’s protests began peacefully the Paris police once again used riot busting tactics, attacking the yellow vested demonstraters with teargas and batons as protesters began to get noisy during the so-called ‘Act VIII” Day of Rage.

Marches and protests also took place in several other cities across France and in London. Protesters in Paris hurled objects at riot police manning bridge barricades over the Seine river, while garbage bins were torched along the upscale Boulevard Saint Germain. In one of the London protests an EU flag was burned.

33-year-old Eric Drouet, one of the founders of the Yellow Vest movement’s and its most high-profile figure, was arrested on Wednesday night for leading an unauthorized demonstration, signaling a crackdown on the anti-government demonstrators after nearly two months of violence-filled protests. That could be the biggest mistake President Marcron has made in his short lived presidency.

Drouet, a Parisian truck driver, was arrested on Wednesday evening near the highly symbolic Champs-Élysées, location of the french presidential palace. Drouet was detained while leading a commemoration of yellow vests who have died since the movement’s inception, most of whom were hit by cars during protests at roundabouts throughout the country, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The movement, which began as a protest against a fuel tax, evolved into a general movement against the Macron administration. France has been shown by economicv researchers to be the most taxed country in the world.

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UK Government Loves Extremists, bans Opponents Of Extremism

Although most working and middle class people in Britain who live outside London and are not employed in the public sector (especially education or the health servive,) is aware that the ruling elite is so determined to suck up to Islam it seems that like other EU governments they are determined to turn us into a Muslim nation, not many people are happy about it, particularly as the elite appear eager to spead extremism. The British government’s idea of who is — and who is not — a legitimate asylum seeker becomes stranger by the month.

In November it was reported  by all sectors of mainstream media that the Pakistani Christian mother of five, Asia Bibi (aslo called Ayissa Noreen), imprisoned and sentenced to death by a Muslim court in Pakistan for drinking from a cup that was used by Muslim women, after having her sentence commuted due to pressure from international human rights groups, and was released to live in a predominantly fundamentalist Muslim community, though fearing for her own life and the lives of her children, was unlikely to be offered political asylum by the British government due to concerns about “community” relations in the UK.

In plain English that means the UK government was worried that Muslims of Pakistani origin in Britain, who have no objection to members of their own community raping British, non Muslim women,  might be so offended by the presence in the UK of a Christian woman who had committed the heinous crime of drinking from a cup that Muslim women had used, and by doing so making those women “unclean.”

For that crime, Asia Bibi spent the best part of a decade on death row in Pakistan, before being officially declared innocent of a trumped-up charge of “blasphemy”. Fuck me, we ought to be going out of our way to offend followers of such a vile, inhuman religion. We should be denying Muslims entry to our civilized nation, we should be withholding planning permission for the mosques that are springing up on every street corner, built with the aid of British taxpayers’ money.We should be doing everything possible to resist the spread of Islam.

Yet, as Asia Bibi – whose story makes her one of the people most deserving of asylum in a safe country – continues to fear for her life in a cesspit of medieval savagery, Britain’s idea of who should be allowed to travel to the country (and stay) looks ever more perverse.

For example someone who had no trouble being granted entry to Britain so that he could spread his message of hate for all who resist Islam in London is Dr Ataollah Mohajerani, Iran’s former Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance. Mohajerani is best known for his book-length defence of the Ayatollah Khomeini’s fatwa against the British novelist Salman Rushdie in the 1980s.

After the Khomeini pronounced fatwa the world’s Muslims to kill Rushdie for writing a novel, The Satanic Verses, which took a satirical view of certain passages in The Koran, saying Rushdie was guilty of blasphemy, Mohajerani wrote a 250-page book, A Critique of the Conspiracy of The Satanic Verses, which justified the death-sentence.

Having fallen out with the regime in Iran, Mohajerani is now living in the affluent London suburb of Harrow, where he continues his campaign against Rushdie without any restraints being placed on his freedom to incite violence against the author.

Time and again we have learned of extremist clerics such as the Pakistani clerics Muhammad Naqib ur Rehman and Hassan Haseen ur Rehman being allowed to enter the UK despite their preaching and writings regularly calling for the murder of people merely suspected of having blasphemed against, or apostasised from, Islam. (Asia bibi, you might recall, was sentenced to death for having a drink at a public drinking fountain. Nevertheless, while the UK government continues to allow clerics such as these to enter Britain, our Home Office government department which oversees policing and security maintains an ever-growing list of people who are not Muslim but who have been critical of aspects of Islam and who, without due process,  in fact without any charges being laid against themare legally sanctioned by being deprived of their right to free speech for blasphemy against Islam . It should be noted that the last criminal prosecution for blasphemy against a Christian faith in Britain was in 1908 and though it remains technically a civil offence no successful prosecutions have been made for almost a hundred years.

It is almost as though the UK government has decided that while extremists can say what they like about Christians, secular humanists, atheists, Hindus, Buddhists and pagans,  to the extent of inciting violence and will only rarely be banned or deported, critics of such clerics can be banned with ease and if an ordinary citizen says Islam is a cruel, primitive faith they can be prosecuted for “hate speech”.

Apologists for Islam might say it is a long time since Mohajerani wrote his book justifying the murder of a British citizen and we should all let bygones be bygones — as though advocating murder is the sort of thing anyone might do in a moment of weakness, there is a distinct trend among supporters of liberal and left wing politics towards taking a more relaxed view of the hatered expressed by Islamic extremists than of reasonable criticisms made by their critics. This keeps happening. Earlier this year Canadian blogger Lauren Southern has been refused entry into the UK because she her citicisms of Islam constitutes a threat to public order. (Since when was telling the truth a threat to public order?) This week we learned that the UK government has allowed in a man called Brahim Belkaid, a 41-year old of German origin, believed to have inspired up to 140 people to join al-Qaeda and ISIS. The British press this week discovered that he was able to settle in Leicester nearly five years ago after returning from Syria, where he is suspected of having supported terrorist groups. It does not appear that Belkaid has used his time in the UK to lie low or mull over his past mistakes. As his activities on the streets and on social media attest, he has in fact been openly continuing to preach hatred for western and Christian values and recruit for his radical version of Islam.

There are several possible explanations for the operation of such an insane policy, one that aide and gives comfort to people who want to harm Britain and it’s people. One is that the British government is so afraid of kicking off a campaign of organised violence by Islamic extremists – possible but as there are sixty million of us and six million of them it suggests extreme cowardice among our leaders. Two is that nobody in Whitehall or the British security services know what they are doing, to the extent that they think pretty Canadian bloggers Canadian bloggers pose a threat to Her Majesty’s Peace, bearded men clad in middle eastern garb who say things like “kill the infidel”, “homosexuality is an abomination” and “western women are whores,” are harmlessly exercising their right to free speech. Then there is that classic British excuse for everything known as “cock-up theory”or “Oscar Wilde theory”, i.e. to have allowed in one hate preaching jihadist may look like an accident, to keep on letting them in and even letting them back in after they have been kicked out can only be sheer effing incompetence. Cock up theory is exemplified by the total inability of two departments to communicate with each other, even when those two departments are represented by people sitting at adjacent desks.

Along with that consider the extreme reaction of government to any public criticism of Islam,  the enthusiasm of UK government departments including the police to “cracking down” on any criticism, no matter how justifiable and to preventing any critic of Islam, no matter how well documented the crimes they of which accuse “the religion of peace” may be (taking yazidi, Druze, Syriac Christian and Jewish girls as sex slaves in Syria for example, and the the UK government’s sucking up to Islamic extremism begins to look like a policy.

De – Dollarisation: More Nations backing Away From The US$


In a year which saw the global geopolitical spiralling back towards cold war polarisation, with the nuclear arms race of the 1950s to 70s being replaced by the weaponisation of currencies, the global community is dividing into two camps, those nations that still support using the US$ as the principle medium for cross border trade, and those, led obviously by Russia and China (with enthusiastic support from Iran,)that favour the new methods of settling accounts through technological payment systems that need no reserve curencies, only a few trusted currencies.

The so called ‘trade wars’ being caused by economic sanctions and tariff disputes conflicts which are mainly being triggered by Washington as US organisations try to keep the bid for global economic hegemony (never a realistic ambition,) on track have forced countries that displeased The State department to seek alternative payment systems to those currently dominated by the US dollar.

As mentioned above, and as this page has reported many times, rather than simply dumping the dollar and adopting the UK£ or European unions Euro ( € ) and Japanese Yen, China is trying to internationalize its own currency, the yuan, which was recently included in the IMF basket of internationally traded currencies along with the currencies mentioned above. As well as launching a rival to the Petrodollar, an oil futures contract backed by gold and called rather unimaginatively, The Petroyuan, Beijing has this year, in collaboration with Russia implemented an electronic currency exchange system for settling cross border trades with international partners in the currency of the vendor’s home nation.

The escalating trade conflict between the United States and China, and the imposition of economic sanctions against Beijing’s biggest allies, Iran and Russia, have forced China to free itself of dollar dependency. And China’s ambition of supplanting the USA as the world’s biggest economy can never be achieved as long as the USA controls the reserve currency.

Russia, like China has been reducing its holdings in US Treasury Bonds at an accelerating rate for several years as well as collaborating with its ally in creating alternatives to dollar – based systems such as SWIFT ( Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication ) for settlements. President Vladimir Putin said in 2018 the US is “making a colossal strategic mistake” by “undermining confidence in the dollar.”Putin has never called for restricting dollar transactions or banning the use of US currency but his government has quietly been making bilateral agreements with trading partners to use alternative system. Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov announced earlier this year that the country planned to offload its holdings of US Treasuries in favor of more secure assets, such as the ruble, the euro, gold and rare metals.

The country has been forced towards de-dollarizing the economy because of the constantly growing burden of sanctions that have been imposed since 2014 over a number of issues. Ironically these sanctions have hit US allies that trade with Russia far harder than they have hit Russia itself, while the USA sells virtually nothing to Russia and so is immune to the adverse effects of its sanctions. Thanks to Russia’s development of an alternative to SWIFT, nations have a route to carrying out sanction busting trades that are invisible to the US security agencies.

Moscow has managed to partially remove the dollar from its export trade, signing currency-swap agreements with countries including China, India, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Australia. It is widely understood the EU has agreed that its member states can use alternatives to dollar denominated systems though no details of any that have are yet known. Russia has recently formally proposed a system using the euro instead of the US dollar in trade with European Union member states.

Sanctions have forced the Iranian government to seek alternative to the US dollar in payment for its oil exports. So ffar it has concluded deals for settlement of oil trades with India using the Indian rupee and with Pakistan using the UK£. It also negotiated a barter deal with neighboring Iraq. The partners are also planning to use the Iraqi dinar for mutual transactions to reduce reliance on the US dollar amid banking problems connected to US sanctions.

Late in 2018 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced a new policy of switching to non-dollar trading with his country’s international partners. Turkey’s leader also announced that Ankara is preparing to conduct trade through national currencies with China, Russia and Ukraine. It already trades with Eurozone member nations in Euros. Turkey has also discussed replacing the US dollar with national currencies in trade (mainly oil) transactions with Iran.

Relations between the USA and Ankara have been deteriorating for two years. Aware (and who isn’t) of the CIA’s involvement in the ousting of a democratically elected pro – Moscow government in Ukraine, since the failed military coup against him in 2016 President Erdogan has suspected Washington was behind the bid to topple his regime. Erdogan has also directly accused Washington of harboring exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen, whom Ankara blames for masterminding the coup.

The European Union has discussed switching payments on trades with Iran from the US dollar to the Euro after Washington threatened to sanction European firms trading with or working on projects in Iran, according to reports. This has become a realistic possibility as the US, having sanctioined a nation or organisation, insists that everybody else obeys those sanctions. A way around that will help EU firms to retain one of the world’s largest markets, which was opened for trade after the historic nuclear deal signed by Tehran and the P5+1 powers (China, France, Russia, UK, US, plus Germany) in June 2015.

India, with the world’s sixth-largest economy, and growing rapidly, is one of the biggest merchandise importers and exporters. As a nation with an economy dependent on trade, the country is more vulnerable than most to geopolitical conflicts and as a major trading partner of both Russia and China, is significantly impacted by economic sanctions that curtail its ability to trade. Thus the arrogant practice of the USA in applying sanctions to those nations which trade with counties it has sanctioned is particularly tough on India as well as being one of the policies that made Washington unpopular among emerging economies that trade with Russia, Iran and China.

Earlier this year, Delhi switched to ruble payments on supplies of Russian S-400 air-defense systems as a result of US economic penalties introduced against nations that trade with Moscow. The country was also obliged to switch to the rupee in purchases of Iranian crude after Washington reinstituted sanctions against Tehran. In December, India and the United Arab Emirates sealed a currency-swap agreement to boost trade and investment without the involvement of a third currency.

Taking into account that India is the third-largest country by purchasing power parity, steps of this kind could considerably diminish the role of the greenback in global trading.

Numerous other nations, large and small, are also making moves to render their international trade immune to US trade wars and sanctions. Australia, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, Nigeria, Thailand, Philippines, Egypt, Nigeria and Malaysia are all known to have been involved in non – dollar international trades and it is likely many more have too. Many people in the USA, on reading this and similar reports elsewhere, will immediately blame Donald Trump, but the problems began long before he burst on the political scene. If fact no particular blame can be attached to any particular president or administration.

The problem comes from the Deep State, Military / Industrial Complex, call it what you will, and the faceless manipulators in Washington that have based US foreign policy on military intervention in nations that tried to go their own way. Thus the US is seen as having abused is position as the holder of the reserve currency to impose policy on sovereign nations. There was bound to be a backlash sometime. 2018 looks like the year that backlash got serious.


US Becoming Isolated As Key Ally Japan Considers Joining China-Led Investment Bank
Japan’s foreign minister signaled cautious approval of the institution that the United States has warned against. The opposition to the AIIB began crumbling after Britain said earlier this month that it would join the institution, saying it was in its national interest. France, Germany and Italy swiftly followed suit.

De-Dollarization Du Jour: Russia’s Largest Bank Issues Yuan-Denominated Guarantees


Leading the charge to multipolarity and de-dollarization are Russia, resugent despite economic sanctions and the rising superpower in waiting, China. The downgrading of the dollar is clearly demonstrated in the launch of the BRICS bank and the establishment of the AIIB.

De-Dollarization Accelerates As More Washington “Allies” Follow Australia To China-Led Bank

For many years the dollar has been the currency in which the world’s nations settled cross-border transactions and the so called petrodollar became the only currency in which oil could be traded. In recent years however, as other nations, particularly the BRICS group, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, the leading nations outside the dominant US / European group, have been making moves to end the domination of the US dollar.

Germany Alarmed by Aggressive NATO Stance On Ukraine

As the US pro war rhetoric pumps up the tensions between Russia, its allies and the west in Ukraine we revisit once more the truth about which world power has been relentlessly pushing for war since 2009. It isn’t Russia or China, though they are not likely to back down.

De-Dollarization Accelerates: Russia Launches SWIFT-Alternative Linking 91 Entities

Among the information revealed in The Great Leaks of 2013 were the documents that exposed the extent to which NSA and GCHQ had been secretly ‘monitoring’ the SWIFT payments system and recording details of cash flowing between nations and organisations. It appears the revelation was the last straws for Russia, China, and other sovereign nations …

Kiev Breaches Minsk Agreement Within Hours

We all knew the ceasefire agreed by Angela Merkel, Francoise Hollande, Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian Nazi leader Poroschenko would not hold. The people whose country stands to gain most from war, that is of course Barack Obama and John Kerry, President and secretary of State of the USA, the country that wants and needs perpetual war, were trying derail the fragile deal while the four leaders were still negotiating.

India’s Ruling BJP Party Crushed In Regional Poll

India gets it own UKIP and they are already winning elections as The Common Man party shocks the establishment by tapping into the anger about institutuionalised corruption in the world’s biggest democracy

Another Conspiracy Theory Becomes Fact: Oil Collapse Is All About Obama’s Proxy War With Russia.

While we are distracted with sex scandals at home and terrorists rampaging through the middle east and Africa, the US / EU / NATO confrontation with Russia / China / Iran is geting into a very dangerous state. While the Chinese led move to dump the US dollar as global reserve currency is causing economic chaos, the USA attempts to provoke armed conflict with Russia are getting more reckless and desperate.

Russia throws down the gauntlet: energy supply to Europe cut off; petrodollar abandoned as currency war escalates

There are some big moves taking place on the global stage that you need to know about, as this could all lead to World War III. Yesterday Russia cut off its natural gas supply to Europe, “plunging the continent into an energy crisis ‘within hours’ as a dispute with Ukraine escalated,” the Daily Mail reported.

Russia along with three quarters of the world, is isolated

The latest EU sanctions announced today after last weeks NATO summit have left Russia increasingly isolated in the world according to mainstream media reports of the response from western governments.

Without American leadership, democracy is in peril? Not really.

Much of the corporate propaganda spouting mainstream media are forecasting a bad outcome from the current chaose in Ukraine, with ISIS aka ISIL aka Islamic State in Syria and Iraq and the imminent collapse of the petrodollar. The consensus is that the west is currently not winning because of the failure of American leadership. This is untrue, most of the problems exist because America is leading the world towards war.

G77 Nations vow to destroy petrodollar and America’s New World Order

By leading the G7, G8 and G20 economic groups for the past few decades the US government has managed to exploit its status as holder of the global reserve currency until it appeared on the brink og global economic hegemony. The Americans overplayed their hand however, became too blatant in their bullying of smaller nations and helping corporate interests override national laws. Now the world is closing ranks against the USA. Can’t say we’re sorry.

American Dollar Dumped

The status of the US dollar as global reserve currency has kept the Americasn economy afloat for several decades in spite of the US government’s vast debt and profligate public spending. It has looked for some time as if rival powers led by the Chinese were getting ready to topple the dollar from supremacy.

Iran’s Oil and the US Dollar

You can’t reason with religious fanatics. When the USA (was it the Bush or the Clinton administration?) first imposed economic sanctions on Iran in the hope of turning a medievalist theocracy into a liberal democracy it was always going to backfire. As the US tightened sanctions under Obama, Iran has attacked the USA where it is most vulnerable, taking the initiative in moves to replace the US Dollar as the global reserve currency

Money From Rock Better Than Money From Air

Strange things are happening in the finance markets, very strange. As the FT and Dow Jones main indexes go up and down faster than a whores knickers, commodity prices are behaving weirdly too.


Yellow Vests Don’t Take Christmas Vacations

For the seventh weekend in succession protestors in Yellow Vests (the Gilets Jaunes) have been out in the streets of Paris, making a public spectacle of their disillusionment with the elists government of President Emmanuel Macron. In spite of Chrstmas celebreations the yellow vests  continued their bid to forece the resignation of Macron.

The number of demonstrators out was fewer than in recent weeks, but more protests are expected in Paris on New Year’s Eve.

The route of Saturday’s march took hundreds of protestors to the doors of mainstream French television stations, which the Yellow Vests accuse of having aligned themselves with President Macron against the French people.

Demonstrators shouted “Journalists — collaborationists!” and threw stones reports the Associated Press. Police pushed back protestors from the tourist favourite Champs Elysee, where clashes have taken place on recent weekends.

The protests originally began in November over green policies of President Emmanual Macron, who was moving to wean France off automobiles by making buying fuel unaffordable.

After weeks of intense and at times violent protests through which Macron insisted there could be no deviation from his course, the President eventually relented and cancelled the tax hikes, also introducing a rise in minimum wage and a tax cut days later.

Paris has been the scene of the most dramatic and violent demonstrations every week since the rallies began in November, but today the streets were significantly quieter than previous weeks. In some parts of the city however, there were violent clashes between police and protestors, and tear gas was used in an attempt to drive protestors out of the Champs Elysee, where the president’s palace is located.

French police have also deployed tear gas in a bid to quell Yellow Vest in the city of Rouen in Normandy as a stand off developed between angry protestors and the authorities.Demonstrations spiralled out of control in the northern French city on as protesters and riot police clashed in the streets of the historic town.

On Thursday, a group of the protesters attempted to storm the Mediterranean castle that serves as President Emmanuel Macron’s summer retreat.

The weeks of demonstrations have polarized France. The movement began as rallies against fuel-price hikes, but it soon morphed into nationwide protests against government policies.

The fuel hikes were scrapped by the government but people have continued to demand more concessions, including lower taxes and even Macron’s resignation.

THE EU should have made interfered in the Brexit campaign, candidate for European Commission presidency claims.

THE EU should have made a “stay with us” campaign during the Brexit debate, a leading candidate for European Commission presidency claims.

Manfred Weber, the conservative candidate to take over from Jean-Claude Juncker, complains serious mistakes were made by the European Union in the Brexit debate. The candidate for the European People’s Party has said that Europeans should have countered the Brexit campaign with a “stay with us” initiative. Mr Weber said “our silence was a mistake,” when talking about the EU’s strategy in the run-up to the referendum in June 2016.

Mr Weber, deputy chairman of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the regional conservative party, said to the Editorial Network Germany: “We should have interfered during the Brexit campaign.

“We should have said to the British: Stay with us.”

Although Brexit is a national decision, it affects all Europeans.

He added that the EU’s silence in the run up to the 2016 referendum was a “mistake”.

He’s completely wrong of course, EU intervention in British democracy would have only hardened support for Brexit. Where the EU screwed up was in refusing to negotiate with David Cameron when he asked for a new deal for Britain. The faceless pen pushers of Brussels gave us the finger then and virtually guaranteed a Leave victory in the referendum Dave had promised. The wankers had forgorren Crecy, Poitiers and Azincourt, not to mention Waterloo and “Two World Wars and One World Cup.

Don’t fuck with the British.

Now after acting like a bunch of wankers throughout the negotiations, thinking we would cave in to the scaremongering, the bureaucrats of Brussels are in a blind panic as no deal and hard Brexit loom, because Britain’s leaving without paying the £39 billion divorce settlement will leave an unpluggable hole in EU finances and they will be hit harder by Brexit than we will.




International security expert Olle Fjordgren warns that Sweden is “on the way to civil war” as a result of its soft justice system and inability to tackle the country’s expanding “no go zones” where crime is rampant.

In an interview with the Ingrid & Maria news blog, Fjordgren, who has been hired as a security advisor by the governments of Pakistan, Ethiopia and Mongolia, states, “We have basically given up and the criminals have seized power. Right now we have nothing to oppose and I can’t see that we could reverse the development.”

Describing Sweden as a “freight train heading for a rock wall,” Fjordgren says that the political unwillingness to admit how bad things have become, in addition to people who point out the problems being labeled “racist,” means that Sweden is close to becoming a “failed state”.

Citing Lebanon as an example of what happens to a society when integration fails and different ethnic and criminal gangs engage in turf wars, Fjordgren sees “only one possible development” in Sweden’s future – a “civil war”.

This is in part because while police are still operating by old, outdated rules, criminals have become more ruthless and play by completely different rules.

Fjordgren says that the last resort would be for Sweden to adopt a New York City-style zero tolerance policy on crime, although given the country’s progressive approach to justice, this seems highly unlikely.

“The judiciary must ensure that these dangerous people are incapacitated and removed from the streets,” he argues.

Sweden’s growing crime problem has been exacerbated by the country opening its borders to millions of migrants in recent years.

As a Spectator study noted, “Murder is up 40 per cent since 2012; the number of gun homicides has more than doubled in ten years. Compared with Britain, it is five times more common for young men in Sweden to be shot and killed.”

Grenade attacks, mass torching of vehicles and other crimes are also on the rise.

Figures released in August found that 58 per cent of convicted rapists and 85 per cent of all convicted assault rapists in Sweden were born outside of Europe.

In cases where the victim did not know the attacker, the proportion of foreign offenders was more than 80 per cent. Nearly 40 per cent of the convicted rapists are from the Middle East or from Africa.


“I’m, Nationalist Not Racist,” Voter Says As Sweden Faces A Historic Election Upset
The Daily Stirrer and our blogs have regularly reported the descent of Sweden’s cities, one among the safest in the world, into lawless frontier towns where large areas are controlled by gangsters, because of ruling elite, blinkered by politically correct thinking and an addiction to virtue signalling have ignored clear evidence that their ridiculously lax …

Migrants Rampage Through Sweden’s Second City
A gang of masked “youths” embarked on an orgy of destruction through Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city Monday night, setting dozens of cars ablaze in an attack described as “extremely organised” and like a military operation by the left wing Prime Minister. Strangely neither he nor mainstream media took the trouble to …

Fears Over Threat To Sovereignty Could Wreck EU European Army Plan
No they’re not Star Wars Imperial Stormtroopers, they are German soldiers assigned to an international peacekeeping force, showing how like Imperial Stormtroopers a pan European army might look (Image source)

The Real Refugee Crisis Is In The Future
Perhaps Angela Merkel thought we didn’t yet know how full of it she is. Perhaps that’s why she said yesterday with regards to Europe’s refugee crisis that “Everything must move quickly,” only to call an EU meeting a full two weeks later. That announcement show one thing: Merkel doesn’t see this as a crisis. If she did, she would have called for such a meeting a long time ago, and not some point far into the future.

“Never Seen Anything Like This Before” – Sweden Stunned At “Unreal” Surge In Refugee Sex Attacks
As a direct result of Europe’s refugee crisis, new and very unpleasant social fractures have started to emerge. One particularly troubling issue is the extent to which officials have tended to “blame the victim” in the ever more frequent sex attacks resulting from Europe’s refugee surge, something we first touched upon earlier this week. For …

How the fall of France could accelerate the rise of UKIP
Don’t hold French stocks says former broker Farage as our Gallic neighbour sinks deeper into the Euroshite
The faltering French economy continues to stall under President Francois Hollande, which is boosting anti-EU sentiment across Europe particularly in Germany, where the efficiency worshipping taxpayers increasingly resent having to bail out their impecunious Eurozone partners.


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Some inside information on the political stitch up that has turned GreeThe Day The EU Died – Destruction Of Greece Shows True Fascist Nature Of The European Projectce into a vassal state and humiliated the Greek people for the purpose of furthering the neo-Fascist ‘ever closer union’ agenda of the bureaucratic dictators in Brussels.

Brexit – The End Of The European Superstate Dream?
David Cameron, having won the election with a wafer thin majority is now under the cosh from eurosceptics in his own party as well as party managers panicked by the rise of UKIP. He has promised an early in-out referendum on Britain’s future membership of the EU but can he win the concessions he needs to secure a yes vote from the punters

Self-Loathing Sweden Should Only Welcome Persecuted Immigrants, Instead They Invite The Persecutors Too.
We have covered immigration problems in Europe extensively, but the European country that demonstrates how wide the gap between ordinary people and the ruling eilte has become is Sweden where the politically correct governing coalition’s immigration and social policies seem to indicate the elite are engaged in a genocide campaign against ethnic Swedes

German Ubermacht Gives Greek Upstats The Finger In European Union Confrontation.
The confrontation between Germany, which some say sees itself as the increasingly dominant nation in the EU as ‘ever closer integration’ progresses, and Greece, the Euro zone economic basket case but a proud and independent nation all the same, had to come. Germany was more austerity from Greece to protect the value of the Greek debt it hold. Greece want money from Germany to settle old grievances.