American Stupid: Hillary Clinton Says Male Leaders Scared of Greta Thunberg


LAS VEGAS, NV - AUGUST 04: Democratic presidential nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks after touring Mojave Electric Co. on August 4, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to recent polls, Clinton leads her opponent Republican Donald Trump in several swing states including New Hampshire and Florida. …
Hillary Clinton – the ugly face of politics (Picture: Getty)

It’s coming up to election time again in the USA and sure enought some idiot over the pond has allowed a drop of blood to fall on the desiccated lips of Hillary Clinton and the leader of the Democratic Party undead faction has reanimated to ensure the debate, on the Democrat side at least, never risis above the level of stupid set in 2016 when Hillary famously lost to Donad Trump.

After trying to grab a few headlines yesterday by revamping her totally discredited claims that Trump was able to steal the presidency from her by collaborating with “The Russians,” she was humiliated when a three year, multi – million dollar investigation concluded this year that there was no evidence of collaboration between the Trump Campaign and Russia.

Undeterred, (well self awareness was never one of her strengths,) last weekend Hillary decided to meddle in the UK election by accusing Boris Johnson’s government of concealing a reports from the Parliamentary Intelligence Committee into Russian influence in british political campaigns of doing so “because The Conservatives are collaborating with The Russians. Somebody needs to tell silly Hilly to change the record, particularly as information leaked by left leaning news website BuzzFeed reports no evidence of Russian meddling in UK elections was found.

But, adding fuel to rumours that she is about to launch another bid to win the Democrat nomination, today we learned that attention seeking Hillary has made another bid to get herself on the front pages and at the top of the news broadcasts.

Speaking alongside daughter Chelsea at the London launch of their book – The Book Of Gutsy Women: Favourite Stories Of Courage And Resilience, in which they relate the stories of the women who have inspired them,  on Sunday (10 November) Clinton said, “A lot of “grown-up male leaders” are scared of teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg, the failed U.S. presidential candidate said, adding she finds it hard to understand the current state of politics.”

Thunberg, an awkward child who is affected by Asperger’s Syndrome and comes from a family of far left Swedish hippys, was included in the book when the mother-daughter duo read about her (carefully stage managed,) one woman climate protest in front of Swedish parliament.

“We were so moved by it,” Clinton said at Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall.

Since then, steered by handlers who are experts in marketing Greta has become a media superstar sailing across the Atlantic in a hugely expensive carbon fibre yacht, the carbon fooprint of which was bigger than that of a Jumbo Jet, and speaking at the U.N. about climate change, both events Clinton claims add to the mystification of male political leaders, repeating a message she delivered in September when she gushed over Thunberg’s emotional speech at the United Nations’ Climate Action Summit, calling it “required viewing for every lawmaker.”

The question for Hillary is, “Why would anyone be scared of a 16 year old actress and puppet of the new world order carbon credit scam?” She’s the puppet of her globalist handlers, spouts tired, discredited old left wing propaganda and appeals to emotions rather than logic and reason.  She is not even a very good actress, as is demonstrated when she is taken off script and forced to answer questions from journalists.

You would expect the likes of Hillary Clinton, a politician whose ambition and sense of entitlement far outweigh whatever talent she may posses to embrace the Thunberg phenomenon though. It is typical leftist, feminist politics, shallow, emotive, populist and designed to facilitate the suppression of open debate by the hurling of insults such as “sexist”, “bigoted”, “fascist”, and inevitably “white supremacist.”

The left picked a kid with developmental issues to front their latest bid to create a global, authoritarian government because that way they thought they could avoid any scrutiny or reasoned argument on the basis that it would be easy to divery discussion to a personal level by simply labelling anyone who disagrees with attacking a disables child as a “far right conspiracy theorist,” “science denier,” or similar. This is feminist and cultural Marxist thinking at its most basic and counter-rational. It amounts to a form of emotional blackmail deployed in the service of advancing a political agenda. It demonstrates once again that the left is intellectually and morally bankrupt fighting the battles of the 21st century with failed the policies of the 1930s and a political philosophy from nthe 19th century.

The PR machine has done a great job in turning Greta Thunberg into a global sensation (for fifteen minutes,) but fortunately for us Hillary is far too well known to benefoit from such a character makeover by propaganda. No matter how they try to sell her most people want to submerge her in a pond for an hour and when she comes up still breathing to burn her at the stake.


Stories The Media Ignored While Worshipping Greta Thunberg</p
Authored by Matt Agorist via, The term pedophrasty is a relatively new word – not currently accepted by an official dictionary – but that has a powerful meaning in today’s political and media environment. Pedophrasty is an “argument involving children to prop up a rationalization and make the opponent look like an asshole, as …

There is No Climate Emergency Say 500 Climate Scientists

We’ve been saying it since this blog began in 2005 and before, the Climate Change scare is part of a power grab by the global elites who, unterstanding that Marxism is the most elitist political philosophy since the Patricians ruled The Roman Empire, have embraced Cultural Marxism and want to enslave us all in a …

Eco Nuts Are Back, Threatening To Shut Down Heathrow
Planes at Heathrow grounded by a previous (unconnected) drone incident (Picture: )

Yesterday’s story featured a bunch of eco – hypocrites, rock band The 1975, whose latest album features eco – wunderkind Greta Thunberg reading a plea for us all to adopy zero emissions lifestyles to save the planet and who will shortly be jetting off on a world tour to promote their message (and album sales of course.)

Zuckerberg Admits Facebook Interfered In Irish Abortion Vote
After three years of Facebook campaigning for the impeachment and firing of Trump because of alleged cooperation with the government of Russia in the 2016 US election, the Social Media giant’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has at last admitted what many of us suspected all along, that it is Facebook, rather that hostile governments which interferes in the political processes of democratic nations.

While Eco Loons Worship Fairies, Reality Exposes Real Cause Of Amazonian Fires


While Pippi Longstocking lokalike and eco – activist wunderkind Greta Thurnberg is schlepping her climate change schtick round New York, preaching her net zero carbon emissions gospel after crossing the Atlantic in a ‘zero emissions’ superyacht made of carbon fibre, a material which in its manufacture produces shitloads more carbon emissions than my or your car or even my brother’s V8 Range Rover will in their entire useful lives,) back home the Extinction Rebellion wankers have been getting their knickers in a twist about some fires (allegedly wildfires until it was reported they are started deliberately and are not destroying the rainforest, but areas of former forest now cleared for cultivation.

Macron Threatens G20 On Climate Then Backs Off
France’s boy president and current climate scaremonger in chief and leading European federalist Emmanuel Macron arrived in Japan for the G-20 summit full of sound and fury, which like the stuff of Macbeth’s soliloquy in Shakespeare’s play turned out to signify nothing.France’s boy president and current climate scaremonger in chief and leading European federalist Emmanuel Macron arrived in Japan for the G-20 summit full of sound and fury, which like the stuff of Macbeth’s soliloquy in Shakespeare’s play turned out to signify nothing.

War and Politics Behind Mass Displacement in Africa, Not Climate Change – UCL

A report from a new study conducted by University College London’s may cause a stir in the climate scaremongering industry. The report challenges the academic establishment’s standard narrative of mass displacement in Africa being principally responsible for the creation of refugees in Africa and casts doubt on a number of other assumptions about global problems.

Hurricane Harvey Climate Catastrophe Man Made?As we reported last week the Hurricane Harvey disaster which has hit the U.S. states of Texas and Louisiana has shown characteristics never before observed in any hurricane or tropical storm since records began. Meteorological depressions (because that is what hurricanes, typhoons and other intense storms are,) move and once over land quickly weaken as air pressures become normalised. Harvey has stayed in the same area, dumping massive amounts of rain on the heavily populated coastal strip and causing $$$billionsworth of damage through flooding and high winds.

Trump Announces US To Quit The Paris Climate Accord

Fulfilling another campaign pledge, US President Donald Trump yesterday announced the U.S. would withdraw from the Paris climate pact and that he will work to renegotiate the international agreement in a way that treats American workers better. “So we are getting out, but we will start to negotiate and we will see if we can …

German Scientist Confims Climate Change Ia A Politically Motivated Scam

Even as the inbred idiot Prince Charles was babbling to a hand picked audience about the skid marks in his underpants being caused by Climate Change, a somewhat more scientifically literate person, Dr. Friedrich Karl Ewert, a retired geologist and data computation expert, has confirmed what those of us dubbed ‘climate deniers’ have been telling you for years …

Remain Alliance Implodes: Caroline Lucas Reveals Lib Dems Hate Brexiteers×314.jpg
Caroline Lucas in full flow – Picture:

Questioned about the prospects of the so – called Remain Alliance in the imminent General Election, Green Party MP and former leader Caroline Lucas delivered a foul mouthed rant attacking Liberal Democrat leader and wee hag fra’ Fife, Jo Swinson, for her manifesto pledge to revoke Brexit if her party is elected to govern us. While speaking to a potential voter Ms Lucas criticised Jo Swinson for insisting that the Liberal Democrats would revoke Brexit if voted into power.

in an interview with UK news and gossip website, Ms Lucas was asked a rambling question on the early progress of the Remain Alliance campaign:

“The Liberal Democrats have been the biggest spenders on Facebook so far. I can understand that as [Ms Swinson ] is a new party leader, people don’t know her very well. So it is an opportunity to get her face out there and get her recognised. What do you think Caroline, how are they getting on so far?”

Caroline Lucas replied: “The position of revoking Brexit as a manifesto pledge, at that point I just felt that this is taking party interest above national interest to such an “unforgivable degree. To be honest, if you wanted to send a message to 17.4 million people that you don’t give a f*** about what they voted for, why don’t you just say so?”

Despite the outburst by the respected and popular Green Party MP, viewers of the video were not quick to criticise Lucas.

One Twitter user said: “If that is the case, Caroline, the Greens should break out of the Remain pact with Plaid and the Liberal Democrats and stand in competition against Swinson.

After all, the pact is only a Lib Dem power trip and Caroline Lucas has been totally honest.”

That comment will resonate with many voters who in the referendum supported Remain; they are aware their side lost but claim Leave voters did not understand what they were voting for and have campaigned for another referendum. While Boggart Blog does not agree, having always taken the line that the EU is an undemocratic political organisation committed to establishing a bureaucratic dictatorship in Europe. In 2016 the nation voted by a narrow majority to Leave the EU. It is reasonable for people who voted remain to campaign for ANOTHER VOTE, but utterly unreasonable and hypocritical for the Liberal Democrats to announce that in the (extremely unlikely,) event of their winning a majority in the General Election they would simply ignore that Leave voting majority and cancel Brexit is illiberal and undemocratic.

The Liberal Democrats ceased to have anything in common with the Liberal Party of Lloyd George and Gladstone long ago, but under Jo Swinson they appear to have more in common with Hitler’s National Socialists or Mussolini’s Fascists than with the Liberal Party under any of its leaders.


Don’t Pannick, Captain Johnson, Don’t Pannick

EU Brexit organiser & former Chief Phlegm Guy Verhofshit rants about Empires again

Court Overturns Fine Imposed By Biased Electoral Commission On Brexit Supporter.
A large fine imposed by a kangaroo court under the auspices of the UK’s democracy watchdog (allegedly,) The Electoral Commission, on a young, working-class Brexit campaign organiser, Darren Grimes, has been overturned in the law courts. The case, which many Remain campaigners have used in their efforts to discredit and overturn the result of the 2016 referendum on EU membership.

How Much Does The UK Actually Send To The EU
Big kerfuffle this week over Conservative leadership contender Boris Johnson facing trial for his claim, during the EU Referendum campaign, that Britain sends £350million a week to Brussels. Originally the Remainers claimed somebody in the Leave camp had said all the money would go to the NHS. Nobody actually said that but if fanatics want something to be true, they can easily convince themselves it is.

The claim is in fact true but misleading. If the amount paid into the EU budget is taken, then it is close to £350million a week. Our net contribution (i.e. after the amount paid by the EU to fund various EU supported projects means the net amount we contribute to the EU is somewhat less. However that £350million is not the full story:

Little Donny Tusk The Polish Has-Been Tells Britain How To Vote.

Donald Tusk, who is the President of the European Council and was the centre-right Europhile Prime Minister of Poland from 2007 to 2014 made the remarks in support of his former Deputy Prime Minister, Anglo-Pole Jan-Vincent Rostowski who is standing as a Change UK candidate in London for Thursday’s election.

Farage Shredded By Welsh Ministry Of Truth Newsman?
An obscure far – left website reported that while campaigning for the European Parliament elections in Wales, Nigel Farage was confronted by a BBC Wales reporter, Arwyn Jones, who asked him a question about Brexit, which you’d expect would be easy to answer: Farage didn’t answer, how could anyone answer such a stupid question posed by an idiotic reporter working for an ogranisation tasked by The Fourth Reich’s ruling bureaucracy in Brussels and their puppets in Westminster with presenting pro – EU propaganda as news …

Farage Says New Brexit Party Will Spark “A Political Revolution” And Terrify The Tories
Nigel Farage, who led the successful Brexit campaign, warned backsliding elitist politicians on Tuesday that his brexit Party would spark a political “revolution” – a cliched line but appropriate given the mood of the country – and strike fear into the hearts of ineffectual Tories who have so far failed to deliver on the promise of the Brexit referendum if the UK is forced to contest EU Parliament elections as part of Prime Minister Theresa May’s, the Sun newspaper reports … MORE>>> .

There are sheeple who want to remain in the EU at any price, and then there are people who understand the EU

I am not sure people really are up for reading EU related documents or a whole load more people would be less excited about the EU. If people read the chequers plan and the political declaration they would know the only people who leave the EU are the financial sector. Everyone else stays in without a vote or veto for two years whilst we negotiate the long term deal…



Resistance Are Futile

from Zero Hedge, authored by  Monty Pelerin’s World,

Donald Trump is many things to many people. His supporters believe him to be a savior of the American system and way of life. His opponents see him as a threat, Both views are correct. From the beginning, I viewed Mr. Trump as a wrecking ball:

… there has never been an inauguration speech like this one. Contrary to Pogo, Trump defined the enemy and it was not us. This wrecking ball clearly differentiated between the average man and the parasites who inhabit Washington.

The speech was populist all the way. It was anti-establishment all the way.  Clear demarcation lines were drawn. I sense that war was declared on Washington, DC today. There will be no compromise. Either Trump will be destroyed or he will dismantle much of the Washington establishment.

This assessment has been validated by subsequent events. The winner of this existential battle is still in doubt. That itself is rather remarkable. What appeared to be a quixotic crusade now takes on heroic aspects, at least for many outside Washington. What once seemed impossible no longer does.

Don Quixote Trump still may not be favored in his battle against Goliath but the odds have shifted. The American people have been awakened to how the elites have exploited them. Whether Trump wins this battle or not, the Deep State has lost the war. They have been exposed as ruthless, lying exploiters. Don Quixote has suddenly become Goliath.

The peasants have been enlightened. The true nature of current American government has been exposed. No amount of polished rhetoric can undo this knowledge. Attempts to do so will bring out the pitchforks.

Below Jeffrey Lord reviews Kimberly Strassel’s new bestseller Resistance (At All Costs): How Trump Haters Are Breaking AmericaThis book details the resistance against Trump. The organism we know as the Deep State is doing its best to destroy this foreign body. The State knows  its vulnerability to an awakening of the masses and its exposure. As Ms. Strassel says:

For every Resistance leader who daily makes an inflated claim about Trump’s destruction of democracy, there is a more quiet, average American who is deeply alarmed by the legitimate and lasting harm this movement is causing.

What fascinating times we live in. Donald Trump, the unlikeliest of heroes, may singlehandedly have taken down the Deep State. He exposed it. Sunlight and the American people will remedy whatever he cannot … READ ALL

New World Order



ABC TV News Covered Up Evidence On Paedophile Epstein, Whistleblower Former News Anchor Claims

When the furore about the convenient death of billionaire paedophole Jeffrey Epstein died down after the alleged sex criminal was found dead in his cell in a New York remand centre, many of Epstein’s rich and powerful friends who had been ferried by private jet to sex parties on his private Caribbean Island must have heaved a sigh of relief. But we predicted at the time that the story of Epstein’s crimes would not die with him.

Now a new undercover video from Project Veritas reveals that ABC News knew of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex crimes, yet decided to ignore it according to undercover footage from Project Veritas.

In the video Amy Robach, ‘Good Morning America’ Co-Host and Breaking News Anchor at ABC, explains how a witness approached ABC News years ago with information relating to Epstein, but Disney-owned ABC News refused to air the material for years. (The Disney Corporation are no strangers to the techniques needed to cover up paedophile activities of course.)

Having told how ABC bosses kept a lid on the story, Robach vents her anger in a “hot mic” moment with an off-camera producer, explaining that ABC quashed the story in it’s early stages. “I’ve had this interview with Virginia Roberts (Now Virginia Guiffre) [alleged Epstein victim]. We would not put it on the air. Um, first of all, I was told “Who’s Jeffrey Epstein. No one knows who that is. This is a stupid story.”

She continues, “The Palace [Buckingham Palace] found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways.” she told Project Veritas. According to Robach, she had all the dirt on Epstein and his associates, including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Dershowicz (A US constitutional law expert and government adviser,) and many more. I had it all three years ago.”

“…There will come a day when we will realize Jeffrey Epstein was the most prolific pedophile this country has ever known,” said Attorney Brad Edwards.

This is far from the first time Epstein’s crimes have been covered up, minimized, or ignored.

Notoriously, former US Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta negotiated a ‘sweetheart deal’ for Epstein in 2008 after he pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution from a minor. The pedophile financier was able to ‘work’ outside of prison most days, during which time he reportedly continued to abuse girls. Epstein’s plea of guilt to that once crime was in” exchange for dozens of other cases being set aside, so the billionaire served a short jail sentence instead of going down for years.

Additionally, the Manhattan DA’s office headed by Cyrus Vance Jr. had ‘graphic and detailed evidence’ of Epstein’s crimes when a prosecutor argued for leniency during his 2011 sex offender registry hearing, according to an April report in the New York Post.

In advance of the hearing, then-deputy chief of Sex Crimes, Jennifer Gaffney, had been given a confidential state assessment that deemed Epstein to be highly dangerous and likely to keep preying on young girls, the DA’s office admitted in its own appellate brief eight months after the hearing.

Manhattan prosecutors were aware the state board had assigned Epstein a risk assessment of 130, a number that is “solidly above the 110 qualifying number for level three,” with “absolutely no basis for downward departure,” the brief notes.

Nevertheless, Gaffney argued that he should be labeled a level one offender, the least restrictive, which would keep him off the online database. -New York Post

In spite of all that, Epstein returned to his sex – obsessed elitist lifestyle and continued to procure very young girls for sex with his guests until his arrest in June this year.


Ireland: Youths call bus driver racist bitch, threaten to rape her


A gang of youths “threatened to rape” a female driver after the driver asked them to pay for their fare.

The 220 Carrigaline bus was halted on the night of October 31st after a considerable group of “boisterous youths” hopped on the bus.

According to CorkBeo:

A source, who wished to remain anonymous, told Cork’s 96fm Opinion Line with PJ Coogan the youths called the female driver a “racist b****” when she asked them to pay.

The source said: “At 10.30pm on the 220 Carrigaline bus a large group of youths – mix of nationalities – got on the bus and walked past the driver.

“She called them back and they called her a ‘racist b****’ for asking them to pay. They threatened to beat her up and also threatened to rape her.

“There was a large presence of Gardai at the scene within 15 mins and they were all taken off the bus. She was very distressed.”

Gardai–the Irish word for police–were called to the scene soon after the incident which left the transport worker distressed.

A Gardai spokesperson said: “Gardaí responded to a call at approximately 10 p.m. on Thursday, October 31 on the Upper Kilmoney Road area of Carrigaline.

“A number of boisterous youths refused to disembark from a public bus service. Bus service was temporarily stalled but resumed a short time later.”

READ MORE: ‘Troubled Teen’ in Ireland Threatened to Give Police HIV

Ireland has recently shown utmost keenness to adopt globalist progressive policies.

As a result, they’ve suffered several incidents which have been excluded by the mainstream press.

National File recently reported on a ‘troubled teen’ of a foreign background with multiple priors who threatened to infect the police arresting him with HIV.

In spite of a growing backlash towards Ireland’s open arm policies to the rest of the world, the mainstream media has heaped praise on Ireland’s increasingly progressive positions.

Boggart Blog says: Another example of left wing hypocrisy, according to these brainwashed and brain dead morons if a white man makes a friendly and inoffensive remark to a woman it can be considered a sexual assault but if a dark skinned man forces himself on a woman or threatens her, he is culturally enriching her.

Note in this story the ethnic origins or cultural background of the offenders is not mentioned. Were any of them called Mohammed, we wonder? Did any have thick lips and curly hair.

Its time we started to defend our women and girls (and little boys too, these third world dickheads don’t care where they stick their dicks,) rape is rape: the colour of the rapists skin does not matter. In a civilised society all are equal before the law, in a socialist society “the party elite” are above the law, everybody else is guilty.

Greenteeth on Immigration

3 Spooky Poems For Hallowe’en

Sceadugengan (shadow walker)

This poem was my halloween offering for 2007, a bit gothic, a bit creepy, with a contemporary theme, and totally over the top. The Sceadugengan or shadow walker is an Anglo Saxon myth of the creatures of darkness. How many of us are followed by such creatures?
Dare you look into the shadows on Halloween night?

I’ll be hiding, in the shadows
when the faulty streetlights strobe,
between the bits of information
that are flying round the globe.
I’m the presence in the silence
on your telephone,
the voice that softly whispers
when you know you are alone.

You thought I’d gone forever,
at last I’d set you free,
but oh my love, you know my love
I would return one day.
I would return to claim you
and tame you after death,
I swore to you before I died
you’d face your nemesis.

I’ll be hiding, in the shadows
when the faulty streetlights strobe,
between the bits of information
that are flying round the globe.

My death, not caused by human hand
but by your will and wish.
I was surplus to your witches brew
and so you had to banish
one who loved you too intensely.
with all the love I bore
but will my decease buy you release?
Will it? Can you be sure?

I’m the swiftly moving shadow
at the corner of your eye,
the amorphous but so real threat
you cannot identify.
I’ll be hiding, in the shadows
when the faulty streetlights strobe,
between the bits of information
that are flying round the globe.

The Bargest

I always manage to come up with a just for fun spooky gothic horror offering for Halloween. Here’s one from a few years back about a demon dog that stalks the moors around the north of England. A few notes on the folklore references are provided at the end.

Bargest (Halloween Horror)

Who would climb the windy height
and walk the lonely moor at night
when Hunter’s Moon is high and bright
above old Demdike’s Tower,
and in the shadow of the hill
when all is silent, cold and still
wait for the darkest hour?

The weak will creep, the brave will run
but none will stay to see the sun
rise and dispel the things that shun
its warmth and light and power;
the forces that thrive in the dark
and stalk and strike but leave no mark
as they destroy or devour.

High on the moor a traveller rests,
a soldier who braved many tests,
whose scars and trophies all attest
such men would never cower
from bogle and sceadugengan
nor anything neither beast nor man,
superstition holds no power.

But in the lee of Pendle Hill
the night is heavy, deep and still
and loneliness gnaws at his will…
Below lies Demdike Tower.
And as the soldier takes a sup
of rum to shore his spirit up
doubt begins to overpower.

Helpless in his solitude
as fearful fantasies intrude
of Demdike and her demon brood
whose legend still was dour
bane upon the blighted land
so real that few would stop and stand
to look at Demdike’s Tower.

Then fear and panic paralysed
the soldier and he could not rise
and flee the Bargest’s eldritch cries
that made the hillside cower’
The demon dog red eyed, red eared
and poison-fanged; most greatly feared
hunter of the midnight hour

begins its hunt for feeble minds
as through the bush and scrub it winds
until, seeking, at last it finds
the pungent scent of fear.
The soldier feels its panting breath.
The ruthless harbinger of death
senses the kill is near.

By quarry’s edge the corpse is found:
another legend grows around
the mystery of the demon hound
that stalks the darkest hour
on nights when spirits pass between
the human realm and worlds unseen
through Demdike’s dreaded Tower.

Notes on the folklore that inspired the poem:

Hunter’s Moon: In northern folklore each moon of the year has a name pertaining to the season. The full moon that falls in October is hunter’s Moon as it was a time when all the harvests were in and the hunters were busy laying in stocks of food for January’s Hunger Moon.

Demdike Tower is almost a real place. Mother Demdike, a leader of the witches executed following the notorious Pendle Witch trials actually lived at Malkin Tower on Pendle Hill. As Demdike and her family reputedly lived in a hovel and malkin is an archaic name for a hare Malkin Tower probably refers to the high escarpment of Pendle Hill under which Demdikes dwelling was reputed to be.

Not strictly folklore but interesting all the same, George Fox, founder of the Quakers records that he was standing at the summit of Pendle Hill when the vision of a better world occurred to him that led to his founding of the Quaker movement that follows Christian philosophy dispenses with dogma and creed.

Bogle and Sceadugengan: A bogle is a very ordinary, run of the mill creature from the dark side, sceadugengan or shadow walkers are much more interesting. Who has not felt at some time, a threatening presence close to us when we are alone in the dark. Most of us grew out of it as we leave childhood but even so the sensory deprivation of being in a dark, still, silent place can produce feelings of unease. It is a very primal instinct and not one of which anybody need be ashamed. Nothing wrong with whistling in the dark.

Bargest or Bargeist, the demon dog that represents fear. It is a creature of the moorland heights of northern England and Scotland (photo: Troller’s Ghyll, home to a bargest legend) and is also found in Germany and Scandinavia. There are many local Bargest legends, most involve lone travellers being stalked by a Bargest and either falling over a cliff, scree or into a quarry. The red eyes and ears of the one in the poem are a bit of poetic theft. They rightfully belong to The Hounds Of The Morrigan, a different breed of legendary dog owned by the Celtic Goddess of Retribution, The Morrigan.

I think that covers everything.

Beloved Succubus (a Gothic horror poem)

There seems to be quite a fad for Vampires, Werewolves, ghosts and monsters at the moment no wonder beloved Succubus is my most popular poem at AD. Its just a love story about an undead girl seeking a willing blood donor (not!) This poem should be performed by a male and a female voice (indicated in blue text) to the accompaniment of Danse Macabre by Camille Saint Saens
(Picture: The Succubus –

Though I spend the long day seeking
in crowded streets where memories teem
she only comes while I am sleeping,
in the stillness of my dreams.
“Come to me my one true lover,
bravely walk beyond the dark divide;
take my cold hands or I must rest here,
There is no way back but by your side.”

At dawn the image stays; repeating …

“Please my love, please do not desert me,
endless darkness fills my heart with fear.
But the shadows can never hurt me
if I could only feel you near.
Find me in this love – forsaken desert,
caught between the living and the lost,
kiss once more these cold pale lips, caress
cheeks death’s insubstantial hand has blessed
Hold me, warm me and reclaim me.”

I feel her here in children’s laughter;
soft wind? her kiss upon my cheek.
A movement at the edge of vision,
hint of perfume; her Mystique.
But she is gone, her light extinguished,
dead; with no goodbye or parting kiss.
Fate has aborted all we wished
and now she cries for my catharsis
Should I cling on or follow after.

Shadow words like sharp little knife cuts;
her message fading on silver screen;
“I need your love to quell my hunger,
sacrifice your blood for me.
Come warm me with your vital body,
let new life flow in these dry veins.
else reject me, cast off your ennui.
One tiny drop love, will sustain,
Life cannot end where love survives.”

Her photograph’s changing expression,
(foreknowledge clouds bright, laughing eyes.)
Brushes shifted on her dresser,
curtains move without a breeze.
A spot of blood staining my pillow
trackmarks, purple on my neck.
These dark ringed eyes say I must follow,
discover some way to bring her back.
Is love beyond death a transgression?

The months of yearning have fatigued me,
I grow more pale, my soul is weak.
I cannot turn from her completely
One embrace is all I seek.
In darkest hours she waxes stronger,
her compelling pleas never desist.
Every night she feeds my hunger,
The darkness calls, I cannot resist………
Instinct protests but will cannot resist.

Her photograph’s changing expression,
(foreknowledge clouds bright, laughing eyes.)
Brushes shifted on her dresser,
curtains moving without a breeze.
A spot of blood staining my pillow
trackmarks, bruising purple on my neck.
These dark ringed eyes say I must follow,
discover some way to bring her back.
Is love beyond death a transgression?

The months of yearning have fatigued me,
I grow more pale, my soul is weak.
I cannot turn from her completely
One embrace is all I seek.
In darkest hours she waxes stronger,
her compelling pleas never desist.
Every night she feeds my hunger,
The darkness calls, I cannot resist….
Instinct protests but will cannot resist.

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Barcelona mayhem: Clashes with police as ‘half a million’ pro-independence supporters rally amid general strike

Amid all the huffing and puffing, supreme court meddling in politics, undemocratic behaviour of democratically elected representatives and that twunt Corbyn trying and almost succeeding in the feat of riding two horses with one arse, we have forgotten that other nations in Europe have having their own struggles over independence versus federalism, national sovereignty and mass immigration.

A huge crowd with Catalan flags has paralyzed central Barcelona as people from all across the region protested the harsh prison sentences for pro-independence leaders by the Spanish court and called for parting ways with Madrid, writes.

The police estimated that at least 525,000 turned up in the center of Barcelona, local media cited law enforcement. “Independence,”“The streets will be ours” and “Freedom to political prisoners” were among the chants heard at the massive gathering.

The rally continued more or less peacefully for a few hours, but was eventually marred by more serious violence as some of the protesters started building barricades and setting garbage containers on fire. They tossed stones and other foreign objects at the riot police, who were seen firing back – presumably using rubber bullets or other projectiles – and charging at the rioters with batons.

Some of those, involved in clashes with police, were said to be right-wing thugs, who actually oppose the Catalan independence. The footage from the scene showed people carrying Spanish national flags and giving Nazi salutes.

As night fell, some of the sites of the clashes resembled a war zone, with burning barricades, rubble everywhere and clouds of thick white smoke in the air.

Violent episodes may attract media attention, but they’re just a small part of the picture, Toni Casserras from the Catalan ‘Free People’ party told RT. The majority of the pro-independence activists believe in peaceful civil disobedience and they will keep going out into the streets.

“The protests [in Catalonia]are being sustained for several years and – despite the violence, which is applied to the protesters; despite imprisoning our leaders – people don’t give up. Protests are efficient, especially, massive protests.”

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