The Coming of the Antichrist

According to the Book of Revelations, the final instalment of that long running thriller serial The Bible, the coming of the Antichrist is an event which will signal the End of Days when God destroys the world in the Battle of Armageddon. Now the Book of Revelations gives us many signs to look out for so we will be warned of the imminent arrival of the antichrist. I can’t remember them properly, they’re a bit whacko, something about a Great Whore riding on a seven headed serpent, The Beast whose name shall be a number, number 666; and farty smelling fireballs raining down from the sky. If you have see The League of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse you’ll get the idea.
Anyway, one of the signs we have to look out for is the destruction of the Christian churches.

Just for the craic I visit a lot of American discussion forums and there see many posts from ranting Evangelical Christian preachers who claim to have been “sent signs” that we are entering The End of Days and should be preparing for the moment when all our clothes fall off and we float up to heaven.

But the end may be further on than we think. I wonder what the fundies would make of this…

A bill calling for the disestablishment of the Church of England (the removal of statutory links between Church and state) was presented for debate in Parliament this week. The reference number allocated to the bill in the administrative system is 666 (cue opening chords of Bach’s Toccata and Fuge)
So the antichrist will appear in the British Parliament during the debate. This would be quite frightening were Tony Blair still in Parliament.

The Number of the Beast

Number of the Beast

Returning from a visit to my mother yesterday I had just left the motorway and joined the A666 towards Clitheroe. Glancing at my instrument panel my eye was drawn to the trip meter just as it turned to 666. I do not use the trip meter and normally am unaware of its presence so what mysterious force drew my gaze to it? Was someone or something trying to get a message to me? A coincidence the cynical might say, but how often do we encounter two instances of The Number Of The Beast in our daily lives. I am normally a level headed sort myself, always ready to scoff at those American fundamentalists who see the hand of the Devil in everything. But sometimes you just get a feeling deep in your guts…..

With my attention back on the road as I headed eastward I noticed an unusually dense black cloud on the horizon, not a raincloud but something more sinister. As I watched I saw that it was an enormous flock of Ravens; moving as one creature the constantly swirled and turned choreographed by that mystical force morphic resonance until when they filled my entire field of vision, at which point they formed into a monstrous shape, the head of a primeval horned God.

Wanting only to get home as quickly as I could I pressed on, disregarding the shadowy figure of a black cowled monk floating on the periphery of my vision. Once safely inside the house I described on the floor a pentacle of salt and putting up some garlic sandwiches and a bottle of water from a sacred spring took refuge in my home made sanctuary where I spent a long night fingering a silver ankh until the bright dawn drove away the negative energies.

I feel rather weak and exhausted today but will be back online as soon as the large black dog that took up residence on the lawn just after I arrived home has departed.

BUT REALLY I knackerd something deep in my very fragile hip while trying to negotiate the lunar landscape in front of my mother’s flat in Morecambe, and had to rest for a couple of days. The A666 is true though, it’s a road the bikers just love. The trip meter bit is also true and that would be enough to give some people the squits.

Back to proper blogging tomorrow I hope.