A Little Piece Of Poland, A Little Piece Of France …

In the great scheme of things not much changes really.

We see on the Boggart Blog news ticker here in our busy news room a certain member of the German Parliament, The Bundestag, has been telling the French, Italians, Dutch and Spaniards that if they really want to save the Euro they should all support greater integration by adopting German as their official language.

All we csan say is Poland had beter watch out. Who can forget Dick Shawn portraying Hitler in the musical Springtime for Hitler from Mel Brooks’ The Producers singing:

All I want is a little peace…
Aaaaaa little piece of Poland, a litle piece of France … etc.

I can’t find a clip of A Little Peace (or Piece) from Mel Brooks brilliant film The Producers with Gene Wilder and ZSerro Mostel so top remind you why you should add this DVD to your collection (not the lame remake please) here’s Springtime for Hitler from the same film.

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