Illiberal Undemocrats Now Hate Catholics As Well As White People, Britain & Heterosexuals

authored by Paul Embery for Unherd

A political scandal broke earlier this week — though if you blinked you’d have missed it. Not so long ago, the story would have commanded column inches across the national press and extensive comment over the airwaves. Instead, however, there was next to nothing. Quite simply, the reason the story passed by virtually unnoticed is that our society has changed so fundamentally, and so quickly, that scandals of this type are just not considered major news anymore.

In a nutshell, the Liberal Democrats deselected an election candidate on the grounds that he is an orthodox Roman Catholic. You read that right. Rob Flello (right), the Lib Dem candidate for Stoke-on-Trent South — a constituency he represented as a Labour MP for twelve years before defecting — was suddenly dropped after party bigwigs became aware of his traditional views on same-sex marriage and abortion — views that happen to be entirely consistent with mainstream Catholic thought.

As a Labour MP, Flello voted according to the doctrines of his faith on both these issues. Upon discovering the fact, the Lib Dems sacked him and said in a statement:

We do our best to screen candidates in our approval process. In this case it only really became clear over the past few hours how greatly his values diverge from ours.

– Liberal Democrats

Anyone would think Flello had been unmasked as a secret member of the National Front.


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Zuckerberg Admits Facebook Interfered In Irish Abortion Vote

After three years of Facebook being among the most vociferous campaigners for the impeachment and removal from office of President Trump because of his camaigns alleged cooperation with the government of Russia in rigging the 2016 US election, the Social Media giant’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has at last admitted what many of us ‘conspiracy theorists’ suspected all along, that it is Facebook itself, rather that hostile governments which interfere in the political processes of democratic nations.

During a recent talk, Zuck admitted that the social media network banned a number of pro-life advertisements ahead of the Irish abortion referendum, thus slewing the weight of propaganda visible on Facebook news feeds in favour of the pro – choice campaign.

He also confirmed the suspicion that the Irish referendum on abortion is not the only political campaign Facebook has taken sides in, another act of corporate malfeasance that was always strongly suspected. Facebook’s support for Britain staying in the EU was highly evident in the UK Referendum campaign, and the smearing of new populist and nationalist Eurosceptic parties in EU member states as ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’ has been ever present on Facebook pages.

PJ Media reports that during a recent interview at this year’s Aspen Ideas Festival, the Facebook CEO began to explain how the social media firm is attempting to work with the governments of other countries to determine what political speech should be allowed on the site. Zuckerberg gave an example of Facebook’s interaction with the Irish government ahead of a 2018 referendum on the legalization of abortion in the country.

In other words, Zuckerberg is trying to set Facebook up as an official censor, helping authoritarian regimes subvert democracy by suppressing opposition supporters presenting their case to the public.

Zuckerberg justified interference in the Irish abortion debated by explaining that American pro-life groups wanted to run Facebook ads targeted towards Irish citizens. Facebook reached out to the Irish government to determine whether or not the ads should be allowed at the time. Zuckerberg stated: “Their response at the time was, ‘we don’t currently have a law, so you need to make whatever decision you want to make.’”

“We ended up not allowing the ads,” Zuckerberg stated. Abortion activist Lila Rose commented on how Silicon Valley tech executives have reacted towards the issue of abortion in a tweet which can be seen below:

In other words, Facebook helped the Irish government ensure the side supported by the Europhile liberal Prime Minister achieve the result they wanted. Zuckerber is of course an enthusiastic suppoter of the far left wing of the US Democratic Party, a group which not only supports the right of abortion but actively promotes the idea that women should choose abortion over contraception as their preferred method of birth control.

Breitbart News recently reported that Facebook has been removed from Standard & Poor’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Index after the company received a score of 22 for social responsibility and only 6 for governance, out of a possible 100. This is quite justified for a company with a huge outreach to the general public which it uses to promote its founder’s own, extremist, political positions. Facebook has been caught out censoring supports of the ‘Leave’ campaign in the Brexit referendum, groups presenting perfectly reasonable arguments against abortion, the work of independent journalists, including scientists, who challenge the  consensus position on such things as climate change, vaccines, transgenderism, human rights and many more topics that are counted among the left’s ever growing herd of sacred cows.

Reid Steadman, S&P’s social and governance chief, stated that the growing number of privacy concerns around the company including “a lack of transparency as to why Facebook collects and shares certain user information, resulted in low scores for the firm. S&P cited the Cambridge Analytica scandal as one of the reasons for the tech giant’s poor performance.”

“These events have created uncertainty about Facebook’s diligence regarding privacy protection, and the effectiveness of the company risk management processes and how the company enforces them,” Steadman said. “These issues caused the company to lag behind its peers in terms of ESG performance.”

This has to be good news, because along with statistics showing Facebook is haemorrhaging users to newswer, les politically biased sites like MINDS and STEEMIT, it shows Zuckerberg’s megalomaniacal bid for world domination is faltering.

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Most Stupid Human Ever? Obama’s A Contender

Obama: Abortion means everyone gets to “fulfill their dreams” (source at end)

Yesterday The White House put out the above statement today hailing the Roe v Wade judgement that legalised abortion in the USA, on its 41st anniversary:

Everybody? Well I think approximately half the population of the planet would not feel the availability of abortion in the United States helped them to “fulfill their dreams”. avoid child support expenses maybe, but that is not a dream for most of us who have testicles.

I have never considered having an abortion and I don’t think anyone with similar wedding tackle has. And there is also a big assumption on Obama’s part that we all share the same dreams, i.e. get an education, get a job, get out of the ghetto and join the lesbians, vote for Barack Obama.

Not me, I dreamed of owning a Jaguar, and I have. And next year I might renew my acquaintance with the marque. I have also dreamed (and still do) of having a passionate love affair with Helena Bonham Carter but that is just not going to happen, abortion or no abortion. As with playing for Manchester United, being a rock star, and leading the world into an era of peace and plenty, my Helena related ambitions will go, unfulfilled, with me to the grave.

Now whatever your views on abortion you have to admit that a statement so stupid on so many levels is a great achievement and if there was an award for most stupid human being of the millennium, the man in whose name it was issued Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America must surely be a contender.

Now just reflect, those of you who thought on the strength of skin colour alone that Obama was going to be a transformative world leader that some of us warned you all along his feet of clay were wearing lead boots which were embedded in concrete. And then take a vow that you will never vote again, not even in The X Factor – you just aren’t qualified to be part of the political process.

Pro Choice

Abortion is not a subject I like to get into, particularly in comment threads on American Blogs. You see I believe legal termination of pregnancy should be available within reasonable limits but abortion should not be promoted by the state as the preferred method of birth control.

The left in the United States are even loopier than our British left and are determined it seems to politicise the pussy, make the minge militant. Anybody who states that OK, terminations are fine up to 22 weeks will be subjected to hate attacks of eye watering ferocity. I even saw one woman accused of wanting to put women back in a state of medieval servitude for suggesting their trimester abortion should only be available in very special circumstances.

Accusations that the commenter wanted to abolish women’s ‘right to choose’ completely prompted me to reply that of course women ought to have the right to choose until 974 weeks after conception. The lefties didn’t get the joke. They never do.

But it seems I am guilty of putting ideas into the heads of the pro – choice idiots. A stunt at a US University asked students to sign a petition to make 4th trimester abortion legal. And plenty of people were happy to sign it.

Even Satan Rejects American Lefties

Earlier this week I was following on American alternative news sites a story about womens’ rights “pro – choice” activists who advocate abortion up to 974 weeks into pregnancy chanting “Hail Satan!” in an effort to drown out a chorus of Amazing Grace at a rally of pro – life activists who believe contraception is murder, down in Texas.

It should be noted here that “pro – choice” in the USA means you can choose to abort your foetus or be branded a traitor to your gender who wants to thrust women back into medieval servitude, believes that God created the world in seven days, that prawn cocktails are an abomination before The Lord (thry may be right about that) and that wearing a wool sweater and cotton guzzies will damn you to perdition.

One commentator wrote “I’m guessing that after the Kermit Gosnell trial even the Horned Beast would view being associated with the abortion industry in Americas as bad publcity.”

It was meant it as a joke but, like all those conspiracy theories that have turned out to be true, it has become a re.ality

The UK Church of Satan Tweeted this after the story broke:

Unfortunate to see Satan’s name used in such a diabolical manner. Another example of what ‘Satanism’ doesn’t represent. #HailSatan

— UK Church of Satan (@UKChurchofSatan) July 3, 2013

Yep, it turns out that the UK Church of Satan is prolife. They later Tweeted, “Why wouldn’t Satanism be pro-life? What else is there? We are all free to make choices. Agreeable or not. Everyone is entitled to choice.” I wonder what Oliver Cromwell would think?

the horned beast
Mr. B. L. Zeebub, (above) a spokesperson for Hell said, “We don’t approve of lefties, there are far too many self righteous people in here already. We are in the process of reviewing our open – doors immigration policy.