Calm Down, Calm down.

Big news of the totally unimportant this week was that the actor Brian “Terry-from-Brookside” has been charged with murder.

Brian, whose second name nobody ever seemed to know was instantly identifiable by his curly hair, shell suits and trade mak moustache.

Was he the inpiration for Harry Enfields character “The Scousers?”
We could not possibly comment.

Apparently however the casting of Brian “Terry-from-Brookside” was inspired in that it set a trend by casting a real life caricature scouser as a soap opera caricature scouser.

The producers of Coronation Street followed suit by casting a real Ulsterman, Charles Lawton, to play Jim “Yer-Man” McDonald, the man with the worst caricature Ulster accent ever so they did.

This week as caricature scouser stood in court accused of murder, “Yer Man” made what must be his final exit from Coronation Street, so he did, by completely screwing up a bank robbery.

If it had been real life he could never have succeeded. Even if he had remembered the subglasses and Terry-from-Brookside style theatrical moustache the clerk would have recognised that exaggerated accten anywhere, so she would.

Two cases proving that just as art imitates life, so life imitates art.