I know Canadians are liberal but Crack Pipe vending machines?

Canadian TV Channel CTV News ran a story reported on Saturday about crackpipe vending machines being placed in public space in downtown Vancouver. Crack users can now purchase a crack pipe that meets health and safety regulations for twenty five cents (crack cocaine not included). The idea is the clinically approved pipes will prevent the spread of diseases among drug users because they are less likely to injure a drug user’s mouth, which for people sharing a pipe spreads diseases like HIV and hepatitis C.

crack pipe vending machine
Picture: Canadian Crack Pipe Vending Machine. Source: CTV News

The vending machines are part of a project introduced by InSite, a controversial safe injection site located in Vancouver’s poorest district.

The Canadian government supports the program and claims 800 people per day use the facility. InSite says that monitoring addicts saves lives and reduce overdoses.

Sounds great, now all the authorities have to do is find a way to stop users selling their arses for drug money.

Read more at CTV News

Lefties Anonymous

Have you been drawn into the half – life of an idology addict. Maybe you once met someone already addicted to the idea of total dependence on the all powerful state, multiculturalism, compulsory homosexuality or dressing badly, someone whom you found very attractive or perhaps you naively thought your love would lead them to recovery.

In such situations the usual scenario is the addict works as a shill for altogether dsarker, more sinister figures. Agreeing to to go to that first meeting or protest would have seemed innocent enough, after all you were a rational, intelligent person; you could handle the stuff you would be offered.

Soon however you were addicted however to crack(pot) left wing ideals, a hopeless case, you would stand in the street for hours handing leaflets to disinterested passers by or attend protests, shouting meaningless slogans in the hope of a fix.

Well maybe it’s time to seek help, to entrust your life to a lower power and to eat some cold turkey and break the bonds of addiction.

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