If You Didn’t Give Facebook Your Phone Number, How Come They Are Selling It For Targeted Ads?

OK, when you saw that little request from Facebook, to give them your telephone number (purely for security reasons,) you thought “They say they will not share the info, but this is Facebook, an organisation that has never knowingly told the public the truth. They’re having a laugh aren’t they?

Well no they weren’t, the world’s biggest and possibly most successful criminal organisation were scamming to into giving information they could sell to telephone sales companies who cold call and con old ladies and vulnerable people into buying crap they don’t want.

A group of academic researchers from Northeastern University and Princeton University, along with Gizmodo reporters, have run tests and gathered empirical evidence to demonstrate how Facebook’s latest deceptive practice works. They found that Facebook harvests user phone numbers for targeted advertising in two disturbing ways: two-factor authentication (2FA) phone numbers, and “shadow” contact information.

First, when a user gives Facebook their number for security purposes—to set up 2FA, or to receive alerts about new logins to their account—that phone number can become fair game for advertisers within weeks. (This is not the first time Facebook has misused 2FA phone numbers.)

But the important message for users is: this is not a reason to turn off or avoid 2FA. The problem is not with two-factor authentication. It’s not even a problem with the inherent weaknesses of SMS-based 2FA in particular. Instead, this is a problem with how Facebook has handled users’ information and violated their reasonable security and privacy expectations.

Facebook is falling apart so fast we can’t keep up

Privacy Conscious ‘Brave’ Browser Sues Google For Ad Data Harvesting

Google and other internet advertisers suffered a major blow to their progress towards world domination today: The company behind the privacy focused ‘Brave’ bowser has filed a law suit against Google, aiming to make the mining of user data from private computers a lot harder (and more expensive,) if Brave wins its case.

Founder Brandon Eich is hoping to bring the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to the doorstep of the Silicon Valley corporations who have built their businesses on stealing and selling internet users’ data. Corporations like Alphabet, the holding company that ‘owns’ Google have routinely flouted national laws and disregarded ethical issues to achieve near molopoly positions in their markets.

“There is a massive and systematic data breach at the heart of the behavioral advertising industry.Despite the two-year lead-in period before the GDPR, adtech companies have failed to comply,” Brave’s chief policy officer Johnny Ryan told Reuters.

Eich and Brave are striking a blow at the way personal data is currently harvested by various websites and then used to target ads — if the company in question does not simply sell that information off to the highest bidder.

The complaint alleges that these practices “violate the GDPR’s requirement for personal data to be processed in a way that ensures they are properly secured, including against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss.”

If the court rules in Brave’s favor, companies like Google could face immense penalties — as much as four percent of their bottom line. Within a $273 billion dollar industry enjoying explosive growth on the backs of unwitting consumers, there is a lot of money potentially on the table.

Attorney Ravi Naik of London-based ITC Solicitors is representing the plaintiffs and has said that he believes the case “is likely to have far reaching and dramatic consequences, which may change our fundamental relationship with the Internet.”

Another Privacy Abuse Scandal Brewing For Big Tech

App developers working for ad agencies that use Google ad servers are scanning your email to improve ad targeting.


Google, not a corporation that ever takes ethics seriously, even by corporate standards, made a pledge  about this time last year that it would stop its servers scanning the inboxes of Gmail users for information to personalize advertisements, hypocritically stating that it was committed to protecting data  so users could “remain confident that Google will keep users privacy and security paramount ”

However the internet search and advertising giant continues to let hundreds of outside software developers scan the inboxes of millions of Gmail users who signed up for email-based services offering shopping price comparisons, automated travel-itinerary planners or other tools. Google does little to police those developers, who train their computers—and, in some cases, employees—to read their users’ emails, a Wall Street Journal investigation has found.

WSJ is behind a pay wall but you can read a summary of the full article at

FromTheTrenches report


Nicholas Barang already touched on the intrusive nature of many ads.
If publishers would confine themselves to working with responsible ad servers I would not run an ad blocker, as long as ads are trying to elbow aside the content I have chosen to read in order to get in my face with products I am never going to buy …

Punish Google Tax Dodging And Sink The Corporate Pirates
With tax avoidance once more in the news but vying for top spot with stories of western industrial decline and Islamic penetration of civilised socities in Europe we hardly know where to start

Servergate: Clinton Emails reveal how Google tried to help Obama Administration defeat Syria’s Assad
The unhealthily close relationship bewteen Google and the US government has been known for a while, but despite having been caught in their incesteous coupling, the parent and child relationship seems to be getting more intense. The latest revelation from the Hillary Clinton emails shows how Google was involved in the bid to overthrow Assad in Syria

Facebook begins Europe-wide censorship campaign against free speech.
Facebook Inc (FB.O) has commenced the Europe-wide censoring of posts and comments the ruling elite do not like, thus making good the promise given to Hausfrau – Volksfuhrer Merkel by the social media and data theft site’s founder Mark Zuckerberg.

What The controllers have In Store For Your Future
If you thought the book Nineteen Eighty-four by George Orwell was something else—even possibly off the wall when written—wait until you learn what’s planned for us by the year 2025! George Orwell, in retrospect, seems to have been able to tap into some sort of future-time-machine or a “worm hole” in physics—what’s known as an “Einstein-Rosen bridge,” because much of what he wrote about has come to realization.

Google: Benefactor Of Mankind Or Evil Empire (or buch of idiotic nerds who got lucky?)
They way Google has come to dominate the internet just as the internet has come to dominate our lives can’t all be down to good luck and careful planning can it? As this page develops you will see how sinister forces guided Google to their current position.

How Google Destroyed the Internet
The idea of the internet was that it would be a communications tool that freed information by making all public domain documents, libraries and archives accessible for everyone. Unfortunately the corporate monopoly men of Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Facebook and political control freaks had other ideas. They also understood the technolgy while the hippies and liberals ignored professionals warnings that internet systems would become a perfect toool of censorship.

Google a step closer to developing machines with human-like intelligence
Computers will have developed “common sense” within a decade and we could be counting them among our friends not long afterwards, one of the world’s leading AI scientists has predicted. Professor Geoff Hinton, who was hired by Google two years ago to help develop intelligent operating systems, said that the company is on the brink of developing algorithms with the capacity for logic, natural conversation and even flirtation.

I’ve been trying to warn you for years but would you tech heads and science heads listen?
A facebook friend, Mary Bladley McCaulay writes: Now I know for sure Google earth is following me. Went to the Dentist in Mufreesboro this AM. When I got back to my sons house and got online with my Kindle, first thing I saw was a Dental ad.

Who Runs America? US Federal Trade Commission Takes Orders From Google
Barak Obama runs America surely, you might well be thinking. We would argue that no US President since Eisenhower has truly run the USA. But the latest revelation of how cosy the Obama Administration has become with corporate business, to the extent that government departments are taking instruction from Google will shock even the most cynical Americans

Google Meets White House Officials Every Week, Why?
We have been very suspicious for ten years of the way Google with such apparent ease achieved a dominant position in web search. How did it happen, did Google do something evil, did they invoke the powers of darkness in their meteoric rise. Or were there even darker forces at work, powering Google to a position in which their internet technologies could dominate global information flows? Here’s something cynics should read.

Cashless Society – The Resistance Begins Here
A seaside market town in Norfolk may be less than 100 miles from the world’s financial capital, London, , it may be the commercial centre of West Norfolk’ as the town website boasts, it may be home to 45,000 people — but there, unlike in London, cash is king.

EU taking on Google – Well One German Publisher Is
Those New World Order fanatics at The Guardian, bless them, seldom miss a trick when it comes to promoting the single European Superstate and the globalist agenda. Their latest misrepresentation is to try and make us feel the European Union is somehow protecting our freedoms even as the bureau rats of Brussels are taking them away.

Has Zuckerbugger Been Messing With Your Mind?
It has been revealed that Facebook has been collaborating with the US government and creepier fringes of the academic community in carrying out experiments to manipulate users emotions. “Facebook users have reacted angrily to a “creepy” experiment carried out by the social network and two American universities to manipulate their emotions.”

Pissed Off With Government/Microsoft/Google Online Spying? Be Completely Anonymous Online
Not so long ago our biggest worry online was malware, virus software, trojans and worms plagued the internet cost many people a lot of time and worry. Since about a year ago everything has changed, protecting our digital privacy is the issue and the enemy is no longer spotty little nerds hunched over computers in dimly lit basements, but governments and major technology corporations.

Google Car Driverless Because No Sane Person Would Be Seen Dead In One
A few years ago Google boss Eric Schmidt said the company’s aim was to get as close to creepy as they could without crossing the line. Well they had crossed the line long before he said that. The latest Google wirdness is the much hyped driverless car. It looks as if it was designed by a five year old. On the other hand it might be the ideal car for paedophiles who want to go cruising for jailbait.

Reasons To keep Google Away From your Credit Card Information
I did not use Gmail a lot because although the mail got through, I started to be bombarded with targeted ads related to keywords used in my mail exchanges (they weren’t keywords as far as I was concerned, just conversation. That did not worry me much but the idea that Google were sharing my email content with the bastards throwing these ads at me did.

Don’t be Evil, Google Will Do It For You
Google have abandoned their “Don’t Be Evil motto. Good thing really, they are becoming more evil every day. The latest plans to integrate our brains with their servers may seem like a science fiction freaks wet dream, but these creepy nerds are serious …

Don’t Be Evil, That’s Our Job Is Google’s Real Motto
Don’t Be Evil said Google’s web page. But the search engine giant is the most evil of all the technology companies (though the rest can make Satan, Beelzebub, Belial, Azazel and the other Biblical demons look like choirboys. Read of Google’s latest step in advancing their evil agenda to take over our lives and make us all slaves of their technology.
A collection of articles by Ian R Thorpe on the unethical and dishonest ways Google has gained an unhealthy degree of influence over the internet.


Why Do I Bother?

Sometimes I wonder why I bother. The Internet has become a stupi, pointless medium, mostly thanks to Google who always intended to turn it into a giant, global shopping mall, and the other companies that constantly try to push “targeted” ads in our faces and mine our private data in order to target these ads at us. That alone would be annoying enough but their targeting software is crap. I never see ads plugging anything I’m remotely interested in on my screen.Microsoft too are guilty.

Their not fit for purpose operating systems allow advertisers and other cybercrooks to run scripts on our computers. Nobody should be able to run a program on my computer unless I ask for it. And I have looked at what some of these scripts do. Nobody in their right mind would ever ask for this crap.

What pissed me off today was I got a full screen ad from a bunch of arseholes called WOWCHER Deal Of The Day. I did not care what they were selling, I was not going to buy anyway. Why would I want to walk into a restaurant waving a half price voucher. Do I want my date to think I’m a cheapskate and a tosser. That’s not going to get you anywhere is it. My favoured approach of letting the lady say, “It’s terribly expensive” then responding by saying “If you have to ask the price you can’t affordb it,” works much better.

Anyway WOWCHER locked my machine by trying to run a script so big it grabbed all the CPU. So I had to restart the PC. I would not have looked at their ad even if it had run properly, but the lack of respect for my right to choose what I look at just really annoyed me.

Is the internet making us stupid
Intertnet threat to civilisation

Face It: Eating Shite Makes You Fat And Ill

There has been a lot of talk this week about how fat we (as a nation) are getting. The ambulance service say they are having to order vans with wider doos, reinforced beds and lifting gear (same as the kit on bin wagons we hope) to cope with the number of hugely huge gutbuckets (not a lot of sympathy here) who are getting sick.

Prisons say they are finding obese prisoners senteced to jail for stealing junk food are too big to fit into standard cells.

Bus companies are running at a loss because passengers demand a double seat for a single fare.

And riding schools are complaining that once they used to get young professionals who would take the mobile phone and filofax along to their riding lessons because they were trying to ride two horses with one arse but now two horses aren’t enough to support one arse.

We’re getting bigger.

Nudger Cameron has been asking his Big Society (no pun intended) (OK, I’m lying) why this is.

Boggart Blog can tell him without need for an expensives social survey. We are eating too much shite made from chemicals.

For the first time last night I saw an ad for a new food product that promises a quick, no fuss bacon and egg sarnie. Only it’s not is it? It might be no fuss but it’s also no bacon and no egg. Instead you get chemicals.

What you buy is slices of bread impregnated with bacon flavoured chemicals and egg flavoured chemicals. You take it out of the expensive and ecologiclly hostile packaging and pop it in the toaster. Two minutes later you have a bacon and egg flavoured slice of toasted chemicals.

What’s the betting it tastes as much like a bacon and egg sandwich as BBQ beef flavoured crisps taste like a char grilled filet steak. But you eat it because it does say on the packaging it’s tasty.

And the chemicals are addictive. So you eat another. And another. And some fish and chip flavoured crisps. And some jam roly poly with custard flavoured instant dessert.

And the chemicals are not only addictive, they are toxic and make you retain water. So you become a bloater. But still you want to eat more chemcals becauce they promise they will taste so good you forget about the metallic, monosodiumglutimaey aftertase that lingers for days.

And before you know it you are being carted off in a supersize ambulance to the “Too Fat To Wipe” ward at the local hospital where you are admitted through the goods entrance on a fork lift truck.

When I read articles in a certain type of newspaper predicting the end of civilisation as we know it I take them with a pinch of salt (natural sea salt of course) But I wonder if I should read them more seriously. If our humanity has been so degraded by the advertising industry we would rather eat chemicals than take the trouble to knock up a delicious bacon and egg sarnie we are well and truly fucked.

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The Most Stupid Ad Campaign Eve, Probably

I went out for a walk today in the cold, cold snow.
Up through the woods, across into the Fall, then out into the next village and along the road for a short while before picking up a spur of the Trans Pennine Trail to take me back home.

It was lovely, just enough snow to be pleasant without making it hard work, not too many people about and obviously very few vehicles on the road.

But I did pass one vehicle, a bus.

And on the side of the bus was a poster of a fish in a beer glass.
It was a tropical fish, the glamour models of the submarine world, there’s not much sexy about a cod or a monkfish, but get a little Angel fish showing off her ginormous fins, wey hey.

But this was a boy fish, he was still good looking, probably would love to do Dolce and Gabbana underwear if he had something to enhance with a pair of balled up socks. Boy fish are pretty much like girl fish in that department.

I know he was a boy because of the caption on the poster.

It said,


Well of course he would never dream of driving, he’s a fish for heaven’s sake.
Fish don’t drive, their flns wouldn’t be able to turn the steering wheel.
They don’t have any legs, let alone feet to work the pedals and they wouldn’t be able to see where they were going.

And of course, despite what Ian Flemming and the makers of all the Bond movies might wish, there is still not an effective submersible car.

You don’t see fish standing outside car showrooms drooling over the latest Porsche or Ferrari.

They don’t go home to the Missus and make conversation about how they just bumped into Halli Butt and he was telling him all about his new Ford Focus, 48 to the gallon, group 2 insurance and they gave him £2000 against that old banger he’s been driving for years.

Fish don’t drive cars because they haven’t got any roads. They just swim about wherever they want to go, and if it gets busy, well there’s loads of space in the oceans.

And of course salt water, or fresh water, doesn’t impair anyones senses, as far as I am aware.

I could drink water all day and as long as I didn’t muck up my metabolism by having too much water in my body I’d be perfectly fine to drive.

I’d also be perfectly fine to swim, just like the fish.

However if I’d had eleventeen pints of Guinness I would be fine to do neither, the alcohol would affect my co-ordination, and my sense of balance. It would cause me to lose my body heat quicker, my reaction times would be slower and my vision would be impaired. It could possibly lead to me losing control of my car or losing control of my brain, both instances resulting in possible injury or even death, either on the road or in the swimming pool.

I don’t know if anyone has ever conducted any experiments on fish to assess the effect of alcohol on their swimming abilities, but I bet they don’t do so well under the influence.
They’d probably bump into rocks, or passing ships.
They’d lose control of their float bladders and end up sitting sadly on the ocean floor bemoaning the fact that they can never make a go of it with an Angel fish, or floating on the top, trying to steal the shipping lane marker buoys or something like that.

No, all told I reckon this advertising campaign is a right load of codswallop.

The most stupid Ad campaign ever, probably.

The State of The Nation Address, Brought To You By Proud Sponsors Weatherproof

I have long had the feeling, and indeed have voiced it in these pages, that Barack Obama is America’s answer to Tony Blair, Tony Blair Lite if you would. He has the gift of the gab, but unfortunately his words speak so much louder than his actions.

So given the Blair’s money grabbing ways, admittedly mostly to do with Cherie, it should come as no surprise to learn that there is a billboard near Times Square in New York currently showing the Pres apparently modelling a Weatherproof Garment Company jacket, as the Great Wall Of China meanders into the background.

The President has, of course, identified a hitherto unexploited benefit of being the Pres. He gets to go to great locations, he is always followed by photographers and companies will probably be happy for him to be wearing their kit. So why not turn it into a spot of male modelling and get a bit extra lucre on the side?

Look out for The State Of The Nation Address, brought to you by proud sponsors Weatherproof.

In Computer Gaming Sex Does Not Sell. Why?

And in yet another of the serendpititious segues Boggart Blog is famous for we go from fasally’s actuon man Gurkas to a post on female images in computer games. Who needs reality when you have Boggart Blog?

In the advertising industry the following truth is held to be self evident: Sex sells.

So when computer games makers hired PR Consultants to recreate brand images and boost sales of their rather tired franchises in the face of global recession related falling sales. The main female figure featured in top selling games was always a scantily clad woman with beestung lips, unfeasibly large breasts and a penchant for wearing black leather knickers. A stereotypical adolescent fantasy in other words. Tomb Raider Lara Croft with her overstated sexuality and her special way of handling a huge weapon was the archetype.

The reason for this marketing faux pas can be found in the PR Consultants market research. The kind of men who play a lot of computer games and consequently buy a lot of computer games tend to bee geeky arrested adolescents. Ergo they are readers of Nuts and Loaded reasoned the PR Consultants. It was a fatally flawed assumption. Guys who read Nuts and Loaded tend to be football, rock music and X men geeks. Magazines of choice for computer game geeks are Science Wanker Weekly and Quantum Physics Porn featuring plenty of hot quark on gluon sub atomic action.

When games sales started to fall a marketing exercise carried out by the Playboy organisation concluded gamers had grown up, Women with pert bottoms and unfeasibly large breasts were no longer the object of their lust, they wanted more realistic avatars of female sexuality. Breasts became smaller, lips less Joliesque. Gamers had come of age said the sex experts of Playboy, they wanted realistic sex symbols not adolescent fantasies. There were the people remember who gave us the shaven pussy, the Brazilian and the landing strip, making grown women look like pouty pre pubescent girls with silicon boobies.

In their assessment of the shrinking games market Playboy had once more arrived at the opposite of the truth. What had happened was reality in the shape of Jordan and Jodie Marsh had caught up with artifice. The computer game babes looked like real women. And real women scare computer game geeks as much as not being in control of everything in their little world scares them. These people yearn for the creation of sex slave robots whose responses can be programmed. These people yearn for the day when we can all have chips implanted in our brain to override all the emotions, impulses and reactions that make it great to be human.

These are the people who would rule the world if we do not act quickly. They would have babies created in laboratories and sex only permissible between humans and machines. No relationships with real women or sheep.

Fortunately we have the perfect weapon to neutralise the threat they pose at our fingertips. Rampant working class women with bit tits and hairy minges.



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The faithful atheists of Genoa.

Remember that kerfuffle about the advertising campaign on London buses for atheism and the row it caused?

Not the row in which the progressive bendy buses were insisting there is no god of buses while the more traditional Routemasters were still intent on worshipping the god BoJo who they believe has led them out of the wilderness and gave them a homeland that stretched from Romford to Uxbridge, but the row about the adverts telling people: “There is probably no God, now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”
Many of us non-theists were outraged by the wussiness of that “probably” but that’s atheists for you. You have to acknowledge the possibility of a god existing in order to not believe in him / her / it. If there is no god there is no point either believing or disbelieving.

People should have the courage of their convictions.

Italian atheists have set a far better example. An advertising campaign on buses in Genoa states quite plainly: The bad news is God does not exist, the good news is you don’t need him.”

No wussy probabilities there, that is quite definite, something a non – theist like me could relate to in fact.

It’s still not enough to make me believe in buses though.

Andrew Brown finds the Atheist ads silly

If the uncertain atheists want a cause to rally to they could unite against Nu Labour fascism before more of our civil rights are stolen. The latest atrocity is the granting to police of the power to cancel any live music gig they deem to pose a terrorist threat.

While Atheism is just embarking on its journey to collective insanity, religion has always been for those who are mad as a box of frogs. Why for instance are Astrologers barred from entering the priesthood? Find out in God’s Little Careers Consultants.

Irritations 4u

Whenever people at the budget end of advertising get hold of the idea they are only one step down the creativity ladder from writers, film directors and artists you can bet we are in for a set of adverts that get right up your nose. I mean, the Guinness ads are one thing, each is a mini art house movie in its own right, but soap powder ads, adverts for financial investment brokers and CILLIT EFFING BANG are more likely to put you right off buying the product.

The latest ads to irritate me are, yes you guessed it, the Phones 4u ads that pop up on television every five minutes featuring a parade of freaks and grotesques who couldn’t find their arse with both hands, enthusing about their mobile phones.

The message those ad agency types with their Portakabin University degrees in creativity with Origami studies want us to get is “Even if you are a freak or a grotesque who cannot find his / her arse with both hands, Phones 4u have a phone for you.

The message we actually get is “the people at Phones 4u are a bunch of bastards.

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