Furred arteries found in ancient skeletons

I was astounded (i.e. gobsmacked) to read a headline that said archaeologists had found ancient skeletons which revealed our ancestors who survived on the allegedly healthy paleolithic diet. The paleo diet, consisting of five main food groups, meat and fish, nuts, eggs, leaf and root vegetables and fruit has often been recommended for preventing furred arteries and thus holding off cardio vascular disease.

from The Daily Telegraph
Modern day diets and unhealthy lifestyles are often blamed for furred arteries which result in heart disease.
But studies of an ancients skeleton had found that the problem has been affecting human health for a least 3,000 years.
Ancient African skeletons have been discovered with atherosclerosis, a thickening of the artery wall due to fatty build-up and a major factor in cadiovascular disease – the leading cause of death today.
Doctors blame our modern lifestyle with smoking, obesity and hypertension commonly the cause.
But the condition was also prevalent 3,000 years ago among the simple farming communities who worked the land by the Nile in what is now Sudan.
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So was it all wrong then, one more example of the uselessness of science, or have we stumbled upon another bunch of headline seeking academics playing fast and looks with factual evidence. Observe for yourselves:

ancient skeleton
A 5000 year old skeleton

Furred arteries? – What effing arteries are those then?

The Best foods for protien are not those you have been told

When men first stood erect.

Archaeologists have believed for some time that it was about two million years ago when men first stood erect. Were that the case it would be a trbute to the efficacy of viagra that we can still get up.

A recent discovery suggests however our ancestors took that all important step from being hairy arsed knuckle draggers (Australopithicus Hairyarsus) and set us on the road to homo sapiens sapiens (Man who knows he knows.)

Fossilised footprints found in layers of sediment in the bottom of a deep fat fryer found as researchers were excavating the remains of Darren and Karens hot food van in a prehistoric settlement that it is tought was once a lay by on the A40 London to Oxford Road will, say the team leaders, change our view of human evolution if authenticated.

Dr. Paul Eolithic, Professor of antiquities at Brassneck College, Oxford sounded a not of caution however. He said the age of Darren and Keren has been misoverestimated, in fact their descendants are still living on the nearby Blackbird Leys estate. Dr. Eolithic recalls being disturbed by the couple while having a bunk up with a girl student in a Ford Zephyr. They were locking up after a late night and thought the car might have beendriven by members of the notorious Carnera Brothers gan who controlled the hamburger and hotdogs trrade in Reading.

The Professor may be right but remains of organic material from a Morris Oxford discovered nearby have been carbon dated at three million years old. Again experts are divided however, some insisting that exposure to ancient chip fat would accelerate the ageing process.

Bog Butter
Mankind’s greatest invention