Sorry Pat

Well, there you go.

Last week I cursed the name of Pat Cash, former Wimbledon Champion turned tennis columnist for his unequivocal backing of one A. Murray to take this year’s title.

Sticking to my principles, oh alright then, superstitions, I thought that as Mr. Cash had, the previous Sunday, endorsed Rafa to go all the way only to see Rafa not getting to the end of the first day it was all over for Andy.

And it would all be Pat’s fault for daring not only to think the unthinkable but to print it in a National newspaper.


Altogether now,


Well done Andy, I never doubted you would do it one day!

Nick Skelton Turns The Tables On BBC Commentators.

We’ve seen lots of hugging at these Olympics, Andy Murray enjoyed a snog with Kim, a cuddle with his Mum and then was accosted by a little boy who cried,”Give me a hug Andy”, and Andy doubled back and did just that.

The competitors have been hugging each other, no matter what the outcome. Michael Phelps was quick to go over and congratulate his conqueror, but maybe that was to get away from the warm patch.

Our lightweight double sculls pair were pipped at the post for gold and were distraught, what better place to get comfort than sobbing on the mighty chest, enveloped in the arms of the giant Olympian Sir Steve Redgrave.

And then, of course, there was the floating assault on Ben Ainslie, post gold medal win.

Yesterday Nick Skelton tuned the tables on the commentators, seperated by a fence he told Clare Balding how fantastic it was to win gold in the team show jumping, told her how fantastic it was to do it at 54 years old, following a broken neck and a hip replacement, told her how fantastic it was for the sport and then running out of words he leaned over the fence, slung his arm around her shoulders and gave her a big sloppy one.

You go, Nick.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Another good day at the office for Team GB, the only downside being that should our athletes fall on hard times in their dotage they’re not going to get much from flogging their medals as they hardly posess rarity value.

A wonderful performance from Ben Ainslie was greeted with one of the most interesting situations for a post race interview ever witnessed, with Ben sitting on his Finn class dinghy whilst the BBC’s intrepid interviewer perched on the side of an adjacent rhib, that’s rigid hulled inflatable boat for those who don’t know.

As the boats bobbed and bumped on the slightly choppy water the Beeb’s man grabbed hold of Ainslie looking like he was trying to haul him overboard, and gabbled away excitedly about how “that has to be the most fantastic achievement from the greatest Olympic sailor ever.”
to which Ainslie replied, “Er, yeah.”

Short, succinct and to the point, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Jamie Murray meanwhile was re-tweeting a message his brother had received in the run up to his second encounter in a month with the beautifully elegant Roger Federer on the sacred lawns of SW19.

And this one wasn’t nasty.

The poster had given Andy a good piece of advice.

“Revenge is a dish best served at 138mph.”

Andy’s next to the last serve of the match was clocked at exactly that.

Olympic News: 100m bitching for bitter old queens

It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This…..

What a fantastic weekend!!!

We’ve got Andy Murray through to the final of Queen’s, we’ve got Jamie Ward just about to start the second semi final against Jo Wilfred Tsonga.

We’ve got Le Mans due to start in about quarter of an hour.

We’ve got the British Moto GP at Silverstone and also the F1 Canadian GP qualifying coming up later, both races taking place tomorrow.

All in all a pretty good weekend for the armchair sports enthusiast.

And to cap it all?

I’ve just opened the best packet of Jacob’s Cream Crackers, ever!

Not for me the pale, insipid, slightly flaccid mediocrity that one so regularly comes across. Oh No.

I’ve got crisp, firm, slightly blackened at the edges cream crackers.

Somewhere out there there is a god!

Footie Fans, You Don’t know What Hurt Is…

Ah you footie fans. Every four years you get a chance to have a right good old moan about the forty years of hurt waiting for Engerland to win the World Cup again.

And let’s face it, England don’t get very close, very often.

What about us tennis fans waiting for a British male to win a grand slam, eh?

That’s hurt for you.

Seventy odd years, seventy odd years with four opportumities every year!!!

And how the hope flares when we get a semi decent player!

Marc Cox, Roger Taylor, John “Legs” Lloyd, Greg Rusedski – he made a final I think, American Open late 90s.

St Tim Henman, so near and yet so far, a man who so perfected the art of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

And now our Andy. A truly brilliant player on his day. In the early stages of his career he was the only man apart from Rafa Nadal to beat Roger Federer in one particular season. And he didn’t just beat him once, he did it twice!

He can unravel Rafa on a good day.

He can make Novak Djokovic look like Kim Novak when he’s on form.

He riddles Andy Roddick and doesn’t give a sod about Robin Soderling, so long as it’s not a Grand Slam final.

And so, yesterday, Novak Djokovich whupped him in straight sets, a fine demonstation of superlative tennis – bit of a Murray Walker moment there – and Andy could do sweet FA about it.

That’s hurt footie fans, that is really hurt.

That’s That Then

From the first week in January last year the papers were full of how it could be Andy Murray’s year to win his first Grand Slam tennis tournament. There were pictures of him barechested and roaring, flexing his muscles or doing what appeared to be his Incredible Hulk impersonation on front and backpages of broadsheet and tabloid alike accompanied by millions of words of speculation hope and drivel.
He made it to the fourth round, which isn’t terrific considering he was in the top 10 players in the world at that point.
The press’s Murray fan club immediately showed it’s disappointment in the usual opprobium reserved especially for Britain’s over-hyped and hence fallen sportsmen.

The Australian Open started 10 days ago. You could follow the results in the papers if you bothered to get past the football, the rugby, the cricket and the build up to the Winter Olympics.
And Andy has been progressing well, getting through his early matches without dropping a set.
Until today that is.
Because yeaterday Andy defeated Rafa Nadal to earn a semi-final place.
So what greets me this morning?
Andy Murray on the front pages of at least half the published papers in England along with captions featuring words such as marauding, mauls and storms.
So that’s that then. Murray to go out in straight sets to the 6ft 8in Croatian Cilic.